Saturday, December 30, 2017

Saturday's Squirrel.

Nibbling in peace and quiet

While students may be away, taking a break, our furry friends are holding down the proverbial fort. Yes, our furry friends haven't hopped in a car, bus, or plane, jetting off to here or there. No. They are staying put and "keeping an eye" on things. But before we feel sad for our friends, know that they are enjoying a deserted campus. Having free range of everything, they can finally go about their business, whatever that may be, in peace and quiet. On having campus all to themselves, this furry friend took a break from nibbling and non-verbaled, "Don't you have some place to be?"

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

During the Octave...

Behold the tree...

.... of Christmas, let's take a gander at Fearghal, the Hall's Giving Tree. Fearhgal arrived at St. Ed's completely bare, but now, he's full of multicolored lights and bright ornaments. Its beauty is not simply the result of decorating a bare tree but rather the generosity of the Gentlemen. Donating whatever they could to the Hall's Christmas charity, the Gentlemen where able to decorate Fearghal the tree AND make Christmas possible for ten children in the South Bend area. In the span of two weeks, $935 was raised, and Christmas wish lists were filled, wrapped, and delivered. Special thanks to Jack Kaspar for heading up this very special project! Merry Christmas to all!!!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas crèche and tree in Main Building

To all Gentlemen, St. Ed's families, and friends of St. Ed's Hall, Merry Christmas! May the Christ child fill your hearts with joy this Christmastide and his blessings throughout the NewYear. Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

It's Christmas Eve...

...and all through the Hall, not a creature was stirring, net even a... well, the picture says the rest. Make sure to get that last minute shopping done and those much needed groceries... so that you, like our mouse, might be able to stop your any and all stirring!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Best of...

...the Gentlemen's Monthly. Yes, three years ago today, here was today's posting. Enjoy this blast from the past!

And then...

Nothing going on here, really.

...there was none. Yes, with everyone away, it's a little slow at St. Edward's, but fear not, the blog will continue on, bringing you the life and times of Notre Dame's oldest residence hall!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The word in the hallway is...

It's too quiet...

...well, since it's Christmas Break you will have to come back in a couple of weeks to hear what the word is. Yes, with Finals' Week over, the Gentlemen have scattered to all parts of the country and world for a bit a of down time... AND the Hall is COMPLETELY EMPTY. Well, maybe a cockroach or two still hanging around. On Christmas Break, well, let the picture speak for itself!

Monday, December 18, 2017

We know when...

St. Ed's: It's quiet

...the residents leave, but when does the rector leave. Great question. Some think that Fr. Ralph stay for the entirety of Christmas Break. Others think that he stay around for bit and enjoys the quiet.  Still yet, others think that he leave minute after residents do on Saturday... 2:01PM. Well, what is it? On what he does during Christmas Break, Fr. Ralph said, "No. I don't stay for the entirety of break. When the kids aren't around, the Hall is just plain scary. Do I stay and enjoy the quiet? No. I do leave at 2:01PM? I would, but unfortunately, I am contractually bound to stay for a bit longer than that. So, there's no one answer, but whenever I do... it's never soon enough!"

So that everyone can rest and relax as Christmas Break begins, the Gentlemen's Monthly will go on "break mode" publishing every other day.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Your Sunday picture...

Yes. It's cold.

...from Notre Dame. Here's view of campus looking north from the 7th floor of the new Duncan Student Center. Set to officially open in January 2018, the Duncan will house a myriad of student services, new campus eateries, and much more- including the new recreational center that will replace the Rolfs. Suffice it to say, it will be the new "must see"of campus. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be! 

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Oh, let my...

A scene that we took for granted 

Christmas tree go! With the Hall now closed and students dispersed around the country and world for Christmas Break, a painful and bitter reality must be accepted, and that is, we have lost. Yes, Risk Management has won the battle with our Christmas tree. This development is jarring and incomprehensible. A sense of betrayal wafts in the air. Et tu Notre Dame? 

