Thursday, October 19, 2017

The best kept...

Jack Ryan taking a corner kick...

...secret is that Steds is a soccer powerhouse. It started with Steds freshman Conal Fagan '21 walking onto the ND Men's Soccer Team, and it continued with the ND Men's Club Soccer Team which is full of Stedsmen. Yes, the Men's Club Soccer Team has the power and skill of Senior Jack Kill, Juniors Jack Kaspar and Jack Ryan Williams, AND Sophomore Christian Kirby. What can one say, but Steds is flush with Rinaldos! Recently, the ND Club Soccer Team took on Butler, securing a win of 3 to 1. Important to note, two of the three goals were scored by Stedsmen... Kill and Williams! Too bad they weren't with Team USA in Trinidad and Tobago! Okay, too soon, too soon. Still, something else that needs to be noted is that there is a small Steds fan support squad, composed of Juniors Chris Brady, Brook Meadowcroft, and Matt Lupo, that makes a vocal appearance at every game. With Stedsmen on and off the pitch, how can they lose?!

On playing club soccer, Williams said, “Club soccer has four excellent players representing St. Edward's Hall: Jack Kill, Jack Kaspar, Christian Kirby, and myself. The club soccer team is great group of guys who play in a competitive league against other universities in the Midwest simply because we love the game. It also prepares us for the inter-hall season. We hope to bring a championship to our great hall in the spring!”

On having support from off the pitch, Kirby said, “The support and enthusiasm from our fellow Stedsmen has been unparalleled this year. As the only Stedsman on the team not named Jack, I have seriously considered changing my name so our supporters’ iconic ‘JACK!’ chant can apply to myself as well. Their energy is just so inspiring that I have no choice but to change my name.”

On cheering his fellow Stedsmen on the pitch as a super fan, Meadowcroft said, “As club soccer super fans we wanted to make a sign for all three of St. Ed's "Jacks" on the team, but when we took our sign to Saturday’s Floating and it broke in half, we realized our destiny and incorporated our other Stedsman on the team, not named as the other three but nevertheless beloved, Christian Kirby a.k.a. CK!”

The Cheer Squad of Lupo, Brady, and Meadowcroft

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

They're getting married!

Careful, you never know what can happen during a hike...

It’s official. They’re getting married! Stedsman AJ Tablada ’15 and Melissa Guarino of Miami are getting married. AJ proposed to Melissa during a recent hiking trip in Arches National Park, Utah. Despite AJ planning everything to the proverbial t, Mother Nature was not cooperating, and AJ and the photographer had the most deft interaction, all by chance while on the road, so that it was a complete surprise to Melissa. Thankfully, Melissa said yes… AJ was excited… and all Stedsmen breathed a sigh of relief! The happy couple look forward to exchanging their nuptials in the spring of 2018 in Miami. On their engagement, Tablada said, "I'm so blessed to be able to marry my best friend and spiritual partner on our life journey. I am eternally grateful to our LORD for her and can't wait to officially welcome her to the St. Ed's family! There's no one we would rather celebrate our Wedding Mass than Father Ralph, a mentor, friend, and Rector of our Hall. Cheers, go Irish!"

The happy couple....

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Steds Cross Country...

Steds X Country: Swift, Yerkes, Utley, Trzaska, Worth, Peterson and Arnold not forgotten! Without doubt, the Steds Cross Country team, X Country for short, is overlooked, and how could it not be? When there's football, inter-hall football, baseball, basketball, inter-hall basketball, lacrosse, ping pong, and video games being played in and outside of the Hall, well, for most residents X Country is just going to fall, sadly, into the abyss of oblivion. Still, we remembered that we had some people running in this fall, and let’s hear what exactly is their motivation to run…

John Swift, Steds freshman, said, “Blessed Basil Moreau said, 'the mind must not be cultivated at the expense of the heart.' And it is this thought that motivates me to keep on running. Running is not only a great sport for cardiovascular fitness, literally strengthening the heart, but also, when you are able to keep on running while your legs feel like cement and you’re out of breath, you are building character and strengthening that part of the heart as well.”

