Friday, October 31, 2014

Fun in the...

The Founder would have had fun today.

...Park, St. Edward's Park that is. It's true. St. Edward's does not belong to North Quad or God Quad rather we belong to St. Edward's Park, that green area just east of the Dome. Over time, our fountain may have disappeared, and we had to cede land for the building of Cavanaugh and Zahm Halls, the fact remains, as does the deed, that the green space south of Hall is St. Edward's Park. Amid games of bocce and croquet and cups of hot chocolate, cookies, and cigars, the Gentlemen of St. Ed's renewed their claim to this small tract of land as they celebrated "A Day in the Park." Of the day, John Wetzel, Sted's senior and former Hall VP, said, "You can always tell that it is a true gentlemen's day in the park by the the hand crafted wooden furniture they bring out to the lawn...and the fine cigars too, of course."

Happy Founder's Week, and may the Founder smile on you always!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's us rededicate...

...what we have rededicated because we have already rededicated it since we dedicated it eight years ago. Yes, Wednesday was the "Rededication of Rededication of the Dedication," the event where the room with "rediscovered" Luigi Gregori mural is rededicated to the honor of Signore Gregori. With a performance from the Hall Bard, Daniel Wrapp, and reading from an letter from University Archives, recounting a resident's thoughts on the mural, the ceremony reached its apex with a "Facetime call" from Bobby Weltner '14, who generously offered his thoughts and insights on the "crown jewel" of the Hall. Of the Gregori mural, Weltner said, ""The Rededication is a marked occasion on the Hall's calendar, and to have an opportunity to participate and share my reflection on the masterpiece was an honor. I just hope my remarks did Luigi Gregori's work justice."

Oh, yes. There was also a cymbal solo by Liam McGhee, Sted's junior and ND March Band member, that was surprising, yet moving.

Happy Founder's Week, and may the Founder smile on you always! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tuesday of Founder's Week...

Frank Soler: Speaking Frankly

...was a day to remember. It was Maem Appreciation Day, where the Gentlemen lauded Maem for her dedication and service to keeping the Hall clean and tidy.  It was also a day when the Gentlemen gathered together in the historic Oak Room of South Dining Hall for dinner, where in addition to enjoying an "institutional" dinner, they heard from the Hall Bard, Daniel Wrapp, and the Guest of Honor, Frank Soler '14.

Soler imparted words of wisdom and later was inducted into the newly created "Order of Gentlemen" for "in action faithful and honor clear to Hall and King." A plaque commemorating this high honor will be placed in the Hall's main lobby. Congratulations Frank!

Still, I would be remiss if I didn't recount the Hall Bard's limerick that was delivered at the start of the evening. The Bard said...

There once was a man named Jameis.
When we played him, the refs did betray us.
Now crab legs are all gone,
And we must move on,
Til we see him again in the playoffs!

Well said, Bard, well said indeed...

Happy Founder's Week, and may the Founder smile on you always!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Breakfast of Princes...

Glad to see that we had napkins available.

...was served on Monday morning of Founder's Week in the first floor lounge. The Gentlemen were able to "break fast" like the residents of old who were spoiled by the Founder, Fr. Sorin, in very much the same way having French pastries and the like. Of the assorted doughnuts and juices for the "Breakfast of Princes," Alex Cervantes, Sted's freshman, said, "It was better than having nothing." Indeed, Alex!  Why just ask Zahm Hall because they had noting this morning... NOTHING.

Happy Founder's Week, and may the Founder smile on you always!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Founder's Week!

Founder's Week- A Week of Gentlemenly Fun

Stedsmen, Happy Founder's Week! Yes, our week long celebration of the Founder of the University and first Rector of St. Edward's Hall, Fr. Edward Sorin, C.S.C begins today. As you can tell, the week is jammed packed with history, tradition, and FUN. More to report as the week unfolds, but in the meantime, Stedsmen everywhere, may the Founder smile upon you always!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Your Sunday photo...

Glad that I don't have to rake up those leaves up.

...from Notre Dame. Here's a fall look at Old College, the oldest building on campus, home to Fr. Sorin, and now home for Holy Cross seminarians. Enjoy the colors of fall wherever you may be!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Taking a little time off in...

A view of Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco

...California. Once again, I am fall breaking in the Bay Area. Why? The sun and surf, the views... and the World Series! Yes, baseball finally got interesting enough to watch.  While the series hasn't disappointed, the weather has. Of the weather, like Mark Twain, I would say, "The coldest fall I ever spent was a fall break in San Francisco." Oh, yes... go Royals!

Friday, October 24, 2014

A picture perfect day for...