How did it come to this?

It started on the very day the tree was going up. It was a day of great expectation and happiness. Smiles abounded. Peace and good will were in ample supply. And then, like in the movies, everything came to a crashing halt, when suddenly, like lightning bolting down from the heavens, the agents of Risk Management came out from their tower, Grace Hall, unleashed pandemonium. They spoke of dangers... dangers that hadn't happened but could happen... and to prevent what could happen, they stopped what was happening from happening. In the name of safety and security, they threw a dark and vacuous blanket over all of us, choking out joy, suffocating common sense, and confounding logic. And in the ensuing confusion and commotion, something DID happened... Christmas died. Again, how did it come to this?

Yes, the battle might be lost, but the war must continue. It cannot end this way. Though the sting of defeat is painful and heartbreaking, the righteous anger felt from within is stronger and spurs everyone of common sense and decency to rally for this noble and honorable cause. 

In the meantime, as our forces reorganize, let us draw hope from the posting of a Stedsman, Scott Jarvie '11, who posted the following:


On the incomprehensible and unimaginable, Fr. Ralph said, "I don't know how it came to this. I really don't. But I do know one thing. Justice will be had."

More to come...

Friday, December 15, 2017

It still may be...

At an end: Finals Week 2017

...snowing, but one thing that is coming to an quick end is Finals Week. Yes, Finals Week ends today, and so, for some, that last exam slot of 3pm cannot come fast enough. It's been a demanding, trying week for all, so much so, that outside the traditional "letting off of steam" from 10 to 10:15pm, you could hear the proverbial drop.... or maybe in this case, the snow fall. So, when those who have 3pm exams finish, there will be roar across campus of accomplishment and freedom. On Finals Week, Fr. Ralph said, "This Finals Week was the easiest one yet... I didn't have any exams, papers to write, or group projects to rescue. Still, for those who had them, I am sure you did great... well, pretty sure... or more likely than not... you all did great."

Thursday, December 14, 2017

During these drear...

2017 Corec Whiffleball Champions 

...days of fighting for the Hall Christmas tree, some good news. Now, if you are thinking that Risk Management has seen the light and reversed their roof directive, then I have some bad news for you. Sadly, they continue in their error. BUT amid the bad news, there IS good news... Steds is the 2017 Corec Whiffleball Champions! Yes, they have may taken away our exterior Christmas tree, but they have not taken away our weltanschauung, or in other words, our joie de vivre. The spirit of Steds cannot be fettered or stifled, and thanks to the Steds seniors, Alex Schelhorn, Brandon Ryan, Jon Carr, and Tim Sherman (pictured above), we can see just that! On winning the whifflebal championship, Sherman said,  “We hit it where they ain’t. Schelly’s defensive game was Ozzie Smith-esque, and my life has now hit its apex. Et, sic temper tyrannis!”

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Despite on the going...

Haag with the hand off to Oh while Kimlinger photobombs

...battle with Risk Management, a battle that has held our Hall's Christmas tree hostage, Santa Nicholas still managed to pay a visit to Gentlemen. Suffice it to say, St. Nick's visit was brief, but rest assured, his visit brought smiles and buoyed spirits. Still yet, his visit was a memorable because he left a gift... a St. Edward's coffee mug. Now, the Gentlemen can drink in class... literally and figuratively! On receiving his St. Nicholas Day gift, Albert Oh, Steds junior, said, "On a cold winter South Bend day, all you need is your St. Ed’s cup and some brothers by your side… and everyone’s spirits are raised!”

St. Edward's bespoke mugs

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A sight to...

