Saturday, December 16, 2017

Oh, let my...

A scene that we took for granted 

Christmas tree go! With the Hall now closed and students dispersed around the country and world for Christmas Break, a painful and bitter reality must be accepted, and that is, we have lost. Yes, Risk Management has won the battle with our Christmas tree. This development is jarring and incomprehensible. A sense of betrayal wafts in the air. Et tu Notre Dame? 

How did it come to this?

It started on the very day the tree was going up. It was a day of great expectation and happiness. Smiles abounded. Peace and good will were in ample supply. And then, like in the movies, everything came to a crashing halt, when suddenly, like lightning bolting down from the heavens, the agents of Risk Management came out from their tower, Grace Hall, unleashed pandemonium. They spoke of dangers... dangers that hadn't happened but could happen... and to prevent what could happen, they stopped what was happening from happening. In the name of safety and security, they threw a dark and vacuous blanket over all of us, choking out joy, suffocating common sense, and confounding logic. And in the ensuing confusion and commotion, something DID happened... Christmas died. Again, how did it come to this?

Yes, the battle might be lost, but the war must continue. It cannot end this way. Though the sting of defeat is painful and heartbreaking, the righteous anger felt from within is stronger and spurs everyone of common sense and decency to rally for this noble and honorable cause. 

In the meantime, as our forces reorganize, let us draw hope from the posting of a Stedsman, Scott Jarvie '11, who posted the following:


On the incomprehensible and unimaginable, Fr. Ralph said, "I don't know how it came to this. I really don't. But I do know one thing. Justice will be had."

More to come...

Friday, December 15, 2017

It still may be...

At an end: Finals Week 2017

...snowing, but one thing that is coming to an quick end is Finals Week. Yes, Finals Week ends today, and so, for some, that last exam slot of 3pm cannot come fast enough. It's been a demanding, trying week for all, so much so, that outside the traditional "letting off of steam" from 10 to 10:15pm, you could hear the proverbial drop.... or maybe in this case, the snow fall. So, when those who have 3pm exams finish, there will be roar across campus of accomplishment and freedom. On Finals Week, Fr. Ralph said, "This Finals Week was the easiest one yet... I didn't have any exams, papers to write, or group projects to rescue. Still, for those who had them, I am sure you did great... well, pretty sure... or more likely than not... you all did great."

Thursday, December 14, 2017

During these drear...

2017 Corec Whiffleball Champions 

...days of fighting for the Hall Christmas tree, some good news. Now, if you are thinking that Risk Management has seen the light and reversed their roof directive, then I have some bad news for you. Sadly, they continue in their error. BUT amid the bad news, there IS good news... Steds is the 2017 Corec Whiffleball Champions! Yes, they have may taken away our exterior Christmas tree, but they have not taken away our weltanschauung, or in other words, our joie de vivre. The spirit of Steds cannot be fettered or stifled, and thanks to the Steds seniors, Alex Schelhorn, Brandon Ryan, Jon Carr, and Tim Sherman (pictured above), we can see just that! On winning the whifflebal championship, Sherman said,  “We hit it where they ain’t. Schelly’s defensive game was Ozzie Smith-esque, and my life has now hit its apex. Et, sic temper tyrannis!”

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Despite on the going...

Haag with the hand off to Oh while Kimlinger photobombs

...battle with Risk Management, a battle that has held our Hall's Christmas tree hostage, Santa Nicholas still managed to pay a visit to Gentlemen. Suffice it to say, St. Nick's visit was brief, but rest assured, his visit brought smiles and buoyed spirits. Still yet, his visit was a memorable because he left a gift... a St. Edward's coffee mug. Now, the Gentlemen can drink in class... literally and figuratively! On receiving his St. Nicholas Day gift, Albert Oh, Steds junior, said, "On a cold winter South Bend day, all you need is your St. Ed’s cup and some brothers by your side… and everyone’s spirits are raised!”

St. Edward's bespoke mugs

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A sight to...

Fearghal: all dressed up and ready for Christmas 

...behold is the St. Edward's Giving Tree. If you remember, the Giving Tree was selected by a committee during Thanksgiving Break, and despite it not being Advent, it was erected over Christ the King Weekend. Bare in the beginning, the Giving Tree slowly became decorated as the Gentlemen donated, whatever fit their budget, for the families that the Hall adopted for Christmas. As the donations came in, the tree became prettier and prettier until it was ready for its official unveiling at Stedsmass, the last Mass of the year before the Christmas Break. After briefly telling everyone how it was selected and named, Conal Fagan, Steds freshman and resident Irishman, officially lit the tree- Fearghal, up to the amazement of all. On the lighting of Fearghal, Fagan said, "Fearghal is the finest of all European trees. He radiates a sense of sophistication while provoking a serene sense of warmth and affection at Christmas time. In the end he is an admirable and adequate reflection of the men of St. Edward's Hall."

Monday, December 11, 2017

Santa's Workshop...

Kaspar (in foreground) with some of his helper elves

...has moved south and taken up residence at St. Edward's Hall. As the Gentlemen took a break from their studying to wrap gifts, the Flounge became Santa's Workshop. After raising funds, $935 to be exact, and shopping at the local Target, the Gentlemen wrapped gifts for 10 kids that they had sponsored through the St. Vincent de Paul Society. The good news is the Christmas wish lists were fulfilled, but as for wrapping those wishes, well, let's say the Gentlemen gave it the old college go. On watching the wrapping, Fr. Ralph said, "To be honest, I am not sure if this was so much a Christmas workshop as it was a medieval barber's room... it was a mess. The presents looked better if they had NOT gone under paper and scissors of these wannabe gift wrappers!" Still, on the success of making Christmas happen for these 10 kids, Jack Kaspar, Steds Junior and Christmas Commissioner, said, "The support from our Stedsmen has been remarkable. Together we have made Christmas a reality for the kids --and that itself is pretty special."

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Your Sunday picture...

It's still cold...

...from Notre Dame. Here is a picture of the first snow fall of the school year that dusted Mary and the Main Building earlier this week. Whatever the sky, and even if there is snow, this is always a sight worth taking in. Enjoy Sunday wherever you may be!