Monday, June 29, 2015

Not one but

The Sted's AR, AJ, with the two new NBA players on Graduation Day

...TWO members of the ND Men's Basketball team were picked at the NBA draft this past week. One of those chosen was none other than Patrick Connaughton, former Stedsman and small forward for the ND squad. Connaughton will be headed to the Trailblazers in Portland while his teammate, Jerion Grant, will be going to the Big Apple, joining the Knicks. When asked about his thoughts on Connaughton going to the NBA, Fr. Ralph said,"Congratulations to Patrick. What an accomplishment for such a young man. Makes me wish I kept up my croquet game."


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Your Sunday picture...

...from Notre Dame. Here's a view of Mary and the Main Building, but do you know where this picture was taken? Moreover, do you know this place's name? My kingdom to the one who does! Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Chapel Renovation.

Looking better than ever!

The St. Ed's Chapel renovation continues, and thanks to the restoration artist at the Conrad Schmitt Studio in Milwaukee, here's a sneak peek at the restored St. Ed's Tabernacle. What was done? I have been told that the Tabernacle was revarnished as well as repainted. Now, this paint was not your ordinary gold paint because this paint actually contained bits of