Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's started...

Ah, yes...give the bill to Zahm Hall.

False start everyone. While it’s true St. Edward’s is possibly being renovated, the renovation wouldn't taking place until the Spring of 2014. So, what’s happening in the picture? The locating of the St. Edward’s Hall black box? No. It’s the installation of the 4th floor study lounge’s air conditioning unit just in time for winter. Why the semi-truck and crane? Why not? This is St. Edward’s…everything is a production.

More about the renovation to come…

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Thoughts from abroad...

Sullivan, (above) lonely and looking for “The Girl from Ipanema.”

Daniel Sullivan, Steds junior, is studying abroad in beautiful Brazil. Let's hear what's going on south of equator...

St. Ed: How are you getting along in Brazil,  the largest Spanish-speaking country?

Sullivan: They speak Portuguese.

St. Ed: Yes, of course. Still, how is your Spanish coming along?

Sullivan: They say that most communication is non-verbal and that helps. For example, I've heard this idiom from many, and it goes something like this: "A gente deve esfaquear o gringo e depois jogar o corpo no rio." Now, that's a mouthful, but based on the attentive stares and intense body language that comes with it, it can only mean one thing: "Welcome! We're glad you're here."

St. Ed: Is it true? Is Carnival celebrated every weekend, or does it just feel like it is?

Sullivan: A14-year-old boy could buy a bottle of whiskey from a diner at 11 a.m. with half a day's wages and a dream. Americans live to work, Europeans work to live, and Brazilians don't work at all. But they sure know how to party! 

St. Ed: From your picture, it looks like you have taken time from your rigorous academics to enjoy a few of the famous beaches of Brazil?

Sullivan: I have. There's definitely an adjustment to be made to the more relaxed come-to-class-whenever-you-feel-like attitude of my peers and my professors. Thankfully, I have been able to make the adjustment.

St. Ed: What do you miss from home?

Sullivan: I'm definitely missing clean drinking water and the streets free of feral dogs, but I also miss St. Ed's, Chipotle, and that South Bend skyline. Of course, you can't beat waking up under the Dome. 

Oh, to be a student again…

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A crowning achievement...

Our Main Door

Domers Rob and Pam Lihosit, of Agio Imaging, not only have two daughters at Notre Dame but are also responsible for the recent upgrade to my front door. It’s great—but why a crown? In short, it’s a reminder of my kingship, and having it above the front door reminds all who see it that the residents within are my princes. Of the upgrade, junior Michael Hanley said, “It’s your crowning achievement.” No, Michael… it’s OUR crowning achievement.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Tour de St. Edward....

Looks like some serious room cleaning happened.

Today, starts our Tour de St. Edward- a weekly tour of resident rooms, study lounges and popular hangouts in Notre Dame’s favorite residence hall. Our tour starts with room 205, formerly a study room but now a triple for freshmen.

Here’s what Harrison Detten, Max Kempf, and Steven Mike had to say when I stopped by…

St. Ed: With three persons in this room, isn't it a tight fit?
Freshmen: Yes.

St. Ed: Cough, cough...
Freshmen: But, we still find it spacious. 

St. Ed: How would you describe the process of building your loft?
Freshmen: Pretty easy, considering that we got other people to build most of it for us.

St. Ed: What do you wish that your room had?
Freshmen: Two less roommates.

St. Ed: What do you like most about your campus home, St. Ed's? 
Freshmen: It’s not Zahm, and the interior is very homey.

Wow! There you have it folks… thoughts from room 205.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A fall campus view...

A fall view of St. Mary's Lake

While you may not have taken an early run around the lakes this morning, here's what you would have seen. If you're wondering about me, no…like you, I too didn't take an early run.