Fearghal: all dressed up and ready for Christmas 

...behold is the St. Edward's Giving Tree. If you remember, the Giving Tree was selected by a committee during Thanksgiving Break, and despite it not being Advent, it was erected over Christ the King Weekend. Bare in the beginning, the Giving Tree slowly became decorated as the Gentlemen donated, whatever fit their budget, for the families that the Hall adopted for Christmas. As the donations came in, the tree became prettier and prettier until it was ready for its official unveiling at Stedsmass, the last Mass of the year before the Christmas Break. After briefly telling everyone how it was selected and named, Conal Fagan, Steds freshman and resident Irishman, officially lit the tree- Fearghal, up to the amazement of all. On the lighting of Fearghal, Fagan said, "Fearghal is the finest of all European trees. He radiates a sense of sophistication while provoking a serene sense of warmth and affection at Christmas time. In the end he is an admirable and adequate reflection of the men of St. Edward's Hall."

Monday, December 11, 2017

Santa's Workshop...

Kaspar (in foreground) with some of his helper elves

...has moved south and taken up residence at St. Edward's Hall. As the Gentlemen took a break from their studying to wrap gifts, the Flounge became Santa's Workshop. After raising funds, $935 to be exact, and shopping at the local Target, the Gentlemen wrapped gifts for 10 kids that they had sponsored through the St. Vincent de Paul Society. The good news is the Christmas wish lists were fulfilled, but as for wrapping those wishes, well, let's say the Gentlemen gave it the old college go. On watching the wrapping, Fr. Ralph said, "To be honest, I am not sure if this was so much a Christmas workshop as it was a medieval barber's room... it was a mess. The presents looked better if they had NOT gone under paper and scissors of these wannabe gift wrappers!" Still, on the success of making Christmas happen for these 10 kids, Jack Kaspar, Steds Junior and Christmas Commissioner, said, "The support from our Stedsmen has been remarkable. Together we have made Christmas a reality for the kids --and that itself is pretty special."

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Your Sunday picture...

It's still cold...

...from Notre Dame. Here is a picture of the first snow fall of the school year that dusted Mary and the Main Building earlier this week. Whatever the sky, and even if there is snow, this is always a sight worth taking in. Enjoy Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Saturday's Squirrel.

Hope they didn't go to waste...

Where were you? I went to see you, but you were not there. I searched the park, and I could not find you. In desperation, I walked about God and South Quad to find you, and again, you were not there. But I would not give up. Like the Israelites sojourning through the desert, I walked through places unfamiliar and having no name in search of you, but sadly, my endeavor was in vain. You were not there. Did I say something? Did I do something that offended you? Where did you go my furry friend? On walking for 30 mins and seeing no squirrels- not even one- on campus, Fr. Ralph said, "There must have been a convention or something." 

Friday, December 8, 2017

It happened...

Bundle up!

...overnight. No, the Christmas tree did not mysteriously appear on the portico. We all wish that was the case. Rather, what happened overnight was that it snowed. And for many, even for those from warmer climates, the snow was a soothing balm, taking their thoughts away from on going war with Risk Management and Finals Week. The first snow fall of the school year made the Last Day of Classes and the start of Reading Days especially beautiful as campus was covered with a blanket of light snow. On there being fresh powder on the ground, Eddie Johnson, Steds sophomore and resident Southerner, said, "Snow looks great from inside the dorm room until you realize you have to walk through it to get to class. That's a gamer changer... and down with tyranny!"

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The war...

Rahill: Doing his part for King and Hall… and Christmas tree

... with Risk Management continues, but let us take a break from the fight. Indeed, let's us leave the front lines for a bit and return to the home front for rest and refreshment. And what better place to do that than at everyone's favorite residence hall eatery... Ed's! Yes, what’s cooking at Ed's? Well, not much since operations are winding down for the semester. Yet, Ed’s customer service representatives are serving whatever is left with customary smiles and NOW with a word of encouragement as well.  This coupled with exemplary customer service is buoying the spirits and strengthening the resolve of many a Stedsman as this idiotic war drags on. On what makes his customer service distinctive, Dan Rahill, Steds sophomore and Moms' Weekend commissioner, said, "I strive to make Ed's the fine dining restaurant that is is by tailoring every order at Ed's to the customer. Because my customers are my peers, I work have to be professional at all times AND give them (sometimes more than) their money's worth. And now, I do my part to fuel the war effort... Steds can't fight on an empty stomach!"

