Thursday, September 29, 2016

Coach's Corner.

Coach Felton: A rising star

While everyone is focusing on the coaching happening on Saturdays, there has been another coach at Notre Dame who has quietly taken to the gridiron. Without any fanfare, press conferences, or fat contracts, Danny Felton, Steds freshman, has assumed the coaching of PW's flag football team. After a recent practice with the Purple Weasels of PW, I was able to catch up with Coach Felton, and here's what he had to say...

St. Ed: There’s a lot buzzing around the Hall as to why you are the head coach of the PW’s women football team. It's mostly saying you have absolutely no coaching talent at all and are simply a “head hunter” who's looking for a Yacht Dance date- really early I might add. Do you have any coaching experience, and if so, how did you become “Coach Danny”?

Felton: While I can’t deny being somewhat of a head hunter (the early bird gets the worm), I am pouring my blood, sweat and tears into developing these girls into NFL-caliber talent. It is a tradition for boys from my high school, St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, to coach the weasels of PW in Flag Football every year. My sophomore friend Patrick Judd and I are the co-offensive coordinators, and my years of experience in Madden have helped me greatly with my coordinator skills. I am working on running a speed option with our dual-threat quarterback, and after two weeks she still has no idea what I am talking about. I think the other Stedsmen are a little upset that my superior coaching skills have led me to such a favorable position.

St. Ed: As coach, I know that you have to be about fundamentals- passing, running, and scoring- but do you have a coaching philosophy? 

Felton: My number one coaching philosophy is “pain is relative.” They say flag football is “no contact”, but our girls are not scared to hit the ground once or twice, and they learned that from Coach Dan. In addition, I am all about aggression. We are yet to punt on the year, and we love deep passes and quarterback scrambles. 4th and 25? Slant routes all around.

St. Ed: Coaching today is not for the faint of heart. From player disrespect to fan heckling, fickle owners to expectations of a “W", coaches are under a mountain of pressure and stress. What pressures and stress have you experienced as the PW coach?

Felton: As you well know, the flag football coaching market is in an extremely unstable time. Other flag football teams have coaches such as Malik Zaire or Equanimious St. Brown, and I don’t want the weasels feeling as if they got the short end of the stick. They want wins, and the PW Athletic Director wants wins, plain and simple. However, what I lack in actual football experience, I make up for with passion. In addition, I am not off to the best relationship with certain referees. I don’t think they appreciated my visor slam and choice words for them after they called back-to-back fall start penalties on my O-Line.

St. Ed: If I had money to place a wager on the Women’s Flag Football Championship, should I place it on the Purple Weasels of PW?

Felton: You should absolutely place it on the Purple Weasels. All those South Quad princesses are scared to get a little bit of dirt on their brand new lululemon athletic shorts and complain about how the football fields don’t have A/C, so we can rule them out indefinitely. Everyone knows PW is the beast of North Quad. We have several returning sophomores showing excellent leadership on both sides of the ball, a hungry young freshman class, and an exceptionally handsome coaching staff. All those ingredients are leading towards a big fat championship trophy and possible berth into the real college football playoffs for PW.

Good luck to the PW Purple Weasels and Coach Felton!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What's going on...

From garbage dump to art park: the corner of Angela and Eddie the corner of Angela and Eddy Streets? Great question. Earlier this summer there were two massive dirt mounds at the corner of these streets; however, now, they have disappeared. Word on the street is that the dirt went to covering the recent tunnel and sewer works south of the stadium. With the dirt out of the picture, the area can go back to being the ND sculpture park. Oddly enough, the sculpture park is where Fr. Sorin placed Notre Dame's first garbage dump. On the dirt being removed, Ned Vogel said, "It's really a shame to see the University so drastically changing our landscape, no matter how natural or unnatural it is."

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Days Three and Four.

It wasn't an accident

The games continue! Day Three saw the floors compete in a trivia contest while Day Four was marked by an egg toss and a good helping of controversy. Trivia played out where the third floor walked away with gold with first floor and fourth floor taking silver and bronze respectively. But, when it came to the egg toss, there was controversy since the winning team was a "mixed floor team" with participants being from both the third and second floors. While a medal was awarded to Brandon Ruggles and Max Kempf, the Hall Olympic Committee (HOC) is reviewing this unique situation and will have a ruling next week. Still, Kurt Roemer and Alex Schelhorn took silver while another third floor team took the bronze. On the controversy, Fr. Ralph said, "I hope the HOC will investigate this matter fully. These games need their integrity preserved."

Monday, September 26, 2016

They're getting...

Ellie and Connor

...married! Amid family and friends, former Stedsman Connor Ryan '13 proposed to Ellie Peck '13 of Farley Hall on Friday, September 16th before the Michigan State game. The proposal was a surprise, and suffice it to say, it was a nerve wracking weekend as many secrets had to be kept. But despite keeping family and friends hidden, Ellie wasn't having any of "Let's go for a walk around the lakes." In order to get Ellie out and about as well as the photographer (conveniently hidden in a bush) to capture the moment, Connor's fellow Stedsmen convinced Ellie that they ALL wanted to go for a walk around the lakes. Without doubt Steds teamwork allowed Connor the opportunity to pop the question at just the right spot!

On the nerve wracking weekend, Debbie Ryan, mother to Stedsmen Connor and Brandon Ryan, said, "All were a bit nervous about "pulling it off." Everyone was also a bit nervous about the game because Gavin (Connor's dad) attended MSU (booooooo!!!!!).  No doubt ND lost the football game because Gavin insisted on wearing his “lucky” MSU socks to the game. In the end, we may have lost the game, but we won with Ellie saying YES!" Yes, you did Debbie... yes you did indeed!

Congratulations and best wishes to Ellie and Connor!

Ellie and Connor with Stedsmen

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Your Sunday picture...

Look at the very top and see Fall is near

...from Notre Dame. After another trying Saturday, it's a quiet Sunday on campus. Fall is here and soon will be in full swing. One way to tell that's the case is to look at the tree in front of St. Edward's. Why? The very top branches always have early changing leaves. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday's Squirrel or...

Taking five and catching some rays.

...Saturday's critter. When waiting for Fr. Terry, theologian and biologist, for lunch, I happened to spy this lady bug sunning itself on the Corby porch.  This is about the time when campus is inundated with these brightly colored insects. When I shared my finding with Fr. Terry, he was less than excited. On this lady bug Fr. Terry said, "It's an Asian lady bug." Wow, didn't know there was more than one kind of lady bug!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Day Two.

Saltine Challenge: Not for the faint of heart

With the spelling bee over, it was now on to the second event of Hall Olympics- The Saltine Challenge. The Saltine Challenge contest was a seemingly was easy event, a gold medal for the taking, but if truth be told, it actually was a grueling and demanding challenge. What was the challenge? Seeing who could eat six saltine crackers the fastest without drinking any water. Many tried, but only three medaled... Michael Moynihan, of the 1st floor, took gold with John Haley, of the 3rd floor, took silver and Ben Graf, of the 2nd floor, took bronze. On losing the Saltine Challenge, Jake Miller, pictured below, said, "I was thirsty for a victory, but my mouth was dry with defeat."

The sting of defeat and a dry mouth