Sunday, January 31, 2016

Your Sunday picture...

...from Notre Dame. Here's a winter view of the Jesus statue in winter. Pretty, but I prefer the Jesus statue in summer. Just saying... Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday Squirrel.

He's not eating. 

The winter has had its temperature ups and downs, and someone who knows this is our furry friends. Sometimes they have to dig in snow to get their buried foods, and sometimes they don't. Sometimes there's a cold wind, and sometimes there's not. Sometimes it's warm, and sometimes it's not. And that exactly what this furry friend is trying to do...stay warm. On what he was doing, this squirrel 
non-verbaled, "What do you think I am doing?" Excuse me.

Friday, January 29, 2016

The jury's...

I want to check the passports of Little Debbie and those Swiss Cake Rolls Aside from dealing with matters of the Hall, of unlocking doors, noting maintenance needs, resolving issues, the Steds Hall Staff also finds itself dealing with, well, let's just say, unique matters too. One such matter was deciding which snack cake, Little Debbie's Swiss Cake Rolls or Hostess' Ho-Hos, were tastier. At the rector's request, the staff assembled to adjudicate the matter. In a blind taste test, five of the staff members selected Little Debbie while one selected Hostess. On the results of the snack cake taste test, Fr. Ralph said, "It's disappointing but not unexpected. Kids these days just don't appreciate the finer things in life, like Ho-Hos. But one day, they will be like me and V and demand more from their snack cakes! Ho-Hos forever!!!!!" 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A guaranteed...

Winners and losers It was a guaranteed Steds wins as two Steds basketball teams faced off against each in intramural play. These games are always difficult to watch as brother is pitted against brother, but there was some consolation knowing that either way Steds was going to win. Yes, we would have leaders leading from the front, and leaders leading from behind...very popular these days. It was a true "win-win." On the Steds basketball win, Brandon Ruggles, Steds junior and winning Steds basketball coach, said, "I coached the "lesser team" to a blowout victory. Coming for Coach Brey's job!"  

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A loser...

Senior winners: Fortuna, Brill, O'Neill Perez, Hecht and Herrick more! Chris Hecht has always competed well, but he never was able seal the deal and bring home a championship win. You name the sport, and it was always the same story. You know, like Jake Culter of the Chicago Bears. Well, that all changed on Monday night, when luck smiled upon Chris and his inter-hall bowling team. On going from runner up to number one, Hecht had this to say, "It's a great feeling knowing that I can finally hang up the bowling shoes and go out on top. We couldn't have done it without major contributions from everyone on the team. We rolled into the final game in 2nd place behind Dillon Hall and that's when senior leadership kicked in from all five members of the team. We showed no mercy in a brutal thrashing of Dillon by nearly 200 pins in that final game to capture the coveted inter-hall Bowling title. And rest assured, no HGH was used in the process. Well, allegedly."

Great job, Hecht et al, and congratulations winners!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Overlooked, but...

Sted X Country: Oh, Yerkes, Clark, and Logan

...not forgotten! Without doubt, the Steds X Country team is overlooked, and how could it not be? When there's football, inter-hall football, baseball, basketball, ping pong, and many board games being played in the Fall, well, for most residents cross country running is just going to fall into the abyss of oblivion. Still, I remembered that we had some people running in the Fall, and I finally caught up with one, David Oh, Steds senior, who was not running at the time, to inquire how the season had gone.  Here's what David had to say...

St.Ed: To be honest, I didn’t know that we had Hall cross country team. Is this something new?

Oh: Not quite, because this blog actually did a story on the team from the Hall that competed in the fall 2013 semester (  I don't know how long the team has been around, but I do know for sure that a few Stedsmen have been keeping it going since then.  Cross country as an intramural sport on campus has been around much longer.  And if you're an underclassman in the Hall and reading this, you should definitely sign up for the team next fall.  After all, it is the only true sport--no half times, no time outs, and no substitutions!  It's you against your body, and it doesn't get more simple but challenging than that.

St.Ed: Okay, pardon my forgetfulness. There are so many of you students. Still yet, pardon my ignorance, but how do you “do" cross country? By this I mean, what do you do at a cross country competition? Run around a tract?

Oh: It's no different than what one did in high school--run 5k (3.1 miles) on a course that traverses open terrain--hence the name of the sport!  For intramural cross country, RecSports uses the same course that is used by the University's varsity team, so here's your chance to compete like they do!