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Saint Nicholas' Day...

St. Ed: Let my tree go...

... present for all is being had. Despite the recent Risk Management directive preventing all persons from any and all roofs, porticos, etc. at Notre Dame, the Steds Christmas tree will not be grounded, relegated to the first floor. Perish the thought! The Steds Christmas tree is on the move and has taken up residence in room 209. This move has allowed the tree to not only be closer to its traditional perch over the portico but also be seen by more persons who happen to walk through St. Edward's Park. On giving sanctuary to the Christmas tree, Bailey Hennes, Steds sophomore and resident of room 209, said, "With three engineers and a pre-med student living here, the tree has given us more peace than this room has seen this year. And down with tyranny... sic semper tyrannis!" while fellow sophomore and resident of 209, Seth Cattanach, said, “The 313 guys keep saying their room is better, they have a Christmas tree? I didn’t think so...”

Cattanach hosting the Steds Christmas Tree

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The battle...

Stop the Insanity!

...continues. Notre Dame's Risk Management's recent directive, prohibiting all persons from all campus roofs, is keeping the Steds Christmas tree from its usual roost above the main portico. A misguided and shortsighted directive for sure, it will not prevent Steds from expressing their Advent and Christmas sentiments and tidings. As the battle rages to bring down this ill-timed and un-welcomed directive, the Steds Christmas tree has taken up residence in Fr. Ralph's apartment. On having the tree in his apartment, Fr. Ralph said, "A sign of protest, an act of defiance or beacon of hope... it's all of this and much more! As the Carson Show said during commercial breaks... 'More to come'. More to come indeed!"

Monday, December 4, 2017

What's wrong...


... with this picture? It's plain as day. Where are the Christmas trees??!! Yes, where are the trees with their white lights? Where are the wreaths with their red bows? Yes, pray tell, where are our Christmas decorations? There is an answer, and it will shock you. All these items are in the Flounge because Risk Management has banned all persons from all roofs at Notre Dame. We can only infer that this ban includes porticos too. On the VERY day that our decorations were going up did Risk Management implement this ban. On the grounding of the Steds Christmas trees and wreaths, Fr. Ralph said, "Risk Management tear down this ban, and for the love of the kids, put up the Christmas trees and wreaths."

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Your Sunday picture...

Happy Sunday!

... from Notre Dame. Here's a picture of the setting sun as seen from the 10th floor of Flanner Hall. With the "perma cloud" retreating, we have enjoyed many beautiful sunsets on campus. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Saturday's Squirrel.

Taking cover...

While groundkeepers at Notre Dame like to maintain a tidy campus, keeping the fall foliage on the ground to a minimum, our furry friends would like that they do just the opposite. Yes, the squirrels would like the fall leaves to hang around on the ground for as long as possible. Why? Well, several reasons. Fall leaves are great for making their winter nests just a bit warmer, but more importantly, they provide great camouflage. And having a lot of camouflage is really important especially when you have a hawk sharing your neighborhood. Yes, there's a hawk hanging about God Quad! On hanging about the leaves, our furry friend non-verbal, "Get lost! You're drawing attention to me."

Friday, December 1, 2017

We have...

Steds: We have a tree!

... a Christmas tree! With the help of the Assistant Rector, Connor Bagwell, a Christmas Tree Select Committee was formed, consisting of himself, sophomore Paul Youssef and freshmen Alex Moran and Conal Fagan. Their charge: find the perfect tree for Steds. Receiving their charge, and after transport was secure, the committee made their way to the Roseland Garden Center. There was no shortage of trees at the garden center; however, selecting the one, prefect tree proved to be a most challenging task for this young and ambitious committee. It was only after Fr. Ralph intervened and broke a tie was a tree selected. And the tree that was chosen? The one that had caught the eye of the Hall’s resident Irishman and European, Conal.  But it wasn’t enough to select the tree, he also had to select a name for it. On giving the tree its name, Fagan said, “Fearghal (pronounced Fer-gal) has been chosen as the name for the Steds Christmas tree this year. The name, which is common among the Irish population, means "man of valor.” It is a fitting name for the tree which is situated within the Hall of the Gentlemen.”

