Thursday, October 19, 2017

The best kept...

Jack Ryan taking a corner kick...

...secret is that Steds is a soccer powerhouse. It started with Steds freshman Conal Fagan '21 walking onto the ND Men's Soccer Team, and it continued with the ND Men's Club Soccer Team which is full of Stedsmen. Yes, the Men's Club Soccer Team has the power and skill of Senior Jack Kill, Juniors Jack Kaspar and Jack Ryan Williams, AND Sophomore Christian Kirby. What can one say, but Steds is flush with Rinaldos! Recently, the ND Club Soccer Team took on Butler, securing a win of 3 to 1. Important to note, two of the three goals were scored by Stedsmen... Kill and Williams! Too bad they weren't with Team USA in Trinidad and Tobago! Okay, too soon, too soon. Still, something else that needs to be noted is that there is a small Steds fan support squad, composed of Juniors Chris Brady, Brook Meadowcroft, and Matt Lupo, that makes a vocal appearance at every game. With Stedsmen on and off the pitch, how can they lose?!

On playing club soccer, Williams said, “Club soccer has four excellent players representing St. Edward's Hall: Jack Kill, Jack Kaspar, Christian Kirby, and myself. The club soccer team is great group of guys who play in a competitive league against other universities in the Midwest simply because we love the game. It also prepares us for the inter-hall season. We hope to bring a championship to our great hall in the spring!”

On having support from off the pitch, Kirby said, “The support and enthusiasm from our fellow Stedsmen has been unparalleled this year. As the only Stedsman on the team not named Jack, I have seriously considered changing my name so our supporters’ iconic ‘JACK!’ chant can apply to myself as well. Their energy is just so inspiring that I have no choice but to change my name.”

On cheering his fellow Stedsmen on the pitch as a super fan, Meadowcroft said, “As club soccer super fans we wanted to make a sign for all three of St. Ed's "Jacks" on the team, but when we took our sign to Saturday’s Floating and it broke in half, we realized our destiny and incorporated our other Stedsman on the team, not named as the other three but nevertheless beloved, Christian Kirby a.k.a. CK!”

The Cheer Squad of Lupo, Brady, and Meadowcroft

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

They're getting married!

Careful, you never know what can happen during a hike...

It’s official. They’re getting married! Stedsman AJ Tablada ’15 and Melissa Guarino of Miami are getting married. AJ proposed to Melissa during a recent hiking trip in Arches National Park, Utah. Despite AJ planning everything to the proverbial t, Mother Nature was not cooperating, and AJ and the photographer had the most deft interaction, all by chance while on the road, so that it was a complete surprise to Melissa. Thankfully, Melissa said yes… AJ was excited… and all Stedsmen breathed a sigh of relief! The happy couple look forward to exchanging their nuptials in the spring of 2018 in Miami. On their engagement, Tablada said, "I'm so blessed to be able to marry my best friend and spiritual partner on our life journey. I am eternally grateful to our LORD for her and can't wait to officially welcome her to the St. Ed's family! There's no one we would rather celebrate our Wedding Mass than Father Ralph, a mentor, friend, and Rector of our Hall. Cheers, go Irish!"

The happy couple....

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Steds Cross Country...

Steds X Country: Swift, Yerkes, Utley, Trzaska, Worth, Peterson and Arnold not forgotten! Without doubt, the Steds Cross Country team, X Country for short, is overlooked, and how could it not be? When there's football, inter-hall football, baseball, basketball, inter-hall basketball, lacrosse, ping pong, and video games being played in and outside of the Hall, well, for most residents X Country is just going to fall, sadly, into the abyss of oblivion. Still, we remembered that we had some people running in this fall, and let’s hear what exactly is their motivation to run…

John Swift, Steds freshman, said, “Blessed Basil Moreau said, 'the mind must not be cultivated at the expense of the heart.' And it is this thought that motivates me to keep on running. Running is not only a great sport for cardiovascular fitness, literally strengthening the heart, but also, when you are able to keep on running while your legs feel like cement and you’re out of breath, you are building character and strengthening that part of the heart as well.”