St.Ed: What do you think is the reason for the success of the Hall’s cross country team this semester?

Oh: I think it's the collective dedication of our top two runners (senior John Clark and junior Pat Yerkes) and the other guys (which include a few newcomers to the sport) that made up the team.  John and Pat led the team in each of the races, and the rest did their best to give the team as much of a chance to compete with other dorms that have more bodies to spare.  As one of the smallest dorms, we sometimes struggled to field a full team (5 runners), so it's no small achievement that we placed as high as we did as a team with the number that we had.  Everyone played a part, and it was an enjoyable experience for all.

St.Ed: As team captain, do you have any regrets?

Oh: Personally, I wish I had trained more over the summer to compete at a higher level--I have to blame my hectic travel schedule at the beginning of summer (returning stateside from the study-abroad semester in Jerusalem, then traveling to northern California and South Korea for thesis research).  But I'm happy with how I did, and what's more important is that it was fun!

St.Ed: Running marathons is an in vogue thing these days. Why should someone run a marathon? After all, the very first marathon runner died after running!

Oh: Oh gosh, I don't know if I can do justice to this question, seeing as I've done two half-marathons but not a full-marathon yet.  Both John and Pat have done a number of marathons, so maybe you should ask one of them.  In fact, John did an ultra-marathon (50 miles) last semester with his dad--just a few weeks after he ran the Chicago marathon with Pat!  All I can say is that I'm glad both of them are still with us today.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Long Overdue Part II.

Williams (left) with Cafferty and Ball

Again, this posting is long overdue. Still, it doesn't change the fact that Steds was victorious in this year's Battle for the Shadow. While the tourney was filled with the usuals, tank tops, Zahm theatrics, and excellent play on the court, something new and unexpected happened, a Steds freshmen team brought a game to the court that no one could stop. For the first time ever, we had freshmen tourney winners! Here's what one the winners, Jack Ryan Williams, had to say about the surprising win.

St.Ed: What possessed you to enter the tourney, moreover, how did you put together your team?

Williams: I suppose it is as simple as a love for not only basketball, but for athletic competition in and of itself. Brian, the Caf man, and I were also attracted to the idea of making the Zahm players look like fools on their home court. 

St.Ed: How would you describe the style of your game, your personal style?

Williams: I realize that basketball is not a short man's game. As a result, I am forced to use my quick feet and agility to make a big impact defensively. I was given the toughest defensive assignment for each game. In addition, on offense, I am a three point specialist. 

St.Ed: If you liken yourself and your fellow team members to NBA players, past and present, who would be who?

Williams: Jack Cafferty must be likened to Dirk Nowitzki due to his deadly mid range jumper as well as his presence on the glass. Brian Ball is a complete player, an athletic freak with real offensive ability as well as quick feet on defense. I would liken him to Derrick Rose. I have always looked up to Steve Nash myself because of his ability to shoot the three, his defensive prowess, and his knack for finding the assisting pass. 

St.Ed: Winning the tourney as freshmen is quite an accomplish. It’s unheard of… What do you attribute your success to?

Williams: We have a special freshmen class in St. Ed;s with respect to athletic prowess. We were confident going and felt like we all the assets to win the whole thing; it was merely a question of team chemistry. We compliment each other very well on the court. 

St.Ed: In winning, you have helped Steds reclaimed “shadow of the dome” from Zahm. What that mean to you and your Hall?

Williams: Despite our young tenures in St. Edward's Hall, we understand that it is with great honor that we were able to bring this accomplishment to our Hall. We will return next year with the full intent of retaining the "shadow of the dome." There is no offseason, not even for us freshmen hotshots. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Your Sunday picture...

A beautiful day...

...from Notre Dame. Here's a picture taken from the west side of Steds of a January sunset at Notre Dame. Now, a January sunset in California would be more enjoyable, but this sunset has its own beauty... a beauty, well, that you just have to be here to appreciate! Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Wildlife at Notre Dame...

