Saturday, October 31, 2015

We remember...

We remember!

...the Founder, especially today, the anniversary of his death, October 31st. Buried in the Holy Cross community cemetery, located on the north side of St. Mary's Lake, Fr. Sorin's grave is front and center of all others. Even though Fr. Sorin did not want this, it is only fitting, for without him, none of this would be! Fr. Sorin, we are in your debt. Requiescat in pace!

Friday, October 30, 2015

To the...

St. Edward's: We were here first!

...park, St. Edward's Park. Belonging neither to North or God Quad, St. Edward's Hall belongs to its own quad, St. Edward's Park. It’s true! The park is the tract of land south of the Hall that extends east to Zahm and Cavanaugh Halls. Actually, a substantial portion of the park was taken to create these two halls. The Hall has never forgotten this and despite this, the park was the scene of Founder’s Week fun on Thursday. Laying claim once again to what is rightful theirs, the Gentlemen took to the park, engaging in athletic pursuits, badminton, and taking refreshments of eclairs, cream puffs and hot coco. On fun in the park, Jack Kill said, “Who wouldn't want to spend in afternoon in St. Edward's Park, enjoying sport and fraternity as Father Sorin's Minims once did! All we need now is our beloved fountain back!"

More photos of the fun...

Kill and Mathes enjoying a cigar in the shadow of St. Edward.

A badminton game began...

....and Schelhorn and Meehan (right) took down Mathes and Dawson (left).

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Words of wisdom...

Fr. Ralph and FW Commissioner Mathes with Borchert 

...were given by none other than Andrew Borchert '15, the newest inductee into the Order of Gentleman. At the Founder's Week Dinner held in the Oak Room of South Dining Hall, Borchert imparted not only words of wisdom but also some of his accounting knowledge...a real treat. Later, Borchert was recognized for his service to the Hall- offering his accounting knowledge to improve the finances of Ed's, increasing the fund raising efforts of the Hall, and ensuring the Yacht Dance for years to come- and was inducted into the Hall's Order of Gentleman for "action faithful and honor clear to Hall and King." While he will be remembered along with other recipients by a plaque in the Hall's main lobby, Borchert was given at the end of the dinner a small plaque and a specially minted coin commemorating this high honor. On his induction, Borchert said, "It is an honor and a privilege." No, Andrew. It was a honor and privilege for us!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Breakfast is...

Young princes: Schelhorn and Herrfeldt enjoying their breakfast

...the most important meal of the day, and so, for Tuesday of Founder's Week, the Stedsmen enjoyed the "Breakfast of Princes." Princes? Yes, princes. The Founder, Fr. Sorin, referred to residents of St. Edward's as princes. As you can imagine, the reference had "staying power," and it remains with the Stedsmen to this very day. So, the Princes of St. Edward's enjoyed Krispy Kreme doughnuts and orange juice as they headed to class yesterday morning. On having their princely breakfast, Alex Schelhorn, Steds sophomore, said, "There's nothing like a great nutritious breakfast to start the day," while Jackson Herrfeldt said, "Breakfast of princes, more like Breakfast of Champions!"

And it was a beautiful morning...

A view from the front door of St. Edward's

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Rededication of the Rededication...

The Rededication Wall 

...of the Rededication, of the Rededication, of the Rededication, of the Rededication, of the Rededication, of the Rededication, of the Rededication of the DEDICATION of The Gregorian Mural Room was celebrated on Monday. Yes,  Founder's Week began with the traditional "Rededication Day Ceremony," a ceremony where residents are reminded of their Hall's past... of the Luigi Gregori's contribution of a timeless Fr. Sorin mural and the historic Sorin Reading Room... but also exposed to present charms and gems of the Hall. Ned Vogel, Steds sophomore, treated residents to a viola solo of "Ode to Spaghetti," haunting many, and the Hall Bard, Daniel Wrapp '15, dialed in from Dartmouth, a specially composed haiku, touching the hearts of all. On the occasion of the Rededication, Wrapp said,

"Renovated lair, 
Air-conditioned haven,
(Ned)Vogel's second home."

Here are some pictures and a video of the magical evening...


Fr. Ralph: Let me tell you something...

For once, everyone is listening, but then...

Ned played his viola.

Parker Mathes cutting the toilet paper ribbon...

...and there's the happiness of another Rededication Day!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Founder's Week...