Patrick Yerkes, Steds senior and RA, shared, "We saw another hall pose for oldest with a poorly sharpied 1888 on yellow singlets. Steds rallies around one man, the president, and to him we give the lone Steds singlet without the need to write 1882.”

Walker Utley, Steds sophomore, said, "Being two years removed from competitive running, I had forgotten my opinion on cross country. After this season of Steds Cross, I realized that I do, in fact, still hate running."

Ben Worth, Steds junior and Hall sacristan, added, “Running cross country gave me a great chance to compete alongside my Steds brothers. Plus, it gave us a chance to display our chiseled physiques.”

Kendrick Peterson, Steds sophomore and ND Marching Band member, retorted, "I run XC because I was running out of excuses to randomly find my classes during my first year. I still have no sense of direction but at least I can beat the Zahm guys in 5ks." 

Finally, Arnold replied, “Why face my problems when I can just run away from them instead?"

There you have it folks. What else can be said?

Monday, October 16, 2017

It's time...

Wherever you go, whatever you do... break well!

...for a break! Yes, when the leaves are changing color, you know that it is time for a break...Fall Break. Thanks to the tall sugar maple tree in St. Edward's Park and the changing color of it's leaves, Stedsmen always  know when it is time evacuate from campus. On the start of break, Jimmy White V '13, Steds AR and MTS graduate student, was walking out of the Hall and said, "The serenity of campus during these days of break had me wondering at first if I missed the rapture, but, alas, the Gentlemen have just (momentarily) left for other pastures. They will indeed be back since the grass is always greener on the other side of Fall Break: because on the other side is St. Edward's Hall!"

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Your Sunday picture...

An early, early morning view

...from Notre Dame. Here's a view of Mary and the Dome from the south portico of St. Edward's. The glowing orb in the sky is not the sun but rather the moon. Yes, the moon, and if you're curious, its present phase is that of waning gibbous. A most unique view indeed. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, October 14, 2017


It's been four years of fun!

... several anniversaries, are being celebrated today. First, today marks the 4th anniversary of the creation of Notre Dame's most insightful, preferred, and cherish residence hall blog- "The Gentlemen's Monthly!" Like the gospel light that must be put on a lamplight to give light to all so too with this blog... it must be put on the internets and shared with all who love Notre Dame's oldest and most storied residence hall- St. Edward's Hall. On the Gentlemen's Monthly, Fred Schoenhut, Steds dad and true friend of St. Edward's, said, "It's a monthly so good, you get it daily!" Indeed you do Fred... indeed you do!

Still yet, it is the anniversary of a dear friend of St. Edward's. Today marks the 6th birthday of the former St. Ed's Hall's pet dog, "Edwina."  Though her time at St.Ed's was brief, too brief, Edwina has gone on to a truly pampered life in the country.  When asked about life in the country with her own pool, Edwina was heard saying, "Ruff, ....ruff ruff."  Whatever that was... indeed, Edwina, indeed it is!

Happy Birthday Edwina!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Everyday is my day, but especially today!

Today is the Feast Day of St. Edward the Confessor, King of England and patron saint of the Founder... Fr. Edward Sorin, CSC. Since its inception, the University has celebrated  this day as "Founder's Day." Back in the day, students had the day off from classes, "iced cream" was served, games were played, and St. Edward's residents sent "congratulatory" cards to Fr. Sorin. Matter of fact, one lucky resident was selected to recite a poem, especially penned for this auspicious day, to Fr. Sorin himself! On this special day, Fr. Ralph, Rector of St. Edward's Hall, said, "We CONTINUE not to get the day off as they did in the past, but nevertheless, I encourage every man of St. Edward’s to take it off! Well, do this AFTER your last class today.”

Also to note...

Despite occurring last during Founder’s Week, but in keeping with tradition, the Order of Gentlemen recipient is announced this day. Today, Brandon Ruggles '17 is the 2017-2018 inductee into the Order of Gentlemen, an award given for service to Hall and King.

Congratulations Brandon!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Tour de Steds.

