Thursday, January 29, 2015

That's something worth...

...listening to! Sted's senior and music engineer, Mitch Abraham, released his first music CD entitled "Out of Touch." On the achievement, Abraham said,

                    "It's a solo project that I started last year when I first began making music. I'm
                    extremely excited to finally release the "Out of Touch." I’ve been 
                    working on it since the summer and the reactions from everybody have been
                    great so far! I wrote, recorded, and produced all the tracks myself. The music is
                    sort of a mix between Indie-Rock and Nu-Disco. Some of my influences are
                    Oliver Nelson, Strange Talk, Van She, Foster the People, and Oliver. In the
                    future I'm planning on getting back to doing some remixes and hopefully  
                    starting a new EP as well!"

CHECK HERE to stream Abraham's EP (extended play) release on Soundcloud. There's also a button on each of the tracks that links you directly to the iTunes page where you can buy the songs. PLUS, all the old remixes Abraham has done in the past are on the page as well. The EP will also be on Spotify within the next few days.

On Abraham's accomplish, Fr. Ralph said, 'Well, I am a musical engineer too. I played the clarinet in seventh grade."

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


... The Gentlemen's Monthly Digest: A Bi-Annual Informational!

Over a year ago, in an effort to keep you, Alumni and friends of St. Ed’s, connected to the first and greatest of all Notre Dame residence halls, St. Ed's launched The Gentlemen’s Monthly: A Daily Blog of the Life and Times of St. Edward’s Hall. With its daily post, The Gentlemen’s Monthly keeps you informed of hall happenings, thoughts of residents past and present, as well as the unique things that happen, making St. Ed’s what it is… a home and great place to be. 

To keep you connected to the life and times of St. Edward’s, the Hall is happy to give you The Gentlemen’s Monthly Digest: A Bi-Annual Informational, or in other words, a semester e-Newsletter. 

The Gentlemen’s Monthly Digest offers you the reader a quick way to hear, in a “digestible way,” from the Hall president to the newest freshman, from the Hall Haberdasher to the Hall Bard, the life and state of the Hall. 

To take a gander at The Gentlemen’s Monthly Digest, click on the following link:

On the launch of the Gentlemen's Monthly Digest, Neil Sielski, Sted's senior and digest designer, said, "We're proud to present this newsletter as testament to the passionate work that our gentleman do for their hall and friends. I would also like to say that any typo of factual error is infact a clever ruse that I have designed to test you. You'll love this newsletter, I guarantee it!"

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sted's loves...

Grasberger: Always accepting registrations

...their moms! That's right, and to show their love, affection, and devotion, the Hall is hosting once again Moms' Weekend. Held this year from March 20th through March 22nd, Moms' Weekend will be an opportunity for the Gentlemen to honor and fete their moms as well as an opportunity for Sted's moms to meet other moms, their son's friends, and enjoy campus on a non-football weekend. Moms' Weekend Commissioner, Mark Grasberger, is hard at work to make this the best weekend yet, and on organizing the third Moms' Weekend, Grasberger said, "Moms' Weekend is upon us... a weekend to celebrate our mothers who first taught us to love generously. We owe them this special weekend!" Well said Mark... well said indeed!

If you would like to register, email Mark by clicking here.

Monday, January 26, 2015

It was all smiles for...

Holding the check: Verhamme (L), Krauss (C), and Murphy (R)

a photo op in Sky Lounge (4th floor lounge) this past week when the Sted's Presidential Team held a very special check. Last fall, President Mike Murphy and his Vice-Presidential Team rallied the Gentlemen of the Hall and launched an all out offensive against Malaria. Pressing hairstyles of the past, namely the "mullet," into service and opening a front on the ice of the Compton Hockey Arena for a broom ball tourney, $4,550 was raised for the purchasing of mosquito bed nets to stem the spread of this deadly and debilitating disease. On the photo opt, an unnamed Stedsman, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said, "It an amazing achievement for an administration that works every other week!"

To all who helped make this victory possible THANK YOU!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Your Sunday...

Look: A break in the "permacloud"

...picture from Notre Dame. Here's a view of campus from the 11th floor of Grace Hall, a former residence hall but now an office space. Amazing view, and even more amazing that someone designed (and someone else approved) an 11 story residence hall!!! Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday's Squirrel.

He likes muffin tops.

With campus in the firm hold of winter, our furry friends have to "bulk up" to stay warm. This means a lot of scavenging, unproductive digging, and of course, begging.  When taking this picture, our campus friend non-verbaled, "Got anything for me?"

Friday, January 23, 2015

Three of a kind.

Thanks Betsy for taking the picture.

The brothers Vogel, Peter '12 (Left) and Ned '17 (right), proudly display their St. Edward's sweatshirts while relaxing at home during the Christmas holidays. Dad, Ray, wanted in on the action, too.  After receiving the sweatshirt as a Christmas gift, Ray said, “I enjoy wearing it and being an honorary Stedsman.”  On being asked if he was living vicariously through his kids, Ray said, "Yes, but the sweatshirt looks better on me." Indeed it does Ray...indeed it does!

Soon, you too can be like Ray and wear Sted's Hall apparel! More to week.