Thursday, June 29, 2017

Western Steds Continued.

Haag: Practicing his Nixon wave

In the Orange County / L.A. area there is much to do and see, but one thing people often overlook is the fact that you can go to not one BUT two presidential libraries! Of course, everyone remembers the library for the 40th president in Simi Vally, Ronald Reagan, but many forget about the library for the 37th president in Yorba Linda, Richard Nixon! Having gone to the Reagan Library last year, Fr. Ralph went to the Nixon's Library with Stedsman, Mike Flynn '12, and suffice it to say, they learned much from their visit to the library in "Beautiful Yorba." On this unique summer learning opportunity, Fr. Ralph said, "One thing that I walked away with from the library was a greater appreciation of something called 'executive privilege.' This year, I aiming to wrap up a lot of things at Steds in it."

Monday, June 26, 2017

Western Steds...

A view of Balboa Island from the ferry Newport Beach, California is up and running. Leaving campus behind, operations have moved west to a warmer, sunnier location- and with less humidity too! In addition to great weather, Newport Beach and local environs have many sights to see and foods to taste. Oh, only if there was more time! On moving operations, St. Ed said, “I STILL wish we ALL could be Californian!"

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday's Squirrel.

Enjoying the Corby porch

Porches aren't just for us to enjoy beverages, certain tobacco products-cigars, and other summer time treats. No, not at all! Porches are also for our furry friends. Yes, they too need a place, a sanctuary if you will, to pause, take in their surroundings, and have a tasty treat or two. On taking up a spot on the Corby porch, this squirrel non-verbaled, "I need a break... I am exhausted from being exhausted!"

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Patrons of...

Ryan, Fr. Ralph, Wenzel and Vogel at Moreau Seminary

the Arts the Gentlemen of St. Edward's Hall are. During Graduation Week, a concert was held at Moreau Seminary's Guardian Angels Chapel where Our Lady's Consort, under the direction of Caleb Wenzel and assistant direction Ned Vogel, a Stedsman, gave concert goers to one last treat for the ears. Amid the singing of Bach's Magnificat and other pieces for Eastertide, a piece entitled "Constitution" was sung. Based on the Constitutions of the Congregation of Holy Cross- the rules for religious life, Constitution was a piece of music that was commissioned by St. Edward's Hall in celebration of the University's 175th anniversary. On hearing the piece, Johnny Ryan, Stedsman, said, "I wish we commissioned more music!"

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Some times vacation...

Summer well

... gets the best of us. Yes, vacations and the season of summer induces a certain carefreeness, nay, a real insouciance, that, at times, gets the better of us. As a result, we forget responsibilities, but maybe that's what's needed- a break, a putting down of our labors, so that we might recreate and refresh ourselves. On forgetting to post on the blog, Fr. Ralph said, "Where's my blog posting for Monday? Summer ate it?" 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday's Squirrel.


Our furry friends are friendly. Whether we realize it or not, they want to be our friends. Yes, they want our friendship because it leads to handouts of muffins, nuts, and whatever foodstuffs we might have as we walk about campus. On seeing this furry friend on God quad and offering him the hand of fellowship, he non-verbaled, "Let's be friends... shake on it!"

Thursday, June 15, 2017

A family visit...

The Scotts and their Irish kin Notre Dame and St. Edward's Hall was what made an American vacation perfect. Yes, Chris Scott's '18 family from Ireland made a day trip to campus and its oldest residence hall during their recent trip to the United States. With spring rains holding off, a tour campus was had with a special Mass celebrated in the most beautiful chapel on campus- the Chapel of Sts. Edward and John- following. Still yet, a light reception was had in the Flounge. On their visit, Fr. Ralph said, "I am delighted that they came all this way AND took the time to make a special visit to St. Ed's. I think that I NOW need to make a visit to Ireland!" Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

They got married!

One happy couple!

It's official.  Douglas “Dougie” Barnard ’15 and St. Ed’s AR and Olivia Mogaka ’17 were married at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. With Fr. Ralph officiating and surrounded by family and friends, Olivia and Dougie tied the proverbial knot with much emotion and joy. Suffice it to say, there were smiles all around. On their their marriage, Tom Roman, ’14 and JD ’17 and St. Ed’s outgoing AR, said, “Seeing them together, how can you not smile!”

Congratulations and best wishes to Dougie and Olivia!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Your Sunday picture...

A quiet and beautiful campus scene

...from Notre Dame. Here's a look the Clarke Memorial Fountain, remembering all Notre Dame graduates who died in foreign wars. Usually the meeting place for students for away football wins, suffice it to say, today is is quiet and peaceful. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Best of...

…the Gentlemen’s Monthly. Yes, three years ago today, here was today’s posting. Enjoy this blast from the past!

They got married!

Mr. and Mrs. Peter McCormick

Yes, they got married! With Fr. Ralph presiding and in the company of family, friends, and many Stedsmen, Learose and Peter were married this past weekend at Notre Dame’s Basilica of the Sacred Heart. As Learose and Peter danced the traditional “couple’s first dance” to a classic 70’s song, Corey Fitzpatrick, Stedsman, said, “They’re dancing well, but that kiss at the Basilica…wow! I thought she was going to dip Peter!” I did too Corey…I did too!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A blast...

Oh there's more... a lot more

...from the past continues.Thanks to Neil Sielski '15, we have an insight into Notre Dame's past. Through a patient, Sielski came into possession of the Notre Dame Student Manual from 1941.

This week's installment from the 1941 Notre Dame Student Manual, page 28:

"UNDESIRABILITY: The University reserves the right of requesting any student to withdraw from school at any time and without giving any reason for such request, expect that the student is generally undesirable."

Monday, June 5, 2017

A forgotten Easter...

Happy Easter!

...egg has been found! Yes, the budding artist at Steds known as Bensky has gifted us with another drawing. Wether this sublime and thought provoking work was left at Eastertide or done just before the artist left for the summer who knows? Still yet, who really knows what the artist was trying to communicate to his audience? On the meaning of this work, an unnamed Stedsman hazarded a guess and said, “The secularism of Easter has devolved to such a low point that when considering the holiday, this artist's first concept was a caricature of an obese rabbit. However, this does not detract from the significance of Easter in that it is a time for worship, family, celebration, and good food.” Yes... that's sounds convincing to me.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Saturday's Squirrel.

Fr. Terry: Not having it

Fr. Terry Ehrman, C.S.C., wasn't having any of it. Some times our furry friends get the message that we're sending, but other times, well, they just don't. Fed up with the antics of this squirrel on God Quad, Fr. Terry told him where he could go... over there. On the being told to take a hike, our furry friend non-verbaled, "And I thought that we were friends!"

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Best of...

..the Gentlemen's Monthly. Yes, three years ago today, here was today's posting. Enjoy this blast from the past!

Your Sunday... of Notre Dame. A great view of the Notre Dame skyline from St. Joseph's Lake. Enjoy.