Gambardella, Susco, Andrade, and Isakson chilling

Our Tour de St. Edward- a weekly tour of resident rooms, study lounges and popular hangouts in Notre Dame’s favorite residence hall- continues. Our today’s tour stops by room 406, a freshmen quad for Josh Gambardella, Chris Susco, J.P. Andrade, and Nick Isakson. Here's what they had to say about Steds living...

St. Ed: What did you think when you received your housing assignment placing you in St.Ed’s?

Susco: The first thought that came to my head was an excessive amount of testosterone. I had never had an experience with a roommate, much less three of them. I immediately thought of a crowded room with two sets of bunk beds and the four of us squeezing by each other every time we wanted to leave the room. I honestly thought that all of my roommates were foreign exchange students because they all had some pretty exotic last names that I could barely pronounce. I was not looking forward to a year of hand gestures and speaking in a loud voice all the time. However, it turned out all good in the end because now we only have to use the hand gestures.
            Now Steds was a completely different train of thought. I asked two of my cousins, both of whom had graduated from Notre Dame, how St. Eds was and if I had to start thinking about transferring dorms after the first year. One had lived in Keough and the other had lived in Morrissey, but they both had no idea how Steds operated. I was intrigued because my cousins know a heck of a lot about Notre Dame so I assumed that Steds was the black ops sector of Notre Dame residence halls. So, I had to go in Welcome Weekend with a blank slate with no insight to what I was getting into. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that Steds was more about traditional ops instead of black ops.

 St. Ed: How’s “loft living”?

Isakson: At first, loft living seemed like it would be a pain.  You have to climb all the way up to the bunk to sleep every night, you can’t fully sit up in bed due to the ceiling, and trying to get air conditioning up that high can be difficult.  However, it actually has not been that bad. The close proximity of the bunks lets us all hold hands while we sleep. The lofts also allow for more space to do whatever we want below them. There’s plenty of room for a couch and television which is really nice when you are really stressed and just want to lay down and watch TV.  I love coming back from classes to see my roommates cuddling on the couch watching the Bachelor or Dance Moms. The lofts are also great places if you want some privacy to study or if you are just trying to hide from roommates. Nobody will ever find you if you’re playing hide and seek and hiding in the loft!  As for the heat, we have adapted and gotten multiple fans up to the top bunks to keep us cool.  It makes it much easier to sleep and it isn’t even that difficult to get power up to the loft.  Loft living in Steds has definitely been good for our room because we have so much more space and it gives us a nice place to lay down and not be bothered.

St. Ed: Aside from your loft, what makes your room unique among the other rooms of St.Ed’s?

Andrade: Gambiarra - (n.) The Brazilian cultural practice of solving problems creatively in alternative ways, with low cost and lots of spontaneity, or giving unusual functions to everyday life objects; the use of improvised methods / solutions to solve a problem, with any available materials.

Other rooms in Steds may look cool with their fancy lights and stolen street signs, but only one of them has an expert Brazilian like myself to practice this fine art, for one does not simply create a gambiarra masterpiece on their first try. There are plenty of examples in 406 of gambiarra, some which have already fallen as anyone would have predicted them to. There will be new additions of gambiarra to the 406 scenery in the upcoming months, as we keep purchasing more and more things-that-we-have-no-space-for.

Yet the fact that we are the smallest quad isn’t all that bad. It is actually a way to bring us closer together, and allows for the fans to reach across the room. It also means there is less space to cover with Christmas lights.

St. Ed: What do you wish your room had?

  Susco: More light.
   Isakson: Air conditioning.
   Andrade: More space.
   Gambardella: A cardboard cutout of Jennifer Lopez
St. Ed: Say, the word in the hallway is that all of you want to transfer to another hall. Is that true?