Founder's Week: A week of gentlemanly diversions and fun here! Stedsmen, Happy Founder's Week! Yes, our week long celebration of the Founder of the University and first Rector of St. Edward's Hall, Fr. Edward Sorin, C.S.C begins today. As you can tell, the week is jammed packed with history, tradition, and FUN. More to report as the week unfolds, but in the meantime, Stedsmen everywhere, may the Founder smile upon you always!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Your Sunday picture...

Campus fall colors

...from Notre Dame. Here's a beautiful fall scene from St. Mary's Lake. Yes, fall colors are at their height, and as you can imagine, campus is a wash in yellows, reds, and oranges. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall Break...

Enjoying the surf, sand, and sun of Destin

... does it have to end? Unfortunately, yes. All good things, even Fall Break, must come to end. It must only so that greater things may be had... and we have a lot of big things going on at Steds next week! On Fall Break, Fr. Ralph said, "Wherever you may be, enjoy your last day of break!"

Friday, October 23, 2015

Stand by...

But I paid the Hall's cable bill!

...we're experiencing technical difficulties. Thank you for your understanding. More to come.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

What's he doing...

Bradley: Breaking but not breaking

...for Fall Break? That's a great question. On what he was doing for break, Tim Bradley, Steds senior, said, "Over break, while recuperating from torn ligaments in my foot, I have been enjoying the quiet of campus with all the students gone, questioning why I decided to write a thesis, and trying to take advantage of these slower moments to discern what I should do after graduation...and wondering what happened to the Cubs."

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Spotlight RA.

Meehan: a big, shiny jewel in the Sted's crown

Again, the real secret to St. Edward's Hall is its staff, particularly its resident assistants (RAs). These dedicated, undergraduate seniors are the Hall's "crown jewels" in the Steds crown. Who are these seniors? Let's put the spotlight on one of them... the 3rd floor resident assistant, Dan "The Man" Meehan.

St.Ed: Why did you become a resident assistant (RA) for your senior year? As a senior, shouldn’t you be dialing this year in?

Meehan: Dialing it in may be a bit of an exaggeration, but isn’t anything new. My 8th Grade teacher once told me, “The worst thing you can do to yourself is to do only enough to get by. Don’t be mediocre Dan, you’re better than that.” However, after slipping into Notre Dame, and stumbling into a job offer, I have to say, doing just enough suits me quite well.

St.Ed: So, what are you bringing to the Steds Hall Staff this year?

Meehan: Dynamism and Synergy.

St. Ed: So besides being the most populated floor in the Hall, what makes the 3rd floor so special?

Meehan: Given that the floor has a large number of Seniors and Freshmen, the 3rd floor provides an agora where the ideas of different generations collide. Where debate allows the young to grow and the old (relatively speaking) to stay sharp. The juxtaposition is truly a wonder to behold.

St.Ed: Being an RA for over a month now, what’s something that you learned about the Hall?

Meehan: There’s a trap door in the Kitchen that leads to the Study.

St.Ed: What would you want your legacy to be at Steds?

Meehan: Friendly Neighborhood Resident Assistant, Interhall Sports legend.

Meehan, thanks for all that you do!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Off the grill...

Smiles and it's not burnt.

...and on the grid. In our continuing series of highlighting the best on campus eatery, Ed's, we have conversation with Parker Mathes, Steds sophomore and Ed's veteran. While Parker didn't start the fire, he did start the smoke from Ed's twice, but who's counting? When I caught up with Parker at Ed's, here's what he served up. Enjoy. 

St.Ed: If I remember correctly, this is your "second tour" at Ed’s. You worked there last year. So, how do you keep it “fresh” at Ed’s.

Mathes: Similar to William McKinley, I believe in an open door policy. You don’t come for food, you come for an experience of fellowship and fine dining. And, personally, I think I have perfected the combination of the two in Ed’s. 

St.Ed: I am going to be brutally honest, you’ve burnt a number of things last year. What are you doing this year so that we don’t have a repeat of this year?

Mathes: Wow, well honestly I believe in a nice charring of the food, which registers as “burned” to those unfamiliar with my style in the kitchen. However, I traveled to Barcelona in pursuit of culinary genius this summer and have returned with a wealth of knowledge. Most notably, I have developed a keen eye for watching over the food in the oven.

St.Ed: While the recipes are tried and true, what are you doing to add some spice to the Ed’s lineup?

Mathes: As you are well aware, I pride myself on making every Ed’s order an unique order. So far this year, or so far this season as I call it within the confines of Ed’s, I have directed the bulk of my time on creating a new milkshake with chocolate syrup and whip cream. How is it you might ask? It’s amazing.

