Friday, September 19, 2014

It's on!

Cervantes: I don't play basketball.

 Started several years ago, the Battle for the Shadow is the annual basketball tourney between St. Ed's and Zahm Hall. The tourney has games played on both halls' basketball courts with the final championship game played at night under portable lights at the St Ed's court. Oh, yes. St. Ed's is the defending champion. On his strategy for his game, Chris Rho, Sted's freshman, said, "I don't know what it is. We'll soon find out."  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Take me out...

Hecht: We got them right where we want them the ball game! Under the tutelage of Coach Planek, the Sted's baseball team took to the baseball diamond yesterday in a doubler hitter. The first game against O'Neill was an explosion of hits and runs that ultimately ended in a decisive win, but the second game against Duncan, well, the bats fell silent, resulting in a heartbreaking loss. Of the double hitter, Chris Hecht, Sted's junior and pitcher, said, "Coming off a 9 to 3 win over O'Neill in game one of a double hitter, the team looked to be in true midseason form."

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Where are they now?: Alumni Spotlight.

But where are the Joshua trees?

After a long break, we're resuming our much loved, sometimes interesting, but always worth a read, spotlight on Sted's Alumni. Today, I was able to catch up with Nick "Kovach" Kovachevich '09, Stedsman and now Southern Californian, who happened to be on campus for the Michigan game weekend. Besides sharing his thoughts on ND football, here's what Kovach had to say to my questions...

St. Ed: So What are you up to these days?

Kovachevich: Whenever I get some time off from working for "The Man" or on my master degree, I've been exploring the West Coast. Cruising around the Hawaiian Islands, a bit of international travel, backpacking in Joshua Tree National Park (pictured above), not to mention getting through the TSA checkpoint in Terminal 1 of LAX which is a wild adventure in and of itself.

St.Ed: Living in Los Angeles? I bet you see movie stars all the time. How's Californian living?

Kovachevich: I live on a beach that's not in Malibu and work in a building with no windows... so I haven't had as many celebrity sightings as you might expect. I did see Gerard Butler once, but it was right after I had to sit through all 120 minutes of Olympus Has Fallen. As you can imaginethere just wasn't anything to say. Still, L.A. is fantastic, provided you can get over all the USC fans.

St. Ed: I remember you studying Aerospace Engineering. Are you working for Raytheon? So, you're probably helping Amazon make "drone deliveries?"

Kovachevich: Raytheon should be so lucky! If I were working on drone deliveries for Raytheon, Amazon wouldn't be my primary customer because all my packages would be delivered to Eastern Syria/Iraq with the recipients who would be absolutely blown away by the level of service. No, I work for Boeing's Satellite Development Center. Unfortunately, delivering "the goods" from space is still probably still a few years away, but don't tell Jeff Bezos. Maybe I can get a head start on this one...

St Ed: What are your thoughts about building "Spaceport USA," America's first space port, in a desert in New Mexico? I am thinking, "Great. I just returned safely from SPACE but now I am NEW MEXICO." What were people thinking?

Kovachevich: "Spaceport", ahem, "America" (cue me pushing my aerospace engiNERDing glasses up the bridge of my nose) is all-around underwhelming in my estimation. Even worse than taking off from and landing in the middle of nowhere New Mexico is Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo. The Virgin is suborbital, meaning it's really just a plane that can fly higher than normal and not something you could use to launch a satellite or visit the International Space Station. If I had $200k to burn for a ride on Virgin's high flying plane, then I'd rather put it towards building something on campus. Maybe a new gym for Steds? Kovachevich Hall has a nice ring, but maybe it should be O'Kovachevich Hall.

St. Ed: What advice do you have for your fellow Stedsmen?

Kovachevich: Keep the traditions alive, and above all else, be true to your friends and to yourself. That hallowed ground you walk everyday is only special because of the people with whom you share it.

Kovach, good luck! It was great talking with you, but I hope the next time I see you, I am in sunny L.A. It's going to be a bad winter!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Open again!

Smiles, but where's your hair net?

With much fan fair, Andrew Borchert, Ed's General Manager, officially reopened Ed's after its summer makeover not only of its facilities but also its menu. Don't worry. Ed's still sells Hall favorites...three different paninis, several smoothies, and of course, pizza sticks and other various oven baked goods. Of Ed's opening, Parker Mathes, Sted's freshman and Ed's worker, said, "Ed's has filled the empty void in my life with love and good food."

VIDEO: Ed's Opening

Monday, September 15, 2014

Senior Road Trip.

Tallahassee bound?

While other residents took the opportunity to catch up on work, I guess Sted's seniors, Mike Hanley, Andrew Borchert, and Chris Lattimer, had time to burn. Seniors. The Sted's trio made the three hour trek to Indy, with no speeding tickets, to cheer on their Irish against Purdue. Of the road trip, Borchert, pictured above center, said, "We couldn't have asked for anything more from the great city of Indianapolis. Good food, great people, and another Notre Dame victory." Well said...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

There in...

Pushup Secret: Lift with your back, not your knees!

...spirit, the Stedsmen were. It may not have been Lucas Oil Stadium, but Stedsmen gathered in their first floor lounge and held a game watch. Of course, there was food, teen spirit, and lots of pushups.  On being raised up for pushups multiple times, Jack Kill Jr., Sted's freshman pictured above in yellow, said, "I'm frequently asked, 'why are you are so sweaty?' I tell them that I was celebrating Irish scores with a few pushups. Go Irish!" Yup, that will do it.

VIDEO: Sted's Alma Mater

Saturday, September 13, 2014


To the ND Band: Make every note count!

...the Band! As Irish fans descend upon Indy, the ND Marching Band was mobilized and deployed on Friday afternoon. While Purdue's band has the largest drum, it will be no match to the power of ND's band brass section. Of the match up of teams and bands, Peter Fink, Sted's sophomore and ND band member (saxophone player), said, "Clear minds. Full hearts. We can't lose."