Patrick Yerkes, Steds senior and RA, shared, "We saw another hall pose for oldest with a poorly sharpied 1888 on yellow singlets. Steds rallies around one man, the president, and to him we give the lone Steds singlet without the need to write 1882.”

Walker Utley, Steds sophomore, said, "Being two years removed from competitive running, I had forgotten my opinion on cross country. After this season of Steds Cross, I realized that I do, in fact, still hate running."

Ben Worth, Steds junior and Hall sacristan, added, “Running cross country gave me a great chance to compete alongside my Steds brothers. Plus, it gave us a chance to display our chiseled physiques.”

Kendrick Peterson, Steds sophomore and ND Marching Band member, retorted, "I run XC because I was running out of excuses to randomly find my classes during my first year. I still have no sense of direction but at least I can beat the Zahm guys in 5ks." 

Finally, Arnold replied, “Why face my problems when I can just run away from them instead?"

There you have it folks. What else can be said?

Monday, October 16, 2017

It's time...

Wherever you go, whatever you do... break well!

...for a break! Yes, when the leaves are changing color, you know that it is time for a break...Fall Break. Thanks to the tall sugar maple tree in St. Edward's Park and the changing color of it's leaves, Stedsmen always  know when it is time evacuate from campus. On the start of break, Jimmy White V '13, Steds AR and MTS graduate student, was walking out of the Hall and said, "The serenity of campus during these days of break had me wondering at first if I missed the rapture, but, alas, the Gentlemen have just (momentarily) left for other pastures. They will indeed be back since the grass is always greener on the other side of Fall Break: because on the other side is St. Edward's Hall!"

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Your Sunday picture...

An early, early morning view

...from Notre Dame. Here's a view of Mary and the Dome from the south portico of St. Edward's. The glowing orb in the sky is not the sun but rather the moon. Yes, the moon, and if you're curious, its present phase is that of waning gibbous. A most unique view indeed. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, October 14, 2017


It's been four years of fun!

... several anniversaries, are being celebrated today. First, today marks the 4th anniversary of the creation of Notre Dame's most insightful, preferred, and cherish residence hall blog- "The Gentlemen's Monthly!" Like the gospel light that must be put on a lamplight to give light to all so too with this blog... it must be put on the internets and shared with all who love Notre Dame's oldest and most storied residence hall- St. Edward's Hall. On the Gentlemen's Monthly, Fred Schoenhut, Steds dad and true friend of St. Edward's, said, "It's a monthly so good, you get it daily!" Indeed you do Fred... indeed you do!

Still yet, it is the anniversary of a dear friend of St. Edward's. Today marks the 6th birthday of the former St. Ed's Hall's pet dog, "Edwina."  Though her time at St.Ed's was brief, too brief, Edwina has gone on to a truly pampered life in the country.  When asked about life in the country with her own pool, Edwina was heard saying, "Ruff, ....ruff ruff."  Whatever that was... indeed, Edwina, indeed it is!

Happy Birthday Edwina!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Everyday is my day, but especially today!

Today is the Feast Day of St. Edward the Confessor, King of England and patron saint of the Founder... Fr. Edward Sorin, CSC. Since its inception, the University has celebrated  this day as "Founder's Day." Back in the day, students had the day off from classes, "iced cream" was served, games were played, and St. Edward's residents sent "congratulatory" cards to Fr. Sorin. Matter of fact, one lucky resident was selected to recite a poem, especially penned for this auspicious day, to Fr. Sorin himself! On this special day, Fr. Ralph, Rector of St. Edward's Hall, said, "We CONTINUE not to get the day off as they did in the past, but nevertheless, I encourage every man of St. Edward’s to take it off! Well, do this AFTER your last class today.”

Also to note...

Despite occurring last during Founder’s Week, but in keeping with tradition, the Order of Gentlemen recipient is announced this day. Today, Brandon Ruggles '17 is the 2017-2018 inductee into the Order of Gentlemen, an award given for service to Hall and King.

Congratulations Brandon!