Fagan, Bagwell, Moran, and Youssef with Feargahl

Thursday, November 30, 2017

What's cooking...

Sticha: A Michelangelo in his own right Ed's? Many things. We often focus on the faces and stories of Culinary Service Representatives, but it is important to note that behind every dedicated and beloved Ed’s Culinary Service Representative there is an even more dedicated and beloved “sandwich artist”. Being trained in the “ways of the sandwich,” the sandwich artist revels in his art to craft the proverbial piece de resistance of Ed’s… the panino. Ed’s has been blessed to have a sandwich artist who has not only years of training and expertise but also a good deal of creativity and vision to push Ed’s paninis to higher realms- realms that others said that could not be attained- of taste and satisfaction. Ed’s is blessed indeed to have John Sticha, Steds senior, as its sandwich artist. On what make his paninis better than those of on the campus Au Bon Pan, Sticha said, “While Au Bon Pain's sandwiches are certainly flavorful, each and every one of my hand-crafted paninis contains something ABP's don't: love. Loyal Ed's customers know I pour my heart and soul into each week's batches of Tegers and Herb Brooks. That's why they keep coming back.”

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Who's counting?

Room 224's festive countdown

Someone at Steds is! Yes, some Stedsmen are counting down the number of days until Christmas, and all around the Hall there are various reminders of that. Here's one such reminder. Still, I wonder if any of the Stedsmen are counting down the days to Finals? On counting the number of days until the start of Final's Week, Matt Turk, Steds sophomore and resident of room 224, said, "I'd like to not think about that number."

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Reunion in 411.

Room 411 Reunion: Kimlinger, Rashid, Corbett, and Xu 

Richard "Dick" Corbett '60 recently gave a most generous gift of 35 million dollars to the University's capital campaign "Boldly." This gift enabled the endowing of the Notre Dame football head coach's position and the construction of the building on the east side of football stadium, Corbett Family Hall. Without any doubt, this gift by Corbett reveals a deep commitment and abiding love for Notre Dame, and the Notre Dame Family is most appreciative for this generosity. To learn more about Dick Corbett and his transformative gift, click HERE


As an undergraduate, Corbett lived in St. Ed's... room 411 to be exact. On the day Corbett Family Hall was dedicated, Corbett, with his family and friends, paid a visit to Notre Dame's oldest and most storied residence hall, St. Edward's. Received by the Hall President, Joe Trzaska, and a delegation of other St. Edward's Hall Government notables, Corbett was escorted to his old room where he was hosted by its current occupants, Joe Kimlinger, Daniel Rashid, and Jonny Xu. Suffice it to say, it was a most enjoyable "St. Ed's Homecoming." 

On hosting Corbett, Kimlinger said, "Meeting Dick Corbett was like meeting Oprah.  I had the sense that he could have convinced me to do absolutely anything because he was so energetic and charismatic that I felt like I would really enjoy just being around this guy no matter what I was doing.  It's interesting living in the same room he lived in because I begin to realize that Dick and I might not be so different after all.  For starters, we both lived in 411 at some point during our undergraduate careers.  He helped with the Kennedy presidential campaign; I helped with the Trzaska presidential campaign.  He donated $25 million to build a new hall and help further the education of Notre Dame students; I donated $8.99 for a new power strip to further the comfort of me and my roommates.  I could go on, but I feel I'm straying from my main point, which is to say that Dick Corbett is a pretty cool dude."

Monday, November 27, 2017

It is said...