Gambardella:  The only other halls I’d consider are Lewis and Cavanaugh. I mean I could definitely see JP in Walsh. For those who are less-informed, all three of these are female halls. But on a more serious note, I love it here in St. Edward’s Hall. The “Gentlemen” name certainly doesn’t get left at the doorstep. There truly is a mantra here of togetherness, community, manners, and respect. On top of that, nothing beats waking up at the crack of dawn on game days to go vandalize the reflecting pool (we call it floating. I’m sure Fralph will give you guys an article about that sooner or later. But Steds truly has it all. We have the best rector, the best traditions, and the best in-hall eatery. Nothing beats a chocolate milkshake from Ed’s. The Milkshake Mass at Dillon is actually an entire Sabbath Day dedicated to our milkshakes. It’s kind of humbling.
            One of the best, and certainly most underrated part of Steds is the lounge life. Our Sky Lounge is the site of some of the best conversations to be had. Sure, you won’t get any work done, but it sure is a heck of a time. I once tried to study in the Sky Lounge, huge mistake, and have since learned that it is a place to kick back and enjoy the brotherhood that embodies our Hall as a whole. Still, it was in our first floor lounge that we assembled before taking on our trip across enemy lines to visit the other school across the road. Loyal readers read about our trip to St. Mary’s. I had previously never had a conversation with a female before, so it was a big step for me. I owe it to Steds!

There you have it folks... room 406!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

His fifteen minutes…

…of fame he has had. Yes, a Stedsman was on national tv, and maybe, just maybe, you saw him. Corey Gayheart, Steds junior and political science major, is not studying abroad but rather studying domestically in Washington D.C. this semester. Recently, Gayheart had the opportunity to be a part of CNN’s Town Hall with Nancy Pelosi. Held at CNN headquarters in D.C., the town hall covered a wide range of current topics. Going into the town hall, Gayheart knew that he might have an opportunity to ask a question, but he also knew there were no guarantees of it. Whether it was the stars being aligned or something more earthly like slipping someone a $20, Gayheart got to ask his question. What was his question? Here it is…

Gayheart’s question: My grandfather worked for the CIA, during the Cold War, and worked on military aircraft intelligence with the Air Force. I feel the sense of urgency and deep concern regarding the Russian interference in our election and or institutions that I am  sure he felt during the Cold War. I ask you, if my grandfather were here today, what would you do to reassure him that Russia will not get away with what they have done to destabilize and dis-unify our country?

On being CNN's Town Hall, Gayheart said, "I got to ask my question, AND they sent a car to get me!"

The set...

...Gayheart in a choice, front row seat...

...yes, the car that collected him for the town hall.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Founder's Week...

A sweet ending truly over. Yes, following Mass and the distribution of the St. Edward's medal, there was a social in the first floor lounge. Amid the sharing of stories from Founder's Week- and the frustrations of Sunday Fantasy Football- various treats and cider were served. Indeed, it was a sweet ending to the sweetest of all weeks for the Gentlemen of St. Edward's. On the closing of Founder's Week, Fr. Ralph said, "It was magical week for all Gentlemen, and we shan't another like it until next Founder's Week. And I am okay with that... I think that we're all a bit tired." 

...many treats, but a cookie cake...

...makes it complete!

Monday, October 9, 2017

For love of the game!

North Quad has never seen so much fun

Three years ago, they said that it couldn't be done, but nevertheless, under the direction of the Trzaska Administration, the Shuttlecock Showdown continues! While the temps were agreeable, there was something Shuttlecock players never had to contend with in the history of the Showdown… a strong and driving wind from the south. Without any doubt, the wind was the rise and fall of many shuttlecocks as well as teams. Thankfully, there were no injuries, but there were a number of bruised egos. As expected, the competition was spirited and fierce, and the play was finessed, controlled, and, yes, even refined at times. In the end, there could be only one winner, and the championship game was reminiscent of David’s victory over Goliath… a complete surprise. Surprisingly, a team of upstart freshmen- Josh Gambardella and Dan O’Brien- took down a team of seasoned juniors- Chris Brady and Mark Miclean. Congratulations to our winners and those who participated!

Thoughts from losers and winners...

Albert Oh, junior and loser, said, "What can I say? I got cocky, and now, I have this green ribbon."

Jack Olmanson, freshman and third place winner, said, "It was an honor to be able to play our hearts out for the love of the game. I am counting down the days to the opportunity for redemption next year."

Peter Haley, freshman and fellow third place winner, added, "It felt good to take some hardware home, but overall we're not satisfied and we will use this as motivation for next year. I'm proud of our heart and effort out there, but it just didn't turn out the way we had hoped. We'll be using this as motivation for next year and the years to come."