Mergansers: Bringing some class to St. Joseph's Lake exotic. Still, you need a trained eye to point it out so it can be appreciated. Fr. Terry Ehrman, C.S.C., botanist, theologian, and Steds regular Sunday priest, captured these exotic ducks on St. Joseph's Lake. For you and I, these are "extra special" ducks, but for Fr. Ehrman, these ducks are actually "hooded mergansers." Of course, hooded mergansers! On capturing this wild wildlife at Notre Dame, Fr. Ehrman said, "Hooded mergansers are uncommon in general but are common winter visitors here at Notre Dame. One would have to have a heart of stone not to marvel and be drawn up into praise of God for their wondrous being. They are certainly God's art." Indeed, they are Fr. Ehrman... indeed they are! 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Today in history...

Barlow (left) on the bridge of the USS SPRUANCE in battledress.

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the day on which two graduates of the Notre Dame NROTC program (and former residents of St. Edward's Hall) participated in a joint Tomahawk missile strike against Iraq's largest oil refinery located in Bayji. 

Andrew Barlow, Class of '88, was communications officer on USS SPRUANCE (DD 963), a destroyer home ported in Mayport, FL. John Mullane, ND '87, was a lieutenant on the Los Angeles class attack submarine, USS PITTSBURGH (SSN 720).

Both ships were on patrol in the eastern Mediterranean Sea when the deadline for Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait  set by President Bush (41) passed. Along with the cruiser USS VIRGINIA, the ships were awaiting orders to conduct the first and only Tomahawk strikes from that area. However, negotiations to secure Syrian permission to fire missiles over their sovereign territory took longer than expected.

On January 22, 1991, when permission was finally granted, the three vessels conducted a joint firing mission with SPRUANCE following VIRGINIA in sequence. Barlow then watched with binoculars from the starboard bridge wing, tracking the periscope wake that was the only visible sign of Mullane's submerged submarine, when its missiles broke the surface in sequence, booster rockets burning brightly, transitioned to level flight and disappeared over the horizon, leaving twin smoke trails.

Historical accounts indicate only one of the six missiles reached its target, but both are confident their it originated on their respective vessels and was the sole reason for Saddam Hussein's imposition of fuel rationing just a day later.

On the event, Barlow said, "As a good Catholic boy who had discussed the concept of 'just war' during my time at Notre Dame, I reconciled my role in an action that likely took life with the assurance that it not only contributed to the liberation of an oppressed people in Kuwait, it would hopefully improve the survival odds of a fellow Stedsman, Brian Maher, who would be leading a platoon of Marines in AMTRACs (amphibious tracked vehicles) into Iraq not long after. It made my embrace of the phrase over the basilica door, "God, Country, Notre Dame" more tangible than ever."

Thursday, January 21, 2016

He was caught...

Stedsmen: We want Spesia on duty more

in the act! Yes, when on duty for King and Hall, Frank Spesia, Steds senior, RA and apparent "wordsmith", was caught in act of leaving a message to his fellow Stedsmen on the lobby's white board. These missives often evoke a chuckle, even a head scratch at times, by the reader, but they are always appreciated. On what he is trying to accomplish through his white board musings, Spesia said, "I write on the white board because I want to add a little bit of the 'Uncle Frank Magic Sauce' to what would otherwise be a dull night on duty. It's for the kids."

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

When it snows...

Pretty scene but better to be seen through a window gets really cold. The recent snow brought the first sub-zero temps of year with many wondering if a polar vortix of had taken residence over this special plot of land. Still, like they say in show business, "The show must go on!" Indeed, the show that is St. Ed's refuses to grind to a halt because of a little snow and sub-zero weather. On whether the cold weather was going to affect the delivery of mail at St. Ed's, Tim Sherman, Steds sophomore and Hall mailman, said, "Good thing Campus Mail delivers so that I don't have to leave the Hall... though I haven't gone to class yet."

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It's official...

Ed's: No E. coli here!

...Ed's is open again! After a hiatus, Ed's has once again opened serving up late night goodness from paninis to fruit smoothies and a whole lot in between. Still, when the doors of Ed's open at 10pm, well, they just don't open. There's been a lot happening behind the scenes, namely panini prepping. Who does that? Steds sophomore, Kevin McCarthy, is the man behind the paninis, and when I caught him prepping for last night's opening, McCarthy said, "Listening to the Beatles while making the paninis help give them their unique flavor and a certain je ne sais que."

Monday, January 18, 2016

Rancher Larry.

Rancher Larry: He's back.