                                                                                        *Photo by AJ Tablada

that perfect Notre Dame picture. Using his new iPhone, you know, the one that's the size of an iPad, AJ Tablada '14, Sted's AR, snapped this panoramic photo from the student section of the ND Stadium when the Irish took down North Carolina. On achieving such a magnificent photo, AJ said, ""For the first time at the NC game, I was able to test the camera of this new "phablet"  (phone-tablet) of mine, the iPhone 6 Plus, and was quite impressed! Well done Tim Cook! The gold on our helmet never looked so good!" It also takes great video too! Thanks AJ!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Caught up in the...

Representing in Tallahassee 

...sun and the fun of game day, Sted's seniors, Pat Roemer and Alex Caton, along with Fr. Ralph Haag, C.S.C., Sted's rector, made the most of their time in "sunshine state" and its fair capitol, Tallahassee. Even though they may have been pilgrims in an unholy land, the detachment from Steds did much to bolster Irish hopes and spirits that day, giving free hugs, convincing smiles, and heartfelt cheers. Of the day, Caton said, "Good times and good company, talking shop behind enemy lines. While the result was less than stellar, we tailgated like gentlemen."

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oh the things that...

Waiting for words of wisdom

...the Gentlemen write on their dry erase boards! I guess that we’ll have to wait until these Stedsmen return from Fall Break to hear what the tip of the day is. Hey guys, I am sure that it's a great tip, but don’t rush back...just saying.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

They're getting married!

The future Kevin and Lauren Quigley

It’s official. They're getting married! Stedsman Kevin Quigley '11, Stedsman, and Lauren Mach '11 are getting married this December in Basilica of the Sacred Heart at Notre Dame. Congratulations and best wishes to Kevin and Lauren respectively!

On her marrying into the Sted's Family, Lauren said, "The men of St. Edward's Hall are some of the most welcoming, gregarious, and all-around fun gentlemen I have had the pleasure of meeting, and I am so excited to be officially joining their ranks... PLUS my last name will finally match the last name on the arm of the St. Ed's sweatshirt I stole 5 and a half years ago!" 

Monday, October 20, 2014

A rest from your labors.

Don't forget to turn off the lights.

We're half way through the Fall Semester? Where has the time gone? Well then, it's time for a break, and what better way to celebrate this milestone than with Fall Break! So, put down the books, shut down the computers, and take a break from your academic labors. What am I doing? Well, keep on reading the blog, and you might find out. To all Stedsmen, break well!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Your Sunday...

Happy Sunday.

...picture of Notre Dame. Here's a twilight view of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Enjoy what's left of your Sunday!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday's Squirrel.

Bury this brownie? Are you nuts?

After a hiatus, Saturday's squirrel makes a return with a flurry friend who has found a treasure. Odd? Not really since Notre Dame squirrels are not picky, accepting anything that is offered, even a brownie. Of this flurry friend, Andrew Borchert, Sted's senior and RA, said, "The accounting majors' tailgate was full of great food and even better people. Unfortunately, we lost a good brownie that day, but at least someone was happy." 

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Gentleman Ponders...

Pardon me, sir, but is there pizza after this talk? Of course! 

... continued to ponder on as Fr. Wilson "Bill" Miscamble, C.S.C., native Australian, ND professor of History, and Cold War expert, spoke to the Gentlemen. Stressing the need to be courageous for the cause of truth and right, not living a "life of acquiescence," Fr. Bill described how a "true man," a gentleman, acts and carries himself in today's times. On Fr. Bill's talk, Greg Trinkl, Sted's freshman and aspiring gentleman, said, "Fr. Bill was short, realistic, and to the point.  He gave a very refreshing point of view on being a gentleman indeed." Indeed, Greg, he did... he did indeed!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Float on!

To those about to float: We salute you!

It was a cold fall day, but it didn't stop the Stedsmen from keeping their pre-game "Float." Why the Float? Well, taking a dip with an inflatable or simply running through the unnaturally super blue water of the reflecting pool, instills "game day spirit" which in turn is spread and shared with others. In a particular way, this spirit is shared with the ND Marching Band. On seeing the Stedsmen float, an unnamed bystander said, "It's 33 degrees! Crazy kids!" Crazy... or is it the case that the kids SO SANE that blows your mind? You decide, and thanks to Stedsman Greg Krauss '84 for the video.

Video: The North Carolina Float 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

They're getting married!

The future Dennis and Courtney Rankin

It’s official. They're getting married! Dennis "Drankin" Rankin ’09, M.Ed’11, Stedsman, former RA, and Catholic school teacher, proposed to Courtney Marek ‘09 of Cavanaugh Hall just before the Michigan game. Thankfully, Courtney said yes, and the football team won! Now, the happy couple is to be married October 2015, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Congratulations and best wishes to Dennis and Courtney respectively…and thank God again that we won that day!

