Friday, October 31, 2014

Fun in the...

The Founder would have had fun today.

...Park, St. Edward's Park that is. It's true. St. Edward's does not belong to North Quad or God Quad rather we belong to St. Edward's Park, that green area just east of the Dome. Over time, our fountain may have disappeared, and we had to cede land for the building of Cavanaugh and Zahm Halls, the fact remains, as does the deed, that the green space south of Hall is St. Edward's Park. Amid games of bocce and croquet and cups of hot chocolate, cookies, and cigars, the Gentlemen of St. Ed's renewed their claim to this small tract of land as they celebrated "A Day in the Park." Of the day, John Wetzel, Sted's senior and former Hall VP, said, "You can always tell that it is a true gentlemen's day in the park by the the hand crafted wooden furniture they bring out to the lawn...and the fine cigars too, of course."

Happy Founder's Week, and may the Founder smile on you always!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's us rededicate...

...what we have rededicated because we have already rededicated it since we dedicated it eight years ago. Yes, Wednesday was the "Rededication of Rededication of the Dedication," the event where the room with "rediscovered" Luigi Gregori mural is rededicated to the honor of Signore Gregori. With a performance from the Hall Bard, Daniel Wrapp, and reading from an letter from University Archives, recounting a resident's thoughts on the mural, the ceremony reached its apex with a "Facetime call" from Bobby Weltner '14, who generously offered his thoughts and insights on the "crown jewel" of the Hall. Of the Gregori mural, Weltner said, ""The Rededication is a marked occasion on the Hall's calendar, and to have an opportunity to participate and share my reflection on the masterpiece was an honor. I just hope my remarks did Luigi Gregori's work justice."

Oh, yes. There was also a cymbal solo by Liam McGhee, Sted's junior and ND March Band member, that was surprising, yet moving.

Happy Founder's Week, and may the Founder smile on you always! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tuesday of Founder's Week...

Frank Soler: Speaking Frankly

...was a day to remember. It was Maem Appreciation Day, where the Gentlemen lauded Maem for her dedication and service to keeping the Hall clean and tidy.  It was also a day when the Gentlemen gathered together in the historic Oak Room of South Dining Hall for dinner, where in addition to enjoying an "institutional" dinner, they heard from the Hall Bard, Daniel Wrapp, and the Guest of Honor, Frank Soler '14.

Soler imparted words of wisdom and later was inducted into the newly created "Order of Gentlemen" for "in action faithful and honor clear to Hall and King." A plaque commemorating this high honor will be placed in the Hall's main lobby. Congratulations Frank!

Still, I would be remiss if I didn't recount the Hall Bard's limerick that was delivered at the start of the evening. The Bard said...

There once was a man named Jameis.
When we played him, the refs did betray us.
Now crab legs are all gone,
And we must move on,
Til we see him again in the playoffs!

Well said, Bard, well said indeed...

Happy Founder's Week, and may the Founder smile on you always!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Breakfast of Princes...

Glad to see that we had napkins available.

...was served on Monday morning of Founder's Week in the first floor lounge. The Gentlemen were able to "break fast" like the residents of old who were spoiled by the Founder, Fr. Sorin, in very much the same way having French pastries and the like. Of the assorted doughnuts and juices for the "Breakfast of Princes," Alex Cervantes, Sted's freshman, said, "It was better than having nothing." Indeed, Alex!  Why just ask Zahm Hall because they had noting this morning... NOTHING.

Happy Founder's Week, and may the Founder smile on you always!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Founder's Week!

Founder's Week- A Week of Gentlemenly Fun

Stedsmen, Happy Founder's Week! Yes, our week long celebration of the Founder of the University and first Rector of St. Edward's Hall, Fr. Edward Sorin, C.S.C begins today. As you can tell, the week is jammed packed with history, tradition, and FUN. More to report as the week unfolds, but in the meantime, Stedsmen everywhere, may the Founder smile upon you always!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Your Sunday photo...

Glad that I don't have to rake up those leaves up.

...from Notre Dame. Here's a fall look at Old College, the oldest building on campus, home to Fr. Sorin, and now home for Holy Cross seminarians. Enjoy the colors of fall wherever you may be!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Taking a little time off in...

A view of Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco

...California. Once again, I am fall breaking in the Bay Area. Why? The sun and surf, the views... and the World Series! Yes, baseball finally got interesting enough to watch.  While the series hasn't disappointed, the weather has. Of the weather, like Mark Twain, I would say, "The coldest fall I ever spent was a fall break in San Francisco." Oh, yes... go Royals!