Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday Squirrel's.

Out of place tulips

Our furry friends are always around, and when we see them, they are constantly looking for handouts, getting into tiffs with other squirrels, or just up to plain old tomfoolery. One thing that you may not know is that they are also up something else... gardening. Yes, in the fall, when the tulip bulbs are planted, the squirrels love to dig them up and replant them. Of course, they forget what they did and where they buried it. As a result, rogue tulips can be spotted all around campus like above. Instead of being planted in FRONT of the statute of St. Francis, there are now tulips BEHIND him. On these out of place tulips, a furry friend non-verbaled, "We need to spread the color around."

Friday, April 28, 2017

He's at it...

Out of the trees and into the streets of L.A. 

...again. Pat Rahill ’16 has a love of nature. Together, with his fellow ND grad,Charlie Engelman, they created the 12-part mini-series Nature Boom Time for the Nat Geo Wild Channel. Their show focuses on looking at nature in a more fun, engaging, and accessible way as they traveled to the coolest forests around the United States, from giant kelp forests off of the California coast to temperate rainforests of Washington State. Tonight, Rahill took a break from hanging around trees and out a tuxedo on all because his TV series was NOMINATED for an Emmy! Watch tonight and cheer for Pat. On Rahill’s nomination, Dan Rahill, Steds freshman and Pat’s cousin, said, “He’s on TV? But Pat has a face for radio!”

TO WACTH Nature Boom Time on Nat Geo Wild Channel, every Saturday morning, click HERE

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A much needed special...

Larry: Rancher or Renaissance Man... or both?

...thank you to someone working behind the proverbial scenes. He's no stranger to us. From time to time, he offers his common sense "straight from the homeSTED." Other times, he amuses us with his "good, clean ranch humor." As if that wasn't enough, he offers us glimpses into our past through selected excerpts from the 1943 Notre Dame Student Handbook. Yes, our Rancher Larry does ALL of this while pursuing his medical degree! Yes, that's right folks... soon ladies and gentlemen, he just won't be a doctor for animals anymore. But something that you don't know about Rancher Larry is that he actually takes care of all the Hall's website needs. Suffice it to say, his skills were much needed and appreciated during the recent ND Day. On the sharing of his technical skills, St. Edward said, "There's no need to know when hold or fold them OR even know when the dealings done as Kenny Rogers sings so eloquently. You see, when you got Rancher Larry, you got an Ace, and you can't help but go all in!" 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Maybe it was...

Steds Lacrosse: Making Steds proud

...a carryover from the decisive ND Day win on Monday. Still, maybe it was the lingering vapors of the soccer playoff victory over the Zahm on Tuesday. Still yet, maybe it was sheer rage that propelled Steds Lacrosse forward to shut down, once again, Zahm today. Yes, good old rage. You see, Steds suffered a great injury as they were forced to wear Zahm red for the game. On the the victory as well as the great injury, Alex Schelhorn quoted fellow Steds freshman, Jack "Poz" Pozluszny, and said, "RecSports made us wear red. It made us mad, but you need to dress like the enemy in order to beat the enemy." 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Because of you...

It's official!

...Stedsmen, moms and dads, brothers and sisters, grand and godparents, friends, people of good will, and Saturday’s squirrels... and anyone else who we are forgetting... that made St. Edward's be the #1 residence hall this ND Day! THANK YOU!!! 

As the votes are tallied and certified, St. Edward's received 2,354 which equals to MORE THAN $24.2K. But when everything settles, it will be more than $30K! How will the funds be spent? Stay tuned. 

Still, thanks for making us once again the #1 residence hall this ND Day, and if you are counting, this is the FOURTH year in a row as #1! 

Yes, thanks to you, St. Edward's saw all other residence halls in the rear view mirror and left them in a cloud of smoke because St. Ed's took an early lead and never looked back. On St. Ed's ND Day finish, a Gentleman, speaking on the condition of anonymity- clearly because of humility, said, "Never underestimate the love for Steds." 

Still, Fr. Ralph said, "The love and affection for St. Ed's was visible in a big way this ND Day, and without any doubt, it is the envy of other residence halls. I am, as are all of the Gentlemen of the Hall, truly humbled and grateful!"

Many, many thanks... and all of our love!

Monday, April 24, 2017

For the kids...

For the kids!, more than ever. Everyone can turn and keep the tide in favor of Steds! So, this ND Day, donate and vote Steds, AND encourage others to do the same. Yes, we NEED everyone's help to keep, like Shakespeare said, "this blessed plot, this realm, this St. Edward's Hall" the residence hall that it is... a home for Gentlemen. On donating and voting for St. Edward's, Fr. Ralph said, "For the kids... NOW and FOREVER... Amen."

To do YOUR part for Hall and King, click HERE.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Now, is the time...

For the kids: Donate and vote Steds today!

...for everyone to take a stand and rally behind Notre Dame's oldest and most storied residence hall, St. Edward's Hall. Now is the time to donate and vote for St. Edward's. YES, now is the time because today is Notre Dame Day! 

To donate and vote for St. Edward's Hall, go to

On donating and voting to St. Edward's Hall, St. Ed said, "Now is the time for everyone to do his and her duty to Hall and King!"