St.Ed: While rare, how do you handle customer complaints?

Mathes: Customer is always right. I act as any gentleman would… with generosity and diligence, and I make sure that if the customer is unhappy they leave with a little extra "bang for their buck” if you will…a smile of course!

St.Ed: With so many options on campus for late night snacks, why should someone make their night an Ed’s night?

Mathes: The variety of options. Sure, have a pizza in Zahm.  Have a quesadilla at the Highlander Grill in Duncan. Have a grilled cheese at Knott. But come to Ed’s where we can please any pallet, any time!

Mathes, keep up the great work!

Monday, October 19, 2015

It's time...

Fall Break: It's on!

...for break! Yes, when the leaves are changing color, you know that it is time for break...Fall Break. Thanks to the tall oak tree in St. Edward's Park and the changing color of it's leaves, Stedsmen always  know when it is time evacuate from campus. On the start of break, Fr. Ralph said, "Wherever you go, whatever you do... break well!"

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Your Sunday picture...

A quiet day on campus.

...from Notre Dame. Here's a view of the "Jesus Statue" found in God Quad. The statue's Latin inscription is "Venite Ad Me Omnes" which means "All come to me." After last night's game, campus is quiet. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Look! It's a...

They see you, but do you see them?

...Cedar Waxwing! But who are Cedar Waxwings, and what do they want? Moreover, what are they doing on campus? To get to the bottom of this, I posed these questions and more to Fr. Terrance Ehrman, C.S.C., botanist and biologist, campus' resident Marlin Perkins or Jim Fowler if you will. On the matter of intriguing fowl, Fr. Ehrman said, "Cedar Waxwings are gregarious birds whose predominate food is sugary fruits. They are noble in appearance with upright posture, crest feathers, black mask, and smooth silky plumage.  The red-colored wingtips and yellow band on tail feathers derives from dietary pigments (carotenoids) sequestered there."  

There you have it folks, Notre Dame's Cedar Waxwing!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Steds is...

Rutkowski and Fite: Already looking to the next game!

...unstoppable! In an inter-hall football at LaBar practice field last night, Steds steamrolled over Sorin, shutting them out completely.  With a score 13 to zero, Steds stomped Notre Dame's second oldest hall, winning the game and their division as well as receiving the number one seed for the upcoming championship. If I had money, I would be putting it this squad...just saying! On the historic win, John Rutkowski, Steds junior and defensive coach said, ""We owe this victory to our winning combination of hard work, determination, and a vicious bounty system. The boys were as physical as I've ever seen them, and our ground and pound attack wore down Sorin. All in all, it was a great day to be a Stedsman."

A view from the sidelines at LaBar Practice Field...

Steds 13, Sorin 0

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Spotlight RA.

V: The man, the hair... the RA.

The real secret to St. Edward's Hall is its staff, particularly its resident assistants (RAs). These dedicated, undergraduate seniors are to the Hall as the secret sauce is to the Big Mac...indispensable. Who are these seniors? Let's put the spotlight on one of them... the 2nd floor resident assistant, Vaishnav, a.k.a. "V", Murthy.

St.Ed: What possessed you to become an resident assistant (RA) for your senior year? As a senior, shouldn't you be packing it in?

Murthy: St. Ed's has given me so much over these past three years, that I felt it was very important that I give something back in return. Plus, I can always get back to my passion of collecting rare belt buckles, but an opportunity to be an RA at St. Ed's comes but once.

St.Ed: Aside from your fauxhawk, what are you bringing to the Steds Hall Staff this year?

Murthy: My fauxhawk might be what I am best known for, but I also bring a much needed expertise on Indian cuisine and of course, tech support.

St. Ed: If the Steds Hall Staff were a spice rack, what spice would you be? Why?

Murthy: According to Buzzfeed, I would be a Bay leaf, because it is best in moderate amounts but highly missed when absent.

St.Ed: As a member of the staff, do you now have the Hall's “launch codes” and access to the underground tunnels?

Murthy: I can neither confirm or deny that, but I can say that there may be ways into Zahm that you won't find on your standard Notre Dame map.

St.Ed: What would you want your legacy to be at Steds?

Murthy: I hope that people will remember me as a person who gave himself for Hall and King, who people could come to for a laugh or for computer related problem. At the very least, I hope people will remember how to pronounce my name when I'm gone.

