Sunday, February 18, 2018

Your Sunday picture...

A pretty sight

...from Notre Dame. We always see the Dome from the outside, but here's a unique view from the inside. Here's a view of the mural that Luigi Gregori painted as well as a number of the trumpe l'oeil on the walls and ceiling of the Main Building. Enjoy, and enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saturday Squirrel.

Wily to say the least...

Today's Saturday Squirrel comes from out east... Boston to be exact. Just like our furry friends here on campus, the squirrels, who call the Boston Commons home, are equally gregarious and convivial. But they are something else... wily... very wily. On a recent trip to Boston, Stedsman Connor Ryan '13 and his dad, Gavin, were approached by several squirrels, who, and I quote, were "exceptionally fat, having been to one too many tea parties." One squirrel non-verbaled, in an accent right of straight out of Good Will Hunting, "Hand over the pastries!"

Friday, February 16, 2018

Notre Dame Day funds...

Usher and Viner enjoying the new table and chairs work! As funds continue to be dispersed, improvements are being seen inside and outside of the Hall. Another improvement thanks to Notre Dame Day funds raised this past spring have been spent to add much needed furniture to the Hall’s favorite group study lounge- the Gregorian. It's as a unnamed philosopher once said, "you cannot study if you do not have a place to study." So true, BUT thanks to this new table and chairs, the Gentlemen have just that- a place to study. 

On the new furniture, Jack Usher, Steds freshman and resident “cheesehead,” said, “Now there is even MORE study space to make me feel even MORE guilty about procrastinating!” while his fellow freshman, Noah Viner, Vermonter and lover of the great outdoors, said, “The Greg is always an ideal quiet space on any weeknight to be productive. This new table means even MORE space for MORE people do get MORE work done. More tables equals more productivity.

Still yet, Steds sophomore, Jack Barrett, said, “I normally ‘wood’n’t chair’ less about tables, but I will ‘chair’ish’ this new arrival forever. Or the classic Michael Scott, ‘oh how the turntables..’”

Barrett using the new table and chairs

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Taking a break...

The life and times of modern students

...from studies and the winter. With unseasonably warm temps, the Gentlemen streamed outside to take advantage of the warmth. As they did, a group of Steds freshmen didn't want to part with their TV and video games,  and so, they brought it with them. Yes, they brought all of this with them when they went outside! Making camp at Plaza de St. Edward, the backyard patio, the freshmen continued their video games under clear blue skies, in fresh air, and with warm temperatures. On the playing of video games outside, Noah Viner, Steds freshman and sole Vermonter, said, "I love the great outdoors."

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

While the menu...

Ed the first of Ed's

...and level of service remains the same, there is something new at Ed's. Ed's now has some new culinary service representatives for the spring semester. Even though they have been trained in the culinary ways, these new faces have their work cut out for them- maintaining Ed's high culinary excellence all while maintaining a smile. One new face, Eddie Johnson, Steds sophomore and resident Southern gentleman, has an special advantage that no one else has ever had at Ed's. What's that special advantage? His name. On his advantage, Johnson said, "Being the first 'Ed' to work at Ed's is a tremendous honor and something that only my fellow 'Eds' out there can understand." 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A gentleman....

Quiet: Pondering in process!

...ponders. Indeed, a gentleman does ponders, and our Gentlemen are no different. The Gentlemen were convened for "A Gentleman Ponders" talk in the Gregorian Lounge where Meghan Sullivan, a Professor of Philosophy, gave a thought provoking talk that focused on philosophical problems and biases concerning time, modality, and rational planning. Even though post-discussion Chick-fil-A was at the ready, the discussion continued until finally a conclusion had to be called by the host, Paul Youssef, Steds sophomore. On the discussion of time biases, Youssef said, "I didn't know this before, but I have time biases."

Monday, February 12, 2018


President Trzaska (R) and well-wishers congratulating Commander Cook (L)

... we have victory in our battle against malaria! The power of Steds mullets inflicted a serious blow to our enemy, and while the fight is over, the war will continue. Suffice it to say, the enemy hasn't seen the last of our brave boys and their powerful mullets. While we thank those who gave their follicles for the fight, we must give thanks to all those from who joined us in the fight, monitoring our progress, buoying our spirits, making donations, all of which made this campaign a success. Whether or not we donned a mullet, today's victory is something that we can be proud of and celebrate. On the victory, Ben Cook, Steds sophomore and commander of mullet forces, said, "This battle was not an easy one, but in true Steds form we handled it swiftly and with class. We are eternally grateful to our supporters on the home front. We may have been the face of the charge, but they carried us the whole way. Our mullets may be gone soon, but we stand alert, preparing for the next time duty calls."