Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday's squirrel...

A skunk outside Alumni Hall

...or should I say, Saturday's campus critter? Yes, I should, and you shouldn't be surprised to see a skunk or two around campus. This is especially the case since campus has turned into a bit of a ghost town as of late. With everyone gone, skunks and other critters feel more at ease and now rummage around a bit more than they used to. When asked about the invasion of critters on campus, a squirrel non-verbaled, "There goes the neighborhood."

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Houston, we...

Look'n good...

...solved the problem! Yes, the gremlin that had harried the staining efforts of carpenters has been defeated as a replacement pole was able to match one of the previously stained poles. And from the looks of it, the darker stain carried the day. Either which way, this project, funded with ND Day funds, makes the welcome to Steds more stately and "gentlemanly." On the new the sign, Maem, Steds housekeeper, said, "Steds finally has a sign that it deserves!"

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Herculean task...

A man on a mission: Vince Cooke '82 and his bicycle

Following the historic Route 66, the legendary road that tamed the West, St.Edward’s very own, Vincent Cooke ’82, intends to ride the FULL length of the route, from the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago all the way to the Santa Monica Pier in LA.  

Cooke and his wife, Michele, will drive to Chicago from their home just outside of Baltimore on Memorial Day weekend.  From there, Vince will ride the bike, and Michele will provide SAG services (support and gear) from the car.  The route is a whopping 2,486 miles, and Cooke plans to make the ride in just 28 days.

But why? Why not take a Greyhound bus that follows Route 66?

Like many cyclists, Cooke is using his love of cycling to try to raise money for a good cause, the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.  All donations and pledges to the ride will go to help fight cancer, and NO donations go to the expenses of the ride.  Cooke’s goal is to raise $10k for the charities.  

Donations can be made on line at  

On his epic journey, Cooke said, “My ride is very aggressive at 100 miles per day because cancer is very aggressive, so my goal is likewise aggressive. Still, I have always been fascinated by Route 66.  It seems to hold a somewhat romantic charm of a slower and more personal time far removed from the everyday rat race of today.  To me, the unique roadside shops, restaurants, and hotels with their inviting d├ęcor and bright colorful lights have always fascinated me.”  

Cooke will post a Facebook blog daily with photos of the sights along the way.  You can follow their ride at

Safe cycling and Godspeed to you Vincent!!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Your Sunday picture...

Can you see it?

...from Notre Dame. Here is a view of the Main Building, Hesburgh Library, and the Sacred Heart Basilica from the front yard of Carroll Hall and east bank of St. Mary's Lake. Still, there's something else in this picture that makes it so special... the moon rise. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Say goodbye...

"Parting" is such sweet sorrow this tree and more. Without doubt, this tree, on the west side of the Jesus statue, has seen better days. Unfortunately, due to recent high winds or perhaps just old age, this tree has developed a severe crack, necessitating safety braces. Suffice it to say, it's coming down. On this damaged tree, Fr. Terry said, "There are more trees on God Quad that are coming down, namely the two large sugar beeches in front of the Main Dome."

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Houston, we...

 What happened?

...have a problem. Yes, we have a problem at Steds. What's a matter? Well, it concerns the new exterior sign that is going up thanks to Notre Dame Day funds. It appears that when the posts of the new exterior sign were stained they ended up being two colors. It was the same wood and same stain, but they ended up being two different colors, one dark and one light! I suspect Zahm had something to do with this. On the state of the exterior sign, St. Ed said, "My kingdom for an exterior sign with two matching posts!"

Monday, May 16, 2016

Exit Graduates.

A view that never gets old...

After yesterday's chilly, but dry, graduation and a memorable evening on the steps of the Main Building, the newly graduated are packing up and leaving campus. Without doubt, leaving is a sad moment, but we know that all will return sooner than they realize... for the first home football game of course! To our new graduates, congratulations... and we''ll see you in the fall!!!

Still, with graduates leaving, it means that summer has began, and so, the Gentlemen's Monthly enters into summer mode, bringing you all the happenings at Steds but at the same time enjoying summer time!