Vaishnav, thanks for all that you do!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What did they do...

Stedsmen: a most memorable day indeed!

...on St. Edward's Day? Yes, what did these Stedsmen in Chicago do? Yup. You guessed it. They, like everyone else in Chicago, watched the Cubs win the National League Division Series as they took down the St. Louis Cardinals in game 4. Together, these Cubs fans, Luke Stavole '11, Mike Eardley '11, Dr. Evan James '11, and Dr. Matt Robinson '11, shared a most memorable evening not only seeing baseball history but also knowing it was their favorite day at Notre Dame- Founder's Day. On the "doubly historic" occasion, Robinson said, "The final test of any Gentleman: his respect for those who can be of no possible service to him, like the Cardinals. Still, I hope all Gentlemen enjoyed their Founder's Day and their upcoming Founder’s Week! Oh, yes… Go Cubs!”

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Happy St. Edward's Day!

Looking better than ever!

Today is the Feast of St. Edward the Confessor, King of England and patron saint of the Founder... Fr. Edward Sorin, CSC. Since its inception, the University has celebrated  this day as"Founder's Day." Back in the day, students had the day off from classes, "iced cream" was served, games were played, and St. Edward's residents sent "congratulatory" cards to Fr. Sorin. Matter of fact, one lucky resident was selected to recite a poem, especially penned for this auspicious day, to Fr. Sorin! On this special day, Fr. Ralph, Rector of St. Edward's Hall, said, "I wish we still got the day off!"

Also to note...

It was announced today that Andrew Borchert '15 is the 2015-2016 inductee into the Order of Gentlemen, an award given for service to Hall and King.

Congratulations Andrew!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Coach's Corner.

If you only knew the power of the game...

Like in inter-hall football, Steds baseball has had an amazing run this Fall. The man behind it all is Coach Chris Hecht, Steds senior and RA. Channeling the spirit of his Cincinnati Reds and combining his actuarial powers, Hecht has steered the Steds squad to the playoffs. When I caught up with him, Coach Hecht had a lot to say...

StEd: If I remember correctly, you’ve been the head coach several times. Someone in the sports world say the definition of insanity is more or less “doing the same thing over and over, again, expecting different results.”  So, what are you doing differently this year than in previous years to avoid the insanity? 

Hecht: Actually, this is my first year stepping in as Head Coach of the Resilient Steds Baseball Team, so I’ve had big shoes to fill following in the footsteps of Hall of Fame Steds Coaches PJ Moran, Dan Rish and John Planek.  However, I have had Head Coaching experience coming from when I coached the Steds Bowling team to a second place finish in last year’s Interhall Bowling Championship.  My goal for this year’s baseball team coming into the season was to translate the success I’ve seen on the lanes into success on the baseball diamond.  In order to avoid the insanity of last year’s wild 2-2 finish (barely missing the playoffs), I’ve recruited plenty of young freshmen talent.  After all, they won’t remember the last year’s insanity if they weren’t here last year.  This year was all about rebuilding the team from the bottom up and I feel like we’ve done a great job with the 7 freshmen and 2 transfer sophomores we have on our active roster.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, has contributed to our phenomenal season.  I expect even greater things next year.

StEd: Rumor in the Hall is that you are injured. Is that true?

Hecht: The rumors that I played a game while injured are in fact true.  I had a little run-in wrestling a bear in the woods that caused me to tweak my ankle the night before our matchup against Carroll.  We pulled out an 8-3 victory in the game, so that’s really all that matters at this point.

StEd: The excitement is tangible as your squad is poised to be in playoff contention. How are you directing that excitement into productive play on the field?

Hecht: The excitement in the air surrounding our team’s 3-1 first place finish was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  Fans lined the streets trying to get pictures with and autographs from our players.  It’s just a surreal feeling.  Going into the playoffs as the number 2 seed was a goal that I’ve dreamt about achieving since childhood.  With excitement levels high, our spirits were even higher.  Our guys know the importance of not getting caught in the moment and not even for a second did I see their level of play decline.

StEd: You know, a lot of Ed’s workers have made mistakes in the kitchen. What a mistake that you have made as coach?

