Friday, September 15, 2017

Everyone's favorite...

Cheers: Poz making milkshakes

...hall eatery, Ed's, has once again opened its door to the hungry masses. Operations returned to normal with milkshakes, paninis, pizza sticks and a whole host of other wholesome items available for purchase... and at a nominal price. How is this possible? Simple, volume... and thanks to Joe Kimlinger, Steds junior and Ed's manager. Kimlinger has assembled a group of dedicated sandwich artists, culinary service representatives, and resource supply managers to ensure that patrons of Ed's won't go hungry. Over the upcoming months, we will highlight these devoted Gentlemen, hearing from them as well as thanking them for their important service, for if Ed's were to grind to a halt so too would the wheels of matriculation! On working Ed's opening night, John "Poz" Posluszny, Steds sophomore and Ed's culinary service rep, said, "It's was like the entirety of Steds hasn't eaten for days!"

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