Monday, February 8, 2016

A celebration of...

Queuing up for Chinese... and no, there were no leftovers

...Chinese New Year and America! Always looking to keep it "fresh, real, and innovative," the Gentlemen decided to celebrate Chinese Year New AND America by having Chinese food DURING the Super Bowl. Fresh, real, and innovative indeed! JW Chen's Chinese food was served immediately following Lady Gaga's amazing and stirring rendition of the National Anthem. Suffice, it to say, everyone was ready for it and football. On the evening, a Stedsman said, "The Broncos may have won, but the real winners of Super Bowl Sunday were in the first floor lounge of Steds!"

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Your Sunday picture...

Beautiful anyway you look at it...

...from Notre Dame. Here's an aerial picture of campus with St. Ed's in the lower left corner. On seeing this beautiful sight, Bryan Keve '10, Stedsman and taker of this picture, said, "Four of the five most iconic buildings at ND - Basilica, Dome, stadium, and of course, STEDS."

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday Squirrel(s).

The gig's up. I have been spotted...

What are they up to? Who knows...moreover who cares? If truth be told, we care... we want to know! Yes, what are they doing on St. Edward's Park? Usually, these squirrels are nomads, but today, they're in a small herd. Whatever it was, it quickly came to an end when I was spotted by one of our furry friends. On their running away, I non-verbaled, "Was it something I non-verbaled?"

Friday, February 5, 2016

It's raining...

No, not a magician...just a Girl Scout doing her duty!

...Girl Scout cookies! Thanks to Katie, Girl Scout cookies are pouring into Steds. The Gentlemen  ordered over 95 boxes, all of which helped Katie reach her goal of selling 1,000 boxes of cookies. Yes, 1,000 boxes! On "mission accomplished," Katie said, "Thank you for all your help, I couldn't have reached my goal without St. Ed's!" 

Once again, when you need something done, get the men from Steds on it and consider it done.

Oh, yes. Katie's had helper too...

Chase, Katie's little brother, doing his part for the cause

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Steds Field Trip.

Attention equals smiles and plans to return

Recently, the first and fourth floors of Steds took a field trip to St. Mary’s dinning hall. Despite the cold, brisk weather, the trek was well worth it. While the “foodies” of the group were certainly disappointed, the new found attention, stardom really, of the group made up for any culinary disappointments. On the evening, Dawson Robinson, Steds senior and RA, said, “What the dining hall lacked in quality of food, it more than made up for in the hospitality of its patrons.”

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A chance encounter...

Steds World Phoenix: Rutkowski, Jessica, Weber, Hildreth, Judy, Grady and Grasberger the University of Phoenix Stadium. Several Stedsmen made the trek to the Valley of the Sun for the Fiesta Bowl. While the game didn't produce smiles, there was something that brought smiles. In his own words, Ian Weber, Steds junior, recounts the story...

ND was playing in the Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix on January 1st. In a stroke of luck, this date coincided with 3 very important birthdays. Mark Grasberger and John Rutkowski were both turning 21 on December 31st, and I (Ian Weber) was turning 21 on January 1st. So to celebrate, the 3 of us, along with our close friends Joe Grady and Andrew Hildreth, traveled down to Phoenix for the game. The weather was beautiful, and the trip was a blast. The football game, while it didn't produce the outcome we all wanted, was a great time. While we were all standing in the student section, we made a surprise connection...

Sometime in the 3rd quarter, as per usual, the conversation turned to St. Ed's and Fr. Ralph was mentioned. The two girls sitting directly next to us heard his name and asked how we knew him. We proudly stated our allegiance to St. Ed and our friendship with "Fralph," which brought us to an interesting discovery. These two ladies sitting behind us were, in fact, the daughters of our beloved Maem! We introduced ourselves and exchanged great stories about our love for Maem, eventually taking a picture. It just goes to show that, no matter how far we find ourselves from St. Ed's, there are always friends to be found close by.

On hearing this story, Fr. Ralph said, "I wonder why I came up in their conversation?"

Indeed, Fr. Ralph, why? Why indeed.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What's he running...

Steds XC team: Oh, Yerkes, Clark and Arnold

...away from? Yes, that is what I asked John Clark, Steds senior and Steds XC member, when he wasn't running. On running, Clark said, "I used to run from the boogyman, cheesecake gains, and small midgets on tricycles. But as I have matured as a Gentleman of St. Ed's I have left those fears behind for the likes of Professor Schmiedeler's Analytical Dynamics, an insulted Chuck Norris, and the dining hall staff after taking an ice cream and a piece of fruit out of the DH."