Chris Brady, junior and second place winner, shared, "On a day like this, most teams battle the wind, but Mark Miclean and I used it to our advantage, securing the 2nd place finish we desired. As we all know. First is the worst, second is the best."

Mark Miclean, junior and fellow second place winner, commented, "Chris Brady and I were able to use the sun and strong wind to our advantage. We have to continue our legacy of excellence at the Shuttlecock Showdown that we set forth our freshman year."

Josh Gambardella, freshman and first place winner, remarked, “The gale force of winds were blowing at tornado speeds, managing to knock me over twice. We also discovered quickly that you can never underestimate the power of the Indiana sun in October. We battled hard and shuttlecocked even harder. In the end, nothing beats the feeling of Hall President, Joe Trzaska, bestowing upon us a ribbon for our victory.”

Dan O’Brien, freshman and fellow first place winner, said, "It really all boiled down to teamwork. As avid shuttlecocker Martha Stewart once said, 'practice like you've never won and play like you've never lost.' That's what we did and it worked out alright."

Fr. Ralph said, "Today, the Founder smiled upon us all... winners and losers... and even those like myself who didn't play at all!"

Time to play: President Trzaska gives the signal

Who goes first: Play a game of rock, paper, scissors 


Schelble and Meadowcroft enjoying victory

Digenan and Davis enjoying the comforts of defeat from their chairs

Fr. Ralph consoling Oh in his loss 

The loser's ribbon

Olmanson and Haley taking third place

Miclean and Brady receiving second place

Proud winners: O'Brien and Gambardella

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Your Sunday picture...

Looking better than ever...

...from Notre Dame. Here's a beautiful view of the south facade of the Hall. With a busy Founder's Week, jammed packed with tradition, fun, and gentlemanly diversions, we all need some rest this Sabbath day. Your enjoy Sunday wherever you may be!

Thus concludes yet another Founder's Week... and what a week it was! May the Founder continue to smile upon this hall and all who love it!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Founder's Week...

Clubbing it country club style

...continues with round two at South Dinning's Oak Room. Earlier this week, the Gentlemen gathered for dinner and the feting of Brandon Ruggles, but on Friday, they gathered for the Founder's Week Dance. Themed "country club," many came as golf and tennis players... some even came as diners, lunching or supping at the country club restaurant. Dance goers enjoyed great music that was composed by not only the request of the Gentlemen themselves but also the the musical stylings of Dan Riley, Steds senior and RA, known for the evening as DJ Danimal. Of course, DJ Danimal had help from another dj... Poz, Steds sophomore and quasi dj in his own right. In short, it was a magical evening. On the night at the "country club," Dan Delfico, Steds sophomore, said "Yesterday, we, Gentlemen of Steds, took a quick trip to the "South Dining Hall Country Club" for a fine night of dancing after a hard week of work. Everyone looked ready for a day on the links or at the tennis courts, and topics of conversation were all of your classics: stock portfolios, mortgage payments, etc. It really was another magical night in the Oak Room."

Friday, October 6, 2017

A day in a park...

Enjoying gentlemanly diversions

...has never been so fun, well, unless it's St. Edward's Park! It's true, but it must be reiterated. St. Edward's does not belong to North Quad or God Quad rather we belong to St. Edward's Park, the green space just east of the Dome. Over time, our fountain may have disappeared, and we may have had to cede land for the building of Cavanaugh and Zahm Halls, but the fact remains friends, as does the actual deed, that the green space south of Hall is St. Edward's Park. Amid games of bocce and badminton and creme puffs and eclairs, coffee, and cigars, the Gentlemen of St. Edward’s renewed their claim to this small tract of land as they celebrated "A Day in the Park." On the fun in the park, Gabriel Soloranzo, Steds sophomore, said, "The cigars were great, but the company was even better. I hope this event repeats itself... because everyone needs a little fun in the park!"

Some aerial shots from a Steds drone...

...of the Gentlemen enjoying the Steds hospitality tent...

...playing bocce...

...playing badminton...

...but Chase and Alex decided to do neither!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Founder's Week Dinner...