When asked about her marrying into the Sted’s family, Courtney said, “Want to be happy for an hour? Go to Mass at St. Ed's Chapel. Want to be happy for a day? Go on a Yacht Dance. Want to be happy for a year? Date a Sted's RA. Want to be happy for a lifetime? Marry a Stedsman.” Well said...well said, indeed, Courtney.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy Birthday!

St. Ed: The best yet to come

Year ago today...the day AFTER St. Edward's Day also known as Founder's Day at Notre Dame... was the inaugural posting for the Gentleman's Monthly! Since then, you, our faithful and devoted followers, have experienced, in a way never before, the life and times of Notre Dame's first and most storied residence hall, St. Edward's Hall. On the blog's anniversary, Fritz Schoenhut '11, Stedsman and former Hall President, said, "Stay huge. Stay humble. It's the gentlemanly way."

Monday, October 13, 2014

We may not have...

But did he clean the lint trap? worry about commutes and ties up on the freeways, but we do have to work around back ups in the laundry room. With only five washers and six dryers, there can be long waits in the Sted's laundry room from time to time. On waiting for his laundry, Chris Torres, Sted's senior, said, "A gentleman always a good book on the side." Well said, well said indeed, Chris.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Your Sunday...

Fall colors means snow is on the way

...picture of Notre Dame. Mary with fall colors makes God Quad a beautiful fall landscape. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A great day...

ND Band: Looking good.

...for a game. Yes, it was a picture perfect, fall day for a football game against North Carolina. On the game, an unnamed ND fan said, "There was a lot of points put on the board, and on that of top, there wasn't one drop of rain!" Indeed!

Friday, October 10, 2014

"A Gentleman Ponders"...

Being a gentleman: more than a dinner coat and sophisticated pose with a cigarette

... began once again last week with Professor AJ Bellia of the Notre Dame Law School kicking off the lecture series. "A Gentleman Ponders" examines what it means to be a "gentleman" in today's times, and Bellia shared his thoughts on the matter as a professor, lawyer, and husband and father. On the lecture, AJ Tablada, Sted's AR, said, "It was very enlightening to hear Bellia speak. Thank you Professor Bellia, for elucidating the different facets of what it means to be a gentleman and the importance of putting the concerns of those around us before our own."

Thursday, October 9, 2014

One of the best kept secrets...

Water Polo? But where are the horses?

…at Notre Dame is the Men’s Water Polo team. Earlier this year, the water polo team defeated #18-ranked Ohio State, and suffice it to say, they are a force to be reckoned with. The team’s secret weapon? Yes, you guessed it, a man from Steds, junior David Katter (back row, fourth from the left). On the water polo season, Katter said, "Our water polo team is undefeated and is busy training for the Great Lakes Conference championships this weekend. The football team may be 5-0, but we're 7-0." Indeed, David...indeed you are!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sted's Football Ace.

Meehan to Barnes (in white): You can be my wingman any time.

Even though Steds went down eight to six against Sorin in a heartbreak of a game, a new power was unleashed on Stepan fields that day, Carson Barnes. Recently stepping down from the ND Men's Track team, Barnes, Sted's senior, "walked on"  the Sted's football squad, strengthening the overall Sted's power ranking. Of the Sted's squad, Carson said, "In preparation for this Sunday you better stack your fantasy lineup with Stedsmen. We've got a mean line, a generous quarterback, and a gritty defense. The men of Carroll had better run for cover. " Indeed, Carson...indeed.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The most important bow tie...

A bow tie for all occasions will ever buy in your life is NOW on sale. Yes, you too can own this stylish, couture accessory that completes any gentleman's wardrobe. How much is this bespoke bow tie? Twenty dollars, and that includes shipping! Amazing, I know, but HOW can I purchase this elegant bow tie? Simple. Send an email to Fr. Ralph, and don't dally. Quantities are limited. On buying this bow tie, St. Ed said, "How can you not?"

Monday, October 6, 2014

Thoughts from abroad.

LeClair with local rock formation

Jack LeClair, Sted's junior, is currently studying abroad. Taking a break from his rigorous studies and a breather from his packed "European city hopping" schedule, Jack electronically sat down with me and answered a few questions for curious Steds' minds.

St.Ed: So, where are you these days?

LeClair: I am currently studying Biology amongst other things at the University of Notre Dame in London.

St.Ed: London? Yes, someone told me that you were there, interning in Parliament, working for Scottish independence...something about pay back for the War of 1812 or was it Braveheart? I tell me. 

