Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It was a day of...

Steds Football 2017

...tradition, pageantry, sportsmanship, and revenge. ...tradition, pageantry, sportsmanship, and of course, revenge. The Steds inter-hall football season started Sunday with its game opener against Zahm. Suffice it to say, there was a lot on the line with this game, and every Stedsmen knew it from the players right down to the fans. Even the coaches weren’t leaving anything to chance, scheduling a last minute practice scrimmage to work out any problems. I am to report that every Gentlemen, on and off the field, did his duty to Hall and King as Steds steamrolled, destroyed, obliterated, pulverized, wrecked, trounced, thrashed, clobbered, bashed, whacked Zahm 24-0.

On the decisive win…

Coach Kier Murphy, Steds Junior and ND Men’s Football linebacker, said, “We wanted to keep the pressure on their offense from the start. We're really happy with how the defense played. If we can reek that kind of havoc in the backfield like that, consistently, we're going to do just fine this year. Can't wait to get back after it again next week!”

Steds senior and veteran footballer, Tim Sherman, said, “Today was just one in a series of many days that culminates in the Inter-hall Championship on November 19th at Fr. Jenkin's Play Palace, a.k.a. ND Stadium. We played hard and with heart, and Zahm was of little consequence to us. Our linebackers filled holes left and right, shutting Zahm out of any first down. We celebrated for a short time, but then, we immediately turned our focus to next Sunday's matchup against Keenan.”

Steds freshman and rising football star, Peter Haley, said, “It felt really good to be back on a football field. This was a great team win, and I think our team chemistry was key in the victory. I think that this is a team you can really get behind. I consider myself lucky to wear the Steds uniform.” 

Steds senior, former player now Steds Coach, Parker Mathes, said, “After three years of playing on the Steds football team, I have never before seen the chemistry that was pervasive on the field today. Joe Kimlinger put the team on his back and followed the ground breaking blocking of Tim Sherman. Also, the young star Peter Haley was one to watch throughout the course of the season. The kid has the intangibles. Honestly, I'm excited, and you should be too!”

Steds senior, former player now Steds Coach, Jackson Herrfeldt, said, "I think we as team showed today that we have no mercy."

Stay tuned for more!!!!

VIDEO: Brandon Ryan's first field goal of the season.

VIDEO: Fr. Ralph doing his part for the kids.

The Steds Football Brain Trust: 
K. Murphy, B. Ball, A. Schelhorn, J. Herrfeldt, P. Mathes, T. Sherman

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