Navy Tailgating: Not for the fair weather fan

… that neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds. It may not be any surprise, but the very same could be said of the Notre Dame football fan. Yes, neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the Notre Dame football fan from tailgating and attending the game. That was certainly the case for Stedsmen Patrick Krauss ’16 and Christian Verhamme ’16 who took up a tailgating position in the Library Lot on Navy weekend. The cold temps, rain, and driving north wind could not prevent these Stedsmen from their appointed pregame rituals. On keeping faithful to his duty, Krauss said, “It was a cold and rainy day in South Bend, and the tent provided the much needed cover and warmth for us to properly enjoy the prescribed pregame festivities. But what really kept us warm that day was our love for Notre Dame. It was great win and great way to close out the home season. Go Irish!”

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Your Sunday picture...

A golden view of the Golden Dome and more

...from Notre Dame. A view of Mary atop the Main Building, the steeple of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, AND the Hesburgh Library from St. Mary's Lake. It is the perfect Notre Dame trifecta. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!


One hundred and seventy-five years ago TODAY, November 26, 1842, five members of the Congregation of Holy Cross: Father Edward Sorin and Brothers Francis Xavier Patois, Gatien Monsimer, Basil O'Neil and Patrick Conley set foot for the first time on this property and named it "Notre Dame du Lac."

In a Dec 5, 1842 letter, Father Sorin writes:

“Everything was frozen, and yet it all appeared so beautiful.  The lake, particularly, with its mantle of snow, resplendent in its whiteness, was to us a symbol of the stainless purity of Our Lady whose name it bears; and also of the purity of soul which should characterize the new inhabitants of these beautiful shores. …  Yes, like little children, in spite of the cold, we went from one extremity to the other, perfectly enchanted with the marvelous beauties of our new abode.  Oh! may this new Eden be ever the home of innocence and virtue!  There, I could willingly exclaim with the prophet: Dominus regit me … super aquam refectionis educavit me! [“The Lord guides me … beside still waters”; Psalm 23]  Once again in our life we felt then that Providence had been good to us, and we blessed God with all our hearts.”

The great dreamer continued,

“While on this subject, you will permit me, dear Father, to express a feeling which leaves me no rest.  It is simply this: Notre Dame du Lac has been given to us by the Bishop only on condition that we build here a college.  As there is no other within five hundred miles, this undertaking cannot fail of success, provided it receive assistance from our good friends in France.  Soon it will be greatly developed, being evidently the most favorably located in the United States.  This college will be one of the most powerful means of doing good in this country, and, at the same time, will offer every year a most useful resource to the Brothers’ Novitiate; and once the Sisters come – whose presence is so much desired here they must be prepared, not merely for domestic work, but also for teaching; and perhaps, too, the establishment of an academy. … Finally, dear Father, you may well believe that this branch of your family is destined to grow and extend itself under the protection of Our Lady of the Lake and St. Joseph.  At least such is my firm conviction; time will tell whether I am deceived or not.”


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Saturday's Squirrel.


It's time to bulk up. With snow and a winter chill already in the air, our furry friends can waste no time in adding a few extra pounds for the approaching winter season. Gone are the likes, preferences, and selective tastes of our friends. So long as it adds a pound or two, it doesn't matter what it is... it'll do! On enjoying an afternoon snack, this squirrel non-verbaled, "Enjoying an afternoon snack? This is work! Working to stay warm for winter."

Friday, November 24, 2017

On assignment.

Edwards: The Birthday Boy

The debriefing of what Stedsmen did for their Fall Break is coming to an end. With their return, we have learned about their travels... where they went, what they did and didn't do, and more, much more. For group of Steds sophomores, Fall Break meant going to America’s Heartland, South Dakota. Brendan O’Donnell and Paul Youseff they made their way to Cole Edwards’ home in Sioux Falls, and in the process, they celebrated Edwards’ 20th birthday. AND the birthday celebration happened not once but twice! First it was with Edwards in South Dakota then it was with the O’Donnells in Illinois. On this double birthday celebration and wanton grab for attention by Edwards, O’Donnell said, “Cole was so excited about turning 20 that he insisted we spend a day to celebrate each of his decades on earth. I'm probably paraphrasing, but that doesn't matter.”