Yes! Everyone's favorite rancher, doctor-to-be is back offering his down to earth, common sense, farm-centric thoughts on life and much more. Coming in from the cold, Rancher Larry said,

"Greetings from the north, it is me, Rancher Larry. During the cold winter months, business slows down, and we have time to spend on side projects. One side project that you may have heard of is a small indie film titled, 'The Revenant.' That’s correct, the icy scenes were all filmed here in my backyard. You may recognize other films such as 'Ice Wall 2', 'Slippy Car Fun', and the much anticipated 'This Is How I Die 8.' We’re pleased to bring our landscapes and wild life to you on the silver screen. We hope that you enjoy the $15 popcorn, and...

... a shout out to a “deer-friend” of mine in the backyard…"

The real star of the sliver screen.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Your Sunday photo...

It's cold.

...from Notre Dame. With El Nino taking a break, it's a snowy mess. Here's a photo of Mary and the Main Building that was taken from the front door of St. Ed's. And yes... after taking this photo, I immediately returned to the warmth of the Hall, cancelling my plans to go to LaFortune. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday's Squirrel.

A mid-afternoon snack

Our furry friends have had a mild winter thanks to El Nino; however, their run of good luck came to a screeching halt as temps, like the stock market, took a dive. With temps hovering around zero at night and three to five inches of new snow on the way, our furry friends decided to dip into their emergency reserve of hidden, buried food. After a brief search, this squirrel found a nut and then immediately took a seat in a tree in St. Edward's Park to enjoy it in peace. Before a question could be asked, this squirrel non-verbaled, "Privacy please. Good day, sir."

Friday, January 15, 2016

A moment with...

Napolitano: Not giving autographs

...a mathematical musician. Even though he is a math major, Tony Napolitano, Steds freshman, has still found time for his avocation... music. When he wasn't balancing his time between his love of numbers and music, I was able to chat with musical mathematician, and here is what Napolitano had to say...

St.Ed: I hear that you recently had a concert. What was it, and how did it go?

Napolitano: It was the Glee Club Christmas Concert accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra, and it went really well. We sold out two shows and they broadcast it on some local channel, so that is pretty cool.

St.Ed: Say, what instrument to do you play?

Napolitano: I'm all about dat flute.

St.Ed: At your recent concert, what would happen if you didn’t wear all black but rather some other color, say all white?

Napolitano: Any chance I have to wear all white without looking like a fool, I take it. A concert is not one of those times. On top of looking ridiculous, the conductor would at worst not let me play in the concert, and at best berate me for my stupidity.

St. Ed: All I see these days in bands is brass, brass, and more brass instruments. In this environment, do you think that the flute has been discounted and relegated to the being just a above woodwinds?

Napolitano: Though brass can be very overwhelming in things like marching band, it doesn't come close to the power of strings in an orchestra. That being said, the flute lines usually can stand out because they're written like ten octaves above everyone else. And flutes always get the coolest lines so...

St. Ed: If you had to play a piece from a movie, what would you play?

Napolitano: The opening music to Star Wars is the greatest movie music ever, so I would have to choose that. John Williams is a beast.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

They're getting...

The happy couple: Dan and Victoria

married! It’s true. Daniel McQuarrie ’12 and former Stedsman and Victoria ’12 and former PW Purple Weasel are getting married at the Basilica in 2017! Congratulations and best wishes to them both. Interestingly enough, Dan first met his fiancĂ©e right on the third floor of St. Eds, and lucky for her, or rather for all of us, she was invited to several Yacht Dances!  

On marrying into the Steds family, Victoria said, "I've been a fan of Steds since the PW ladies were serenaded by an exquisite performance of Miley Cyrus's 'See You Again' during the 2008 Frosh-O. The men of Steds have always been so welcoming, and I've made many great friends from the Hall, including my future husband, Dan. From the Yacht Dance to sophisticated Hall room parties- complete with wine and cheese pairings (for those who are 21 of course!)- the Steds community was an integral part of my Notre Dame experience. I’m so excited to be officially joining the family!"

Victoria... we are too!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

On the road...

Fr Ralph: Has two good sides for TV

...with the ND Men's Basketball team. Fr. Ralph recently traveled with the team to Boston for its game against Boston College. After a slow start, the Irish found their rhythm and went on a twelve point run against the Eagles. Later, the Irish went to take a commanding 28 point lead, eventually winning the game 82 to 54. On the win, Fr. Ralph said, "It's was all about fundamentals, and when the turnpike was backed up, we used the expressway. When they threw skittles, we had rice crispy treats. Like I said earlier... it's all about fundamentals."

