Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A new power...

Looking good and playing for keeps

... has taken to the field. That power is none other then the Steds baseball team. Yes, they may share a lot with the Cleveland Indians of the 90's, always around but never able to seal the deal with that major win, but this year is different. And how can it not with this year’s squad packing young talent like never before… especially so since there are more freshmen than upperclassmen on the squad? With no dearth of talent and spirit, there’s serious talk that this could be the year that Steds takes it all. And hopes are still running high as the Steds came from behind to tie its season opener against Sorin Hall with a score 4-4. On the tie, Nick Olmanson, Steds senior and coach, said, “If the tie breaker is the sharpest looking team, then we won that game.”

Good luck to you Coach Olmanson and to the Steds squad!

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