Edwards: The Birthday Boy again...

O'Donnell (left):Is this party over yet?

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving.

Fr. Sorin is thankful too

The Gentlemen, as I am, are thankful for all the laughs, Yacht Dances, and memorable times associated with this special place, St. Edward's Hall. Thank you to all who help make the traditions and high jinxes carry on. God's blessing upon you all!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

We took you...

Steds Treadmill

...for granted because you were always there. We walked all over you, and you never complained. We asked you to go a mile with us, and you always did… AND you would probably gone another mile if we but asked you to. You helped us keep off the Freshman 15. You trained us for our marathons and our half marathons too. You even allowed us to go on a simple Sunday stroll if we wanted to. You gave us a scare back in 2013, but you bounced back to life. Never again did we think this day would come, but the day is here- the day that you can longer function. You had a good run, and we wish you old friend goodbye and Godspeed. On the treadmill's passing, Steds sophomore and avid gym goer, Danny Felton (pictured above), said, “It lived a great life. Helped my freshman 15 not become a freshman 50. The Hall will not be the same without it.”

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Exit the stadium...

Rho: Marching until the end

...for the both the football team and the marching band from the Notre Dame Stadium. Final home football game against Navy, marked by cold temp and rain, brought a close to the careers of senior football players AND senior marching band members. Indeed, thanks should be given to all our seniors, but a special thanks needs to be extended to our band. Admittedly, we take the band for granted. They're always there. In the end, we forget their dedication, constant practicing, and drive for perfection is no less than those playing on the field. Without any doubt, they have my respect and admiration... and thanks! On his last performance, Chris Rho, Steds senior and ND Marching Band saxophonist, said, "It's been an honor being in the band for the past four years. Although the cold weather washed away any sentimental feelings I had during the game, going through the tunnel one last time and playing in front of the fans at Notre Dame Stadium is a memory that I will keep for the rest of my life. Walking away with a win was very fitting as well for my last home football game as a Marching Band member."

Monday, November 20, 2017

It's official...

Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy

...they're married! With Fr. Ralph witnessing and with fellow Stedsmen present, Breanna Jenson and Brendan McCarthy ’09 were married at St. Joseph’s in Pensacola, FL. It was a beautiful and sunny day, and it was only made more so by the beaming and bright couple. So beaming and bright were they that sunglasses were needed. On becoming a part of the Steds family, Brenna said, “It’s an honor to join such an elite and distinguished group of Gentlemen who make the Brendan and the rest of McCarthys seem civilized!”

Best wishes and congratulations Breanna and Brendan!

Brendan and his fellow Stedsmen 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Your Sunday picture...

Wish you were here, really

...from Notre Dame. Thanks to an unexpected delay, a walk around the lakes was postponed. And thank God for that because this amazing sunset over St. Mary's Lake was then captured. Who would have thought that an unexpected delay could be redeemed, leading to such beauty? Okay, God did. Enjoy your sunset wherever you may be!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Saturday's Squirrel.

Deep in thought

Our of furry friends are always up to something. Running here... dashing off over there. Yes, they are zany, amusingly unconventional, and always hungry. Still, there are some furry friends who buck the trend. They are stoic, pensive, and contemplative. The allure of food, a fresh muffin top or lightly salted walnut, won't phase this type of furry friend. No, they won't because this furry friend is deep in thought, pondering weighty matters, even musing on the trivial. On his ruminations, this squirrel non-verbaled, "Where did I bury that walnut?"

Friday, November 17, 2017

A crash...

