Sunday, December 11, 2016

Your Sunday picture...

A view that only Steds can enjoy!

...from Notre Dame. Here's a picture of snowy Mary and Main Building taken from the third floor of Steds. Watching it snow on the Main Building is always delightful, but it's even more delightful when  you can do it from the comfort of your residence hall. So, to all other residence halls at Notre Dame, eat your hearts! Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Saturday's squirrel.

Furry friend: I see you

We just never know when and how they are watching us, but they are. Make no mistake about it! They ARE watching us, and I was reminded of this fact when walking by the DPAC. Having a feeling that I wasn't alone, I looked around and seeing nothing I then looked up. Suddenly, I found this furry friend looking down on me.  But why? Was he following me? Was he going to drop a nut on my head? Who knows. On the experience, Fr. Ralph said, "Hearing about this reminds me of the song 'Somebody's watching me'... but who knew it would be a squirrel."

Friday, December 9, 2016

Having fun before...

Gayheart (right): Taking the glory of the Halftime show for Steds

...the start of Finals. Yes, that and taking a break from overseeing Moms' Weekend responsibilities is exactly what Corey Gayheart, Steds sophomore and Moms' Weekend Commissioner, was doing this week as he attended the ND Women's basketball game against UCONN. While the ND Women may not have taken the glory of a victory from the court that day, Irish fans were not completely shut out as Gayheart won the Halftime show. On his victory, Gayheart said, "South Bend residents truly do love ND Women's Basketball. I'm now known around town as 'That Dancing Simon Says Guy'... I guess the next step is to either go out for the Notre Dame Pom Squad or run for South Bend mayor. Either way, the future looks bright!"

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Mission Accomplished.

For the kids!

When all seemed lost and Christmas going to be a lot less merry and bright, the Gentlemen rallied raising a staggering $1,065 for the Hall's Christmas kids in one week's time. So much was donated from current and past Gentlemen that there were not enough ornaments and light strands for those who donated to decorate with! Under the direction of Jack Kaspar, the Gentlemen will go shopping later today with the wrapping of gifts happening next week. On the success, Dan Delfico, Steds freshman and Jersey native, said, "Hitting our giving goal was very important for us because we really do make Christmas a reality for the eight kids we adopted as a Hall. We may have started a little slow, but a strong rally on the final night to actually exceed our goal showed the generosity and community strength of St. Edward's Hall."  Still yet, fellow Jersite and Steds junior, Joe Sierotko, said, "At St. Ed's, the spirit of Christmas is visible in our halls and manifested in our hearts. In true St. Ed's fashion, we achieved beyond expectation and collectively contributed to provide children in need with joy. It's all about giving the kids the best Christmas possible!" Indeed, Joe... indeed!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Oh, the things...

Perplexing...what does he want?!

...the Gentlemen write on their dry erase boards. Witty and insightful, but in this case a bit perplexing. Does the sage of room 311 want us to correct his spelling of "Thesarous," or is he really looking for another word for "Thesaurus." Maybe the question isn't one of "either, or" but rather one of "both, and?" Still, will we ever know? 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Moms' Weekend!

Foley and Schelble: Won't be alone on Moms' Weekend

It's happening again... Moms' Weekend! Moms' Weekend Commissioner, Corey Gayheart, sent email invitations this week, and if you didn't get one, email Corey ( or Fr. Ralph ( Today, the first responses were received with freshman Chris Foley and sophomore Peter Schelble's moms being the first to respond. On their moms' quick response and attending the star studded and magical weekend, Schelble said, "I thought my mom was going to Vegas," with Foley adding, "My mom told me she wasn't coming, but now, she is. Love you mom!"

Monday, December 5, 2016

There be a...

Kaspar: For the kids!

...Christmas tree in the St. Ed's Chapel. Here's what I found out when I caught up with Jack Kaspar, St. Ed's sophomore, who is tending, both literally and figuratively, the Steds Christmas tree.

St. Ed: Last time I checked, it was still Advent. So, why is there a Christmas tree in my chapel? Having one is like having the Easter bunny show up, and it’s only Flag Day. Talk about out of place.

Kaspar: Yes, you are not wrong -- but it's for the kids, as always! This Christmas, Steds will be providing gifts for 8 children through the St. Vincent de Paul society. To promote this event, we will be decorating this Christmas tree with each donation students make.

St. Ed: Okay, makes sense. What's your goal, moreover, what are the kids asking Santa for?   

Kaspar: Indeed, Santa will be partnering with none other than the Gentlemen of St. Ed's this year, as he has done years before. The kids are hoping for a wide range of gifts including: legos, a bike, winter clothing, toy cars, and even a baby jumper for the littlest one. 

St. Ed: Say, are you wrapping those gifts? Do the Gentlemen know how to wrap gifts, or will there be a lot of tissue paper and gift bags used?

Kaspar: Yes,  we will attempt to wrap the gifts as a study break during the Tuesday of finals week. It will be a valiant effort, but I believe in our Stedsmen. But yes, in all likelihood, you may see plenty of gift bags.

St. Ed: Curious, will it be a "white Christmas” this year? 

Kaspar: Well, I'll be back home in North Carolina... so probably not for me. And my roommates Harry and Francois will be heading back to Ethiopia and Zimbabwe for the first time since arriving at school... so probably not for them either. But here in South Bend, I would not be too surprised if a sheet of "New England clam powder" or, as we say down south, flakes of "Devils Dandruff" fall this Christmas. To see video, click HERE.

St. Ed: Do you have any last words to share with us?

Kaspar: I'm happy to give to this great cause, and I'm looking forward to buying, wrapping, and delivering the gifts in person. As always, it's for the kids!