Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A chance Steds...

Ray Wise '85, Bill Novack '85, David Oh '16 and Tom Pieronek '85

...encounter at Boston College. That's what Steds senior, David Oh, experienced when he decided to go to the proverbial lion's den, Boston College's campus, on game day. Crazy? Absolutely crazy, but what David experienced was even crazier. What happened? In David's own words...

                 As a photographer for the Scholastic, I decided to take a trip that would take me deep into
                 enemy territory. Yes. I decided to make a visit to BC's campus. Why not? What could
                 happen? After the long trek, I decided to get lunch at a restaurant frequented by BC
                 students. Why not? What could happen? Of course, I saw a lot of Eagles fans, but yet,
                 there was a table of Notre Dame fans!  What's more unbelievable was one of them was
                 rockin' a Steds sweatshirt- a bona fide old-school sweatshirt- the likes of which my
                 generation have only seen in past Hall class photos. Amazed, I couldn't help but go over
                 and introduce myself. It turned out they were all classmates whose freshman year was the
                 year AFTER the Great Fire of 1980.  Since graduating, they've been getting together every
                 year since 1996 for a "Guy's Weekend," seeing home and away games.  I was told that the
                 sweatshirt is worn only on those mini-reunion game weekends.  Well, now I know what
                 I'm going to start doing after graduation next year. Still, my chance encounter with these           
                 Steds alums further proved what I've always believed to be true--that St. Edward's Hall is 
                 home to a brotherhood for life!

Sounds like craziness runs in the Steds family and that a new tradition is about to be started!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

V-M Day!

Stedsmen: We have not; yet begun to fight!

Victory! Steds has declared victory in its battle against malaria! While there were some dark days during the campaign and while enemy may not have been completely vanquished, malaria has been dealt a severe setback as the Stedsmen and their mullets raised $6,657.97 for malaria prevention. Take that malaria! As fresh battle plans are drawn up and as they wait for their hair to grow out again, the Stedsmen have made it clear that this war isn't over. On the victory, Corey Gayheart, Steds freshman and "mullet head," said, "Yes, we may have won the battle against malaria; however, it’s not over. Next year, we continue to wage war to stop malaria. Next year, we must advance on all fronts against the enemy, showing no mercy and especially no fear! Next year, we must once again courageously don mullets or the cause… and we will. Together we fight, together we fall... but together, Steds can win it all!"

Thanks to all who supported the Gentlemen... many, many thanks indeed!

Your Sunday Picture...

A really quiet Sunday

...from Notre Dame. After a heartbreaker of a game last night, it's a quiet and lazy Sunday here at St. Edward's. Wherever you be may be, may your Sunday be the same, restful and relaxing!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday Squirrel(s).

But will he see his friend?

They're always up to something... burying a nut for later, begging, or some other silly antic. Still yet, sometimes, our furry friends are simply playing games. On God Quad, two squirrels were seen playing an afternoon game of tag. When asked who was it, one of the squirrels paused and non-verbaled, "food please."

Friday, November 27, 2015

Not everyone got...

Next year kid... next year.

...a mullet. It's true. Not everyone who presented himself to be "mulleted" receive one. Why? Because in the end the final call was in the eyes of the stylists.  Yes, their trained eyes prevented some, who had the spirit but not the hair, from making a terrible mistake... being sent off to the front with a subpar mullet. Kurt Roemer, Steds sophomore, was one of those held back, and when I caught up with him, here's what he had to say...

St.Ed: What happened Kurt? Why don’t you have a mullet or at least a mohawk?

Roemer: I let the team down. I don't have a mullet because I don't have enough hair. I pleaded with them that I do, but they didn't buy it. I was rejected for mulcting.

St.Ed: Sad. How are you dealing with the embarrassment?

Roemer: I am struggling to deal with the embarrassment. While all the other Sted's guys have walked around with their beautiful mullets flowing in the wind, I have had to hide my lame haircut.

St.Ed: Did the stylist suggest a hairstyle that might be more appropriate given your hair’s volume and texture? 

Roemer: Given my hair's minimal volume and lack of texture, the hair stylist suggested a skullet for me. However, I had already seen Corey Gayheart's skullet, and I was aware that mine would not compare to the elegance and beauty of his, so I didn't dare try.

St.Ed: Still, how are you showing your support for the boys fighting malaria?

Roemer: In spite of my shameful effort with my hair, I have still tried to do my job in supporting the cause. I have worn my t-shirt around, donated money and spoken with others to spread the good news of our efforts. You have to remember that we are fighting malaria “for the kids”, and this is something I truly believe in!

St.Ed: What are you going to do differently next year so that you aren’t know as "that guy,” that guy without a mullet?

Roemer: I don't think my little ol' heart can take another year of being "that guy...that guy without the mullet." That being said, I may need to avoid cutting my hair until next year’s mullets. That would make up for my sad showing this year.

St.Ed: Good luck!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Gentlemen, as I am too, are thankful for all the laughs, Yacht Dances, and memorable times associated with this special place, St. Edward's Hall. Thank you to all who help make the traditions and high jinxes carry on. God's blessing upon you all!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Spotlight RA.

Hecht: "That Guy"

Again, the real secret to St. Edward's Hall is its staff, particularly its resident assistants (RAs). These dedicated, undergraduate seniors are to the Hall as Babe Ruth was to the Yankees. Who are these seniors? Let's put the spotlight on one of them... the 4th floor main resident assistant, Chris Hecht.

Why did you become an resident assistant (RA) for your senior year?  Shouldn’t your last year be as easy a slam dunk?

Hecht: Well, I would say that choosing to be an RA has been one of the easiest decisions I have ever made.  When the opportunity presents itself for you to take on a leadership role that allows you to make a lasting impression on the lives of your peers, it’s one that you just can’t say no to.  And just because I’m tall, it doesn’t mean I can dunk.

St.Ed: So, besides your height, what are you bringing to the Steds Hall Staff this year

Hecht: Not to redirect the question, but I feel like I’ve been under appreciated as the resident light bulb changing expert.  Just wanted to get the word out there for awareness.  But anyway, I feel like I bring some raw, unadulterated talents to the Hall Staff this year, including the ability to set a baseball lineup, the ability to roll a sixteen pound ball 60 feet down a lane, and the ability to create soothing guitar rhythms (at a reasonable volume, of course).

St. Ed: So besides being the more popular floors in the Hall, what makes the 4th floor so special?

Hecht: “Those who know [the 4th floor], no explanation's necessary. Those who don't, no explanation will suffice” – Lou Holtz.

St.Ed: Rumor has it that you are the ringleader of the Hall Staff’s Fantasy football league. Can you share how the league is shaping up?

Hecht: In an intense battle to secure a coveted spot in the Hall Staff Fantasy Playoffs, a four-way tie for the remaining two spots has emerged.  This could possibly be the most balanced league I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen just about everything in this business.

St.Ed: Being an RA for over a semester now, what’s something that you learned about the Hall?

Hecht: Legends aren’t born here, legends are made here.

St.Ed: What would you want your legacy to be at Steds?

Hecht: I want to be the guy who is remembered as being more than just a baseball coach or a bowler or an actuary.  I want to be the guy who people will talk about years down the road and still say ‘I remember that guy.  Too bad he had to graduate.  If he would have just failed all of his classes, he might still be here right now”.  I wish it was as easy as failing my classes, but creating a lasting legacy in the remaining six months I have here is a goal still in the forefront of mind.  Do or do not, there is no try.