Still, the Steds family was present at the BC game with Jon McCallie '10 and Matt Verhamme '10 in the stands. On seeing Fr. Ralph on the bench at BC, Verhamme said, "I wasn't surprised since he IS the chaplain with the best win record on the road, AND he's all about the fundamentals of the game."

Stedsmen everywhere, even at BC!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

On the first day of classes...

The view from Sted's front door with Stedsmen returning from class snowed. How ironic that the recent warm temperatures would plummet and snow fall just as students returned from Christmas Break. Nothing said "welcome back" like three inches of snow and a windchill of minus four degrees. When asked about Mother Nature's welcome, a Stedsman returning from the first day of classes said, "The love of learning keeps us warm!"

Monday, January 11, 2016

Time is...

For the kids...

...running out! Yes, time is running out for you to place your orders for Hall apparel and the Anniversary Shirt. Don't miss out on YOUR opportunity to take a stand with St. Ed and be immortalized. When asked about being immortalized through the Anniversary Shirt, an unnamed resident said, "For a week's worth of Starbuck's, I will have something that will NEVER go cold nor go out of style...what more could I ask for?"

To read the Gentleman's Monthly Digest, click HERE.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Exit Christmas.

Right this way Mr. Camel...

You know that Christmas is over when you see the University's Nativity set being put away.  Yes, this Sunday, the Baptism of the Lord, marks the end of the Christmas season as well as the return of students. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday's Squirrel.

Where did you all go?

Even though the students may be away, our furry friends are still here doing whatever it is that they do. When walking back to Steds, this squirrel came out of nowhere and darted right to my side. Happy to see someone on this quiet campus? Probably not. More like wanting to get a handout was this squirrel's hope. Regardless of getting a handout or not, this squirrel nonverbaled, "Hi, stranger."

Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas Update.

Roemer and Ryan unloading Santa's sleigh

The Hall sponsored a local South Bend family for Christmas. After raising funds, shopping, AND wrapping the gifts, several residents delivered the gifts to the family before departing for home for Christmas Break. On delivering the gifts with Kurt Roemer, Christmas Charity Commissioner, John Ryan, Steds freshman, said, "It was such a great feeling to know that you gave a family a great Christmas, when they otherwise would not have been able to celebrate it with gifts. And you know you have made a difference in someone's life when they tell you afterwards 'God bless you.'"

Thursday, January 7, 2016

One of the most used...

Exercising before going to Australia

...spaces in Steds is the first floor gym. An adequate size, the Steds gym offers residents the ability to exercise without having to leave the Hall. It's a great convenience so much so that residents of other halls have been caught using it! But why are the Stedsmen using the gym? What's the motivation?

When asked these questions, Nick VanLieshout said, "It's all about the numbers for me- doing the same workouts every week, tracking how I improve in my main lifts is one of the best motivators for me in that it can show true progress in my strength and therefore my overall fitness level. But mostly, it's all about them gains."

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Long overdue.

The wining Sted's BFS team: Williams, Cafferty, and Ball

While this posting is long overdue, it doesn't change the fact that Steds was victorious in this year's Battle for the Shadow. While the tourney was filled with the usuals, tank tops, Zahm theatrics, and excellent play on the court, something new and unexpected happened, a Steds freshmen team brought a game to the court that no one could stop. For the first time ever, we had freshmen tourney winners! Here's what one the winners, Mike Cafferty, had to say about the surprising win.

St.Ed: What possessed you to enter the tourney, moreover, how did you put together your team?

Cafferty: I heard many great things about the BFTS tournament in the past, and we had been playing together already, so our trio was an easy choice.

St.Ed: How would you describe the style of your game, your personal style? 

Cafferty: I rely mostly on my mediocre mid-range jump shot, as well as my gift of height.

St.Ed: If you liken yourself and your fellow team members to NBA players, past and present, who would be who?

Cafferty: I often hear people refer to me as a young Carlos Boozer...or at least I would like to think that. Brian reminds me of Derrick Rose, and Jack Ryan is Steph Curry.

St.Ed: Winning the tourney as freshmen is quite an accomplish. It’s unheard of… What do you attribute your success to?

Cafferty: Our success can be attributed to our unselfish play. We didn't force shots when they weren't there. I also didn't have to dribble the ball at all, which was a big help.