Hecht: As the Head Coach/General Manager of such an elite squad, I know I’ve had a lot of pressure on me to turn a program that just missed the playoffs last year into a championship caliber team.  With such a short season, I had to make sure I kept the mistakes to a minimum.  When it comes to baseball, setting the right batting order is one of the biggest effects you can have on the team as manager.  I took a chance right off the bat by loading the top of our order with rookies.  In our very first game (our only loss of the regular season 6-3 to Knott), this strategy paid instant dividends as we jumped to a 3-0 lead in the first.  But I feel like the lack of much veteran presence caused us to get in over our heads too quickly.  I take full responsibility for the slip up.  But everyone learned from the experience and we didn’t look back from there.

StEd: When the season is over, what are you going to take away from these past four years as you leave the baseball diamond for thebery last time?

Hecht: As the season comes to a close, it is with great remorse that I must announce my retirement from the position of Head Coach and General Manager of the Steds Baseball team.  It was a decision that took a lot of deep intrapersonal reflection, but I believe that it’s best for the team to move on without me at the helm.  I believe I have paved the way for a Steds baseball dynasty and I have full confidence that my successor will take the team even further.  As I step off the diamond for the last time, I look back at the great memories I’ve been able to share with some great teammates.  We won as a team and we lost as a team.  Those are the intangibles you can’t coach.  My days are numbered, but the future is bright.  From my perspective, you can’t really ask for much more.

Thanks Coach Hecht... you'll be missed next Fall!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Your Sunday picture...

Wish you were here.

…from Notre Dame. Here’s a view of Columba Hall, the building between St. Mary’s and St. Joseph’s Lakes, from the hill where Fr. Sorin first surveyed what would become the University of Notre Dame. Once again, a beautiful, Fall Sunday starts this new week of learning as well as the lead up to the biggest football game of the season, USC! So, enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be AND get ready for next Saturday!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Saturday's Squirrel.

Did you lose something?

Today’s furry friend was hanging around the Main Building looking for something. Digging here… digging there… digging for something which he never did find in the end. Still, whatever he was looking for, we wish him all the best in finding. On his search, our furry friend non-verbaled, “Was me...or was it you... who lost something? I forget.”

Friday, October 9, 2015


Hilly, Ruggles, Ball, and Miclean: A game to remember...

…a study break slash field trip. Recently, the Chicago Cubs pounded the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. Not missing the opportunity to take a break from their academic labors, the Hall’s resident Chicagoans as well as its Cubs fans attended the game. Indeed, it was a much needed break for Griffin Hilly, who only Monday was overheard at the Steds bike rakes as saying “It (this week) doesn’t look good.” Wow, amazing what two days can do. On the trip to see the Cubs win, Brandon Ruggles, Steds, junior said, “It was the sweetest game I have ever attended! Despite the fact that we probably should have been ruffed up for being over the top obnoxious Cubs fans, the $150 that Griff, Mark, Brian, and I spent on our individual tickets, and the drive… it was the BEST investment any of us have ever made!”

Thursday, October 8, 2015

It was very...

There was Souther barbecue and sweet tea for all...

...rainy at Clemson. For the many Notre Dame fans and Stedsmen who traveled to Clemson this past weekend, it was rainy to say the least. Still, Irish fans were treated to true Southern hospitality by local ND clubs as well as Clemson fans themselves. Yet, important to know that despite the high winds, heavy rains, lots of mud, and the state of emergency in the State of South Carolina... the St. Edward's Flag flew proudly at Clemson last Saturday!  Present at the game was the Mathes family who, interestingly enough, have sons at both schools! Sons Jay '12 and Parker '19 don the blue and gold while middle brother, Charlie '16, stands out in purple and orange. On the experience of brothers reunited, yet a house divided, Jay and Parker said, "We took the spirit of Fr. Edward Sorin with us onto the field.  But alas, a win was JUST beyond the grasp of the Irish."  

Also happening during the Clemson weekend...

Rivalry was set aside as brothers Charlie, Jay, and Parker Mathes shared an umbrella.

Dick Vitale was one for two that weekend as he predicted a trouncing of Zahm on Sunday.

Chris Patterson '14, Fr. Ralph, and John Clark '16 readied themselves for the game with the local Alumni Club.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Where has...

Huber: A South American Holiday

...John gone this semester? Yes, where has John Huber, Steds junior, gone for the Fall Semester? That's a great question because you never know where the juniors are because they are often matriculating abroad somewhere. Yup. You guessed it. That's what John is doing... studying abroad, specifically in Santiago, Chile. Yup. You're right again. You guessed it. When John isn't studying, he's traveling. On studying abroad, Huber said, "My study abroad experience has been great so far. I take classes in Spanish and have the opportunity to travel ALL throughout South America. However, nothing says "Welcome to Chile" quite like the 8.3 earthquake we had in September!" 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It was a game that...