LeClair: Yeah, I am currently working for a Scottish MP in Westminster who supported the Better Together or No campaign trying to keep Scotland together. Of negligible Scottish ancestry, having watched Braveheart two weeks ago, and, most importantly, hoping that a independent Scotland would cause the plummet of the pound, I spent the last couple of weeks doing everything I could to subvert my MP's efforts to save the Union. But, on a more serious note,  my job in Parliament has been great because it has given me and opportunity to immerse in British culture and communicate with my MP's constituents, which has been rewarding thus far. 

St.Ed: How have the gastronomical delights of English cuisine been? All those bangers and mash, toad in a hole, pickled eggs and figgy puddings?

LeClair: I can't really comment on the gastronomical delights of English Cuisine. By avoiding everything except fish and chips, which is no different than what you would find in New England, I have been spared of the stereotypically bad English food. That said, English Breakfast Tea is constantly coursing through my veins and I am not sure how I feel about that. 

St.Ed: I know that you have a class schedule, with demanding academics, but have you able to see the sights of London? For me, I always wanted to go to London's Piccadilly Circus and see if a British circus is anything like an American one.

LeClair: While there is still a fair bit of academic responsibilities, I have been able to see many of the sights of London. Conway Hall where all of the Notre Dame students live is in the heart of the city so you see the sights, whether that be the London Eye, St. Paul's, or Parliament, on your morning walk to class which is pretty incredible. As for Piccadilly Circus, it is in no way like an American circus and could better be explained as a combination between downtown South Bend and Times Square, although leaning more towards the Times Square end of the spectrum. 

St.Ed: Do you have any advice for your Stedsmen about studying/traveling abroad?

LeClair: As for advice to my fellow Stedsmen about studying/traveling abroad:
- If you are at all on the fence about going abroad, I would recommend doing it. It may be the one time you get to truly live and immerse in a foreign country.
- Learn how to cook in advance.
-Never say no. Hold on, let me qualify this. You shouldn't say “no” to having a new experience or going to a new country. However, it's recommended, nay expected, that you say “no” to any street corner “gypsy fortune tellers” that you will invariably run into in these European cities. 
- To echo my St. Ed's forefathers, "treat everyone with generous love," whether that be the ND people you meet in your program or the people you have quick interactions with all over the globe.

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Mrs. Spesia: Don't worry. He finished his homework. usually a day to catch up on schoolwork after a football weekend, but NOT for Frank Spesia, Sted's junior.  Instead of reaching for the books, Spesia grabbed his computer to make last minute changes to his fantasy football team. On focusing his Sunday energies on his fantasy team, Spesia said, "My first place finish freshmen year is still listed as an accomplishment on my resume." Indeed, that has to count for something!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hats off...

Kyle Ripp '14 and Stedsman with his Lacrosse friends at 50 yard line the ND Men's Lacrosse team. During the football against Stanford, the Men's Lacrosse team was recognized for their achievements, namely playing in the NCAA Men's Lacrosse Final. While the game may not have ended with an Irish win, the team played gallantly. On seeing the ND Men's Lacrosse team take the football field, an unnamed Stedsmen, said, "KYLE RIPP!!!"

Friday, October 3, 2014

Oh, the things...

Room 326: Must be a room of engineers 

...the Gentlemen write on their dry erase boards. Witty and insightful, but unfortunately, in this case, I am reminded that the problem with advice is that it is free!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Rack'em up.

Wentzel: Ah...a little more to right?

Putting the new Gentlemen's Billiards Club to good use and under the direction and supervisor of Scott Kingsley, Sted's sophomore, the Gentlemen are in the midst of the Hall's first pool tourney, post-renovation that is. While the room is still in the midst of being completed, thirty-two Gentlemen are battling it out to be the tourney's first winner. On being a part of the tourney, Andrew Wentzel, Sted's freshman, said, "Man, this new billiards club is so awesome." On Wentzel participation, Jake Miller, Sted's freshman, said, "He won't be saying that after I beat him in the pool tournament." Good luck to all!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Part II: What was lost

...has been replaced! In the 80’s, the Second Station of Cross disappeared from the Chapel. In its place, a colored drawing replaced the Second Station up until this summer when a more suitable replacement was sought.  With a most generous gift from a former Stedsman, David Vossen ’95, Polish woodcarvers in Chicago were commissioned to craft a replacement that was in keeping with the original. Once again, the chapel has a magnificent and COMPLETE set of all-wood Stations of the Cross. 

Donating the Second Station, David said, “The Hall renovation would not be complete without replacing the missing Stations of the Cross.” Indeed, David…I couldn’t agree with you more! Well said indeed….and many thanks!!!