Saturday, September 22, 2018

Saturday's Squirrel.

Pretty in yellow

We take a break from our furry friends to spend some time with our friends who will soon be gone. Today, we turn our attention to the butterflies on campus, and they really are all about campus. Still, one place where you can always encounter them is at the butterfly bush that is located in the shadow of the Dome and St. Edward's Hall... if it stretches that far. Regardless, the fragrant purple flowers of this bush attract butterflies and all types of wind insects. With several of these bushes about campus, you're most likely going to run into a butterfly or two. On the butterfly bush, Fr. Terry said, "It's not native to this area, and we really shouldn't have it here. The problem is that butterflies come to this bush at the expense of native plants, thus leaving them unpollinated. Then again, the bush does add of bit of color to campus." 

Fr. Terry looking for interesting insects

Friday, September 21, 2018

More stories...

Who let them in?: Leyden, Crudele and Travis

... from Michigan weekend never hurt. Indeed, there were so many things happening that Saturday, and it is only now, with it in the rear view mirror, that some of these stories are coming to light. An example of this would be Stedsmen going behind the scenes of ESPN Gameday. Discharging their duties with the Hall's Float, sophomores, Sean Leyden and Eli Travis, and freshman Kyle Crudele, returned to the Library Quad and were ushered beyond the barricaded masses to a special V.I.P. area. From there, the trio enjoyed a most unique perspective, taking in the crowd, the signage, and not to mention, the live broadcast. On going behind the scenes, Crudele said, "Going behind the scenes at College Gameday was awesome. We were literally an arms length away from the people you see on TV every week. It was also awesome to see all the love Notre Dame got and the hatred towards Michigan." Still, Travis also added, "It was ecstatic. Being able to see the entire production and Lee Corso that close was an awesome experience.”

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Ask, and you shall...

Grill Lovers: Donnelly and Merrick

... have it done! After faithfully serving the Hall for the past ten years, the portable charcoal grill under the green tarp grilled its last as it rusted out. But thanks to Notre Dame Day this is not the end of the story. A new portable grill was ordered and Friday cookouts at Plaza St. Edward (the backyard patio) were saved. Still, there was one major problem. The grill needed to be assembled. Fearing that this would be a bit too much for him, Fr. Ralph asked the Hall President, Cole Edwards, for assistance. President Edwards then turned to the Commissioner for Grilling, Peter Haley, for assistance who then turned to his fellow sophomores, Charlie Donnelly and Ben Merrick, for assistance. Unbeknownst to Fr. Ralph, Donnelly and Merrick assembled the grill by themselves... and correctly too! On the assembling of the grill, Fr. Ralph said, "The Gentlemen of St. Edward's never fail to raise to the occasion- whatever it might be- for King and Hall, and Donnelly and Merrick are testament to that. My heartfelt thanks to both of them! Now, only if I had another ten of each of them, I could control this University!"

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

A Sunday...

The Gold Machine: Steds Football

... pick me up. That's what many needed after Saturday's close call against Vanderbilt. Yes, a pick me up to buoy spirits, renew hope, and strengthen resolve... and that's exactly what the Steds inter-Hall football team delivered at Stepan Fields on Sunday. Taking on Knott Hall, the Steds football team opened up the season and held nothing. With a roster full of talent and experience, Steds coaches started freshmen Henry Bergstrom as quarterback- something that has never been done- while moving senior Joe Kimlinger, former quarterback, to receiver. This move, along with the skills of many other players, 
delivered a 17-6 victory over Knott. Even though the score doesn’t indicate it, the contest was an absolute domination on the part of Steds. If it weren’t for a few errant throws here or a few dropped passes there, Steds would have ran up the score. 

On the opening game, Bergstrom said, "One could cay it was an intervention of divine mercy for Knott allowing them to score, but I will look back at the game as a classic case of 'week one kinks.' We have a more balanced offense this year with a lot of new aspects, so once we solidify all of that we will be in good shape for a deep playoff run. Iam very excited and honored to be apart of the team this year. Don’t be surprised if you see the Gentlemen in Notre Dame Stadium in a couple weeks."

Bergstrom went on to say, "I have three special shoutouts before I sign off.

First is to the defense as a whole, they will be special this year. Led by Joe Trzaska and Mark Miclean, Knott got absolutely nothing going until a garbage time Hail Mary when our second stringers were in. There’s something about them that reminds me of legendary units like the 85 Bears, 2015 Seahawks, and 2018 Fighting Irish. Expect this dominance to continue. 

Second is to my fellow Minnesotan, Joe Kimlinger. After playing Quarterback last year, he slid over to Running Back for this season. We weren’t sure how that move was going to affect the team but I think his 100 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns settled our minds. Oh, and he also played free safety the whole game. Just an absolute beast.

My final shoutout is to kicker Chris Brady. The former soccer player absolutely drilled a 35 yard field goal and two extra points. I mean right down the middle. As a Vikings fan I know the importance of good kickers, and how much it can cost you… So we are glad to have Chris booting balls for us this season. 

I am very excited and honored to be apart of the team this year. Don’t be surprised if you see the Gentlemen in Notre Dame Stadium in a couple weeks.

The Gold Machine keeps on rolling!"


There was a Steds mom, Sandy Sweilem, in the crowd, watching the Gold Machine and her son, freshman Joe Sweilem #18. On seeing her son play, Sandy said, "What a great day watching St. Ed’s first dorm football game! They worked so well together and won their first game! We drove and saw our son Joe play... way to go Joe :) I can’t wait to see St. Ed’s win their next three games. 

Joe and his big debut

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Cheer, cheer for old...

Donnelly making a big splash on a big TV

…Notre Dame. That’s what Steds sophomore Charlie Donnelly does and encourages others to do the same. As a member of the Notre Dame Cheerleading squad, Donnelly has leveraged his competitive swimming skills into cheering and now can be seen not in the pool but rather on the quads, courts, parking lots, and football field to get the Irish cheering for their teams. Suffice it to say, being a member of ND Cheerleading, Game Day Saturdays are just not the same, or are they? On recently being spotted on the ND Stadium’s jumbotron at last week’s game against Vanderbilt, Donnelly said,  “Cheering our boys to victory doesn’t hold a candle to floating with the Stedsmen earlier that day; no amount of white spandex will change that.”

Monday, September 17, 2018

Study abroad...

Kelly and Rahill going neolithic 

... but also traveling abroad too. While juniors Will Kelly and Dan Rahill are studying abroad at Notre Dame's Global Gateway in London, they have managed to take a break from their rigorous studies to travel. Traveling to Wiltshire, Kelly and Rahill took in Stonehenge and learned a bit about neolithic England. Judging by their smiles, it seems that studying abroad is treating these two Stedsmen quite well. On her son studying abroad in London, Jill Kelly said, "William leaves for Lithuania this evening." Oh, to be a student again.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Your Sunday picture...

Working on the air conditioning

... from Notre Dame. Here's a view of Mary and the Dome coming up from the Grotto. While the skies are blue with wispy clouds about, the temps are hot once again. Thankfully, there's no humidity, but a break in the temps once and for all would be very much appreciated. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!