Founder's Week Dinner 2017

...feted none other than Brandon Ruggles '17, the newest inductee into the Order of Gentleman. At the Founder's Week Dinner held in the Oak Room of South Dining Hall, Ruggles gave not only words of wisdom but also some of jabs at his former Rector, Fr. Ralph. Later, Ruggles was recognized for his service to the Hall- for being who he is, embodying the essence of a gentleman- and was inducted into the Hall's Order of Gentlemen for "action faithful and honor clear to Hall and King." While he will be remembered along with other recipients by a plaque in the Hall's main lobby, Ruggles was given at the end of the dinner a small plaque and a specially minted coin commemorating this high honor. On Ruggles receiving the Order of Gentlemen, President Joe Trzaska said, "How could he not receive it?"

On his induction, Ruggles said, "To be welcomed into the Order of Gentlemen is the honor of a lifetime, though I’m perhaps most thankful for the fact that the ceremony ended prior to the start of the WNBA finals game!”

Ruggles takes to the podium...

...and later is congratulated by President Trzaska.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Breakfast of Princes.

For once, enjoying breakfast at ND

In a change from years past, the Breakfast of Princes become a real breakfast. Gone were the Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Gone were the small bottles of Sunny Delight. Gone was the breakfast of years past as Hall President Trzaska and Vice Presidents Kimlinger and Lupo decided that the residents needed a breakfast that was truly fit for not a gentleman but also a prince. Starting at 8:30am in the Lounge (1st floor lounge), residents were treated to pancakes made by Hall Government. Of course, syrup (20% real maple), bacon, orange juice and coffee, and other assorted breakfast items were served as well. Suffice it to say, the Gentlemen did not miss out on the most important meal of the day.

On the breakfast shake up, Vice President Kimlinger said, "When people awoke this morning, an aroma was wafting up through the halls and into lofts, awakening their inhabitants with excitement, for the smell was so succulent and savory that they were sure a prince was in town.  Instead, when they stumbled downstairs, they were greeted with the beaming faces of their humble public servants, cooking them a breakfast even better than a Denny's Grand Slam.  It was then that they all simultaneously thought to themselves: we're all princes on Founder's Week, and in unison broke into the most beautiful and happy of songs, marching throughout campus together to spread their pure and utter joy."

Still, Vice President Lupo added, "The Breakfast of Princes was a resounding success. With their stomachs full, the princes of St. Edward's Hall can turn their attention to princely things, like ruling their kingdoms and protecting their people from dragons."

Why is it called the Breakfast of Princes? It is to honor of the “Princes of Notre Dame,” what Fr. Sorin called the residents of St. Edward’s Hall. What a fitting name indeed!

Here are some behind the scenes look at the breakfast...

Meadowcroft and Trzaska starting things off...

...thumbs up from the President...

...and his constituents roll in for breakfast.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Rededication Day.

Haag, Kimlinger and Trzaska and another plaque to the wall

Founder's Week commenced with "Rededication Day.” Once again, Stedsmen gathered to rededicate the Rededication of the Rededication of… the Dedication of the Gregorian. Originally called the Sorin Society Room, it was forgotten and lost for a number of years. Rediscovered in the early 2000’s when a fake wall was removed, the mural was restored at great cost. Painted by Luigi Gregori- the artist who painted the University's Basilica and Main Building- the room was dedicated to his memory in 2006.

This year’s Rededication saw a dramatic reading from Theodor Geisel, Dr. Seuss, and his Green Eggs and Ham, by Hall Senator, Chris Scott, a phone call from California with Frank Spesia, past Resident Assistant, dialing in and sharing a moving story about his memory of the room as well as a reading of past resident from 1893. With Vice Presidents Kimlinger and Lupo present, President Trzaska cut the ceremonial ribbon, opening the room up again. And thanks to Dan Riley and there was a musical fanfare via a portable Jambox as the ceremonial ribbon was cut.

On the Rededication, Spesia said, “I love the Greg, and I love Steds. It was an honor being able to contribute to Founder’s Week in such a personal and valuable way. I'd like to give a shout out to Fr. Ralph for his mentorship and steady hand at the helm of S.S. Steds, and to my Mom for reading this blog every day even though I have already graduated!”