St.Ed: In winning, you have helped Steds reclaimed “shadow of the dome” from Zahm. What that mean to you and your Hall?

Cafferty: Knowing that Steds holds the title for BFTS means a lot to me personally, and our Hall as a whole. When I first heard that Zahm had won last year, I felt uneasy. Now that we won, I can finally sleep at night.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Oh, the things...

Doesn't this sounds like the chicken and the egg?

...the Gentlemen write on their whiteboards! If it's not something witty or financial advice, then it must be philosophical. And that's what the residents of 209 seem to be... aspiring philosophers offering something philosophical to ruminate upon. Here's their latest offering. You make the call.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Moms' Weekend...

You're going to like Moms' Weekend... He guarantees it! something that NO Steds moms should miss! To ensure a fun-filled weekend, Hall President Griffin Hilly appointed a Steds sophomore who had not only an eye for detail but also a certain joie de vivre. Jackson Herrfeldt was that sophomore, and when I caught up him, here's what Jackson had to say about the upcoming Moms' Weekend, the weekend of April 1st through the 3rd....

St.Ed: I hear that you were appointed the Hall’s commissioner for Moms’ Weekend. How did you land this important commission? With did you have help from Alexander Hamilton and Andrew Jackson... maybe Ben Franklin?

Herrfeldt: Well I feel I just was right for job, having been voted Best to Bring Home to Parents for my high school Superlatives. Mom's just like me. I don't know what it is. 

St. Ed: Why would a mom of a St. Ed's Gentleman want to attend this Moms’ Weekend? In the words of Admiral Akbar, that talking fish head in the Return of the Jedi, sounds like “it’s a trap.” Sounds like a weekend of cleaning rooms and doing laundry.

Herrfeldt: It's a truly fun weekend that allows the Mother's to see their sons in their natural habitat. Mother's get to meet their sons new friends and new mothers, all while enjoying fun nights and delicious dinners. 

St.Ed: Without letting the proverbial cat out of bag, what are you doing this year to make this weekend even more memorable and magical than last year’s weekend? 

Herrfeldt: I appreciated all that was done at the last Mom's Weekend. So I want to make sure I respect the tradition while also putting my own spin on the weekend. This year locations will be different as well as some of the activities. However, it is gonna be just as fun as a weekend as ever.

St.Ed: Why aren't you doing a Dads’ Weekend? Isn’t that discrimination? Just saying…

Herrfeldt: I feel if we had a Dad's Weekend, we would burn down the Hall yet again. 

St.Ed: If Moms’ Weekend was a political candidate, trying to get moms to attend, what would its slogan be?

Herrfeldt: In the words of Taylor Swift, "We never go out of style."

If you are a mother of a current Stedsman, and would like more information on this year's Moms' Weekend, contact Jackson Herrfeldt at

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Your Sunday picture...

The Irish at the Fiesta Bowl

...from Phoenix. While the Fiesta Bowl did not end the way that we all wanted it to, nevertheless, it was still filled with happy memories. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Some more photos...

The Irish take the field...

...and the ND Marching Band at halftime.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

They were...

I am proud that they made it to the top!

...there! Yes. The Ryan Family of Plano, Texas, was at the Fiesta Bowl. And while they represented the Blue and Gold at the game, they were representing America's favorite team all over the Valley of the Sun. Here, Stedsmen, Connor '13 (L) and Brandon '18 (C), with their parents, Debbie and Gavin, ascended of one the picturesque peaks dotting the Valley, Squaw Peak. On the climb, Debbie Ryan said, "We have brought the Fiesta Bowl experience to new heights (2,702 feet at the peak, to be exact) by climbing Camelback Mountain. A bit steep and rocky, but nothing super-achieving Domers can't handle!"

Still, on later that evening, Debbie said, "At the Notre Dame New Years Eve party, we met Fr. Tom Eckert, C.S.C., who was Steds Rector from 2003 to 2006.  Connor and Brandon who told him of the continued evolution of St. Edwards Hall under its current leadership: Steds Moms' Weekend, the Float, Mullets against Malaria, and Gentlemen's Monthly- to which Fr. Tom now wants to subscribe!" 

Yep... looks like 2,702 feet!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year...

What a Sted's firework display would look like if we had one...

... to you, Stedsmen, and to your families! May the New Year, 2016, be filled with prosperity and generous love for all! Fireworks like this next year for sure.