Kimlinger (center): For the kids!

...should have been covered by ESPN! Yes, the Sted's inter-hall football game against Zahm Hall this Sunday should have been on T.V. The Steds squad demolished Zahm, as predicted by Dick Vitale, and buoyed the spirits of many a Stedsman after Saturday's disappointment in Clemson. The Steds squad showed no fear nor mercy as they brought the "next door neighbor" down with a final score of 17-0. It was a memorable day indeed, and the game will be remembered for its true teamwork, a 30 yard plus field goal, and the appearance of a raising star, Steds freshman, Joe Kimlinger. Under the tutelage of Coach and Captain Phineas Andrews, Kimlinger filled in for quarterback Brian Ball and lead the squad to its victory. On the game, Kimlinger said,

"Sunday's win was classic, hard-nosed football.  The defense was excellent once again. It's very difficult to lose when the other team has 0 points. On offense, we went back to the days before the invention of the forward pass, pounding Zahm relentlessly with Jahmel Jordon.  They had no choice but to dedicate more guys to stopping the run.  This, combined with the wear and tear of getting hit by Mel every play, tired them out, creating opportunities for big play potential which we took advantage of.  Overall, I think our constant pounding from the run game and the frustration of playing against the Steds defense just tired Zahm out. And, of course, we can't forget about another three points from our leading scorer Brandon Ryan. It was a good team win and we did it for the kids!"

Indeed, it was Joe... it was a win for the kids!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Overheard at the bike rack...

Happy Monday and good luck!

...this morning was that it's not looking good. That's what juniors Griffin Hilly (above left) and Ian Weber (above right) said at the Steds bike racks this Monday morning about this new week of learning. Even though it was an away game, the weekend had a lot going on from game watches, fall dances, inter-hall football, fantasy football meltdowns, and, oh yes... homework. Still, there will be no slowing down his week. On week seven of the Fall Semester, Hilly said, "It doesn't look good," and Weber added, "That's an understatement."

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Your Sunday picture...

My favorite view of campus

...from Notre Dame. Here's a view of Mary, the Dome, and the Basilica steeple from Bond Hall. Interestingly, Bond Hall, now home to the School of Architecture, was originally the University's library. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

On hiatus but...

I need the attention

...not forgotten. Yes, the blog's installment of "Saturday's Squirrel" might be on a bit of a hiatus, but know that our furry friends are not forgotten. How could they? So, as the leaves change colors, our furry friends will be preparing for the upcoming winter, and their antics will be in high gear. With that being the case, how could we NOT bring back everyone's favorite blog piece? On hearing of Saturday's Squirrel return to the Gentlemen's Monthly lineup, this squirrel paused, stood up, and non-verbaled, "Thank you." No, thank you...furry friend...thank you.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Learning happens both...

Constant learning at Notre Dame and out of the classroom. That's what Braeden Benedict, Steds freshman, discovered as he changed his bicycle's flat tire in the Steds main lobby. A seemingly easy and straight forward task turned into a real ordeal, or I mean, learning experience, requiring dedication, patience, and above all, smarts. Thankfully, Braeden possessed all of this and more so that, eventually, his bicycle was once again functional. On replacing a flat tire, Benedict said, "Just doing a little engineering thing."

Thursday, October 1, 2015

No fantasy football...

Regrouping to "finish unfinished business"! The Steds inter-hall football team continues to show its resolve and dominance on the field as they took down a small, yet powerful, squad from Carroll Hall this past Sunday. The Steds squad was aggressive from the start, sacking the Carroll quarterback several times. Continuing the pressure on the quarterback, the Stedsmen harried and hurried him, forcing interceptions that resulted in points on the board for the Gentlemen. Victory was sealed in the last seconds of the game as Parker Mathes, Steds sophomore, intercepted Carroll's two point conversion pass in the last seconds of the game. On the interception, Mathes said, "It was a moment of clarity for me. I saw right into the eyes of the quarterback and knew that the ball no longer belonged to his team. It was a total team effort, and I owe it to my teammates." Mathes' sediments were confirmed by his teammates. 

On the game and incredible teamwork demonstrated on the field, Alex "Schelly" Schelhorn said, "It was the perfect team game. Everyone played their hearts out. We dominated on the gridiron, and as most analysts are predicting, we've started a championship run. For Steds, this was win number 2 of 7, but then again, who's counting?"