Thanks indeed... and may the Founder continue to smile on all of you!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Laissez les bon temps roulez!

Founder's Week- A Week of Gentlemenly Fun

Stedsmen, let the good times roll! Happy Founder's Week- our week long celebration for the Founder of the University and first Rector of St. Edward's Hall, Fr. Edward Sorin, C.S.C. As you can tell, the week is jammed packed with history, tradition, and FUN. More to report as the week unfolds, but in the meantime, to Stedsmen everywhere... May the Founder smile on you always!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Your Sunday picture...

A view from St. Edward's is always beautiful

...from Notre Dame. The autumn sun sets on a tired campus. It was a week filled with much learning... even a few exams and papers... and of course, football. I think that we all need to a weekend from the weekend! Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be! 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Saturday's Squirrel.

A Goldenrod Soldier Beetle 

With the Indian summer now over and temperatures returning to where they should be for fall, everything is fading. The vibrant and rich colors of summer are passing into faded and muted tones. In the air there is a smell of leaves and a slight chill. And the sun is setting faster and faster. It’s time for fall. But before creation takes a brief exit for winter, we continue to take stock of what surrounds us. On the Black-Eyed Susans outside of Corby Hall, Fr. Terry Ehrman, C.S.C., botanist, theologian, and naturalist, spotted and captured this insect. On seeing it, Fr. Terry said, “It's amazing what you can overlook if you are in a rush. Slow down, and take it in. Soon, it all will be gone!"

Friday, September 29, 2017

Has he...

Conway in the middle with the biggest smile

...been turned? Who lead him astray from the Blue and Gold? What more could we have done for him and did not do? What happened? Why is Brian Conway '12 hold up a Penn State banner? Well, it’s a long story. 

In short, Penn State recently held its annual All-University Day during Georgia State weekend. During that game, each Commonwealth campus from Altoona to Shenango was recognized.  Just after the band performed at halftime, Conway and other student representatives held flags on the field emblazoned with their home campuses. While such a task would typically be reserved for the President or Vice President Conway of PSU Graduate and Professional Student Association, neither could attend. The rules of succession deemed Conway, the Speaker of the Assembly, next in line.  After practicing his wave for a week, Conway had all of about 3 minutes to take in the view of 107k cheering PSU fans from the field before security shuffled him off the field.

On the experience, Conway said, "I may have been wearing blue and white that day, but I bleed blue and gold... and wear green shoes! Go Irish!"

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Not only a patron...

Come to the theater!

...but also an artist in his own right Fr. Ralph is. In addition to being the rector of Notre Dame's oldest and most storied residence hall, Fr. Ralph is also a consultant at University Relations, and it is there that he was a part of group who devise the creation of one man play about Fr. Sorin all for the 175th anniversary of the University's founding. Entitled Sorin: A Notre Dame Story, the play can be seen almost every weekend at Notre Dame, and it's all free! Can't make it Notre Dame, no worries. The play will come to you! Yes, that's right. The play is hitting the road, visiting Notre Dame clubs around the country for the next two years. 

On the play, Fr. Ralph said, "In the beginning, I wasn't sure this was going to work. A one man play? No thank you! But in all honesty, this play has exceeded all of my expectations, and I have learned much from it. Of course, I made sure that St. Edward's played prominently in this could I not?! I encourage everyone to see it. And I am volunteering to join the cast and crew when the play visits the ND clubs in Miami and Orange County."

To learn more about Sorin: A Notre Dame Story, click HERE.

To secure free tickets to an on campus showing, click HERE.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A blast...

Oh, wisdom from 1941!

...from the past. It's BACK... and oh, the golden nuggets it holds! Thanks to Neil Sielski '15, we have an insight into Notre Dame's past. Through a patient, Sielski came into possession of the Notre Dame Student Manual from 1941.

This week's installment from the 1941 Notre Dame Student Manual, page 13:

"All sophomores must secure credit for Biology 7- Elementary Hygiene- a course of lectures and demonstrations- given one period a week through the school year."

Now, only if they had "Elementary Room Cleaning"- a course of lectures and demonstrations on how to keep a clean room by taking out trash, changing of bed linens, and cleaning of the room sink!