 On the mend: Usher and his bicycle

...may have put a damper on his day, but it didn't keep him down. Yes, Jack Usher, Steds freshman, was involved in a two bicycle crash. Jack was stopped, waiting for someone else to pass in front of him, when another bicyclist, who saw Jack stopped, kept peddling like a rider in the last stage of the Tour de France... and bang. The other bicyclist crashed into Jack. Thankfully, Jack was not injured though his front wheel was completely demolished  Still yet, both Jack and his bike will make full recoveries. On the accident, Usher said, "Fixing a bicycle is expensive, but having a few extra minutes of sleeping in the morning is well worth it."

Thursday, November 16, 2017

It's official...

One sweet couple!

...they're married! With Fr. Ralph witnessing and with fellow Stedsmen present, Meghan O’Connor ’09 of Pangborn and Greg Kelley ’09 of Steds were married at St. Mary’s in Charleston, SC. It was a beautiful day, and it was only made more beautiful by this beaming and radiant couple. Indeed, in local parlance, they were sweeter than sweet tea. On becoming a part of the Steds family, Meghan, said, "I was welcomed with open arms into the Steds Family. It was my second home at ND, but there was a price. I did had to learn to LOVE sports. From going to ALL the ND basketball games to watching the Gentlemen play their floor hockey… and video games too, I really had to make sports a hobby-or at least pretend to. Still, it’s well worth the price!”

Best wishes and congratulations Meghan and Greg!

The big day...

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Stedsmen staging for the pep rally a Steds tradition that continues. What is Kilting? Kilting is something that St. Ed's has done for over a decade (so it must be a tradition) where the Gentlemen fashion kilts and don body paint for the football pep rally. This year, President Trzaska set kilting for the Wake Forest game weekend, and thank God that he did because it's going to be terribly cold for Navy! Without any doubt, the sight of the Gentlemen in their kilts, coupled with their antics and irrational exuberance, lifted the spirits of many at the pep rally. Okay, they were the pep rally!

On Kilting for the very first time...

freshman Patrick Magner said, "I was surprised to find that not only does paint keep you aerodynamic, and, shockingly, warm, but it's also edible."

Fellow freshman, Peter Haley, added, "While kilting was overall an amazing experience, I would like to file an official complaint against Steve Max- the leader of the stadium-wide 'Simon Says' game. I've never before lost in 'Simon Says', so there must have been a conspiracy to prevent me from winning. I'll be back next year with a vengeance!"

Frank Khoi, a freshman and Californian, chirped in and shared, "Kilting? More like Floating 2.0 . . . with much more cardio."

Not to be left out, freshman, Jack Olmanson said, "There are only two options in life: kilt, or be kilted. I chose to kilt, and that made all the difference."

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What's cooking...

Herlihy: smiling or is there a fire? Ed's? Many things. While the items being served up are the same night after night, what distinguishes one panino, milkshake, smoothie or whatever from another is the customer service rendered by the C.S.R.- the Culinary Service Representative. C.S.R.s are a dedicated group of Stedsmen, who have been thoroughly trained in the sandwich and milkshake arts, providing sustenance to extinguish any late night cravings. They do that and more... because they do it all with a smile! On what make his customer service distinctive, Joe Herlihy, Steds freshman, Hall baseball player, and C.S.R., said, ""A smile is a curve that sets things straight!"

Monday, November 13, 2017

Update: What's happening at...

Almost done

...Notre Dame during the summer? Again, the answer... a lot. Yes, a lot of new construction projects started this past spring and summer, and update on one of them- the new school of architecture building. The Walsh School of Architecture, located south of the stadium and Legend's, will be the new home for the school of architecture. Hopefully, construction has continued to be ahead of schedule, and as it continues you can see two of the unique aspects of this building... the tower on the right and the "hall of casts" on the left. If you want to jump ahead and see the finished project and learn more about the tower of hall of casts, take a gander by clicking HERE. On the new home for the school of architecture, St. Edward said, "A tower? Really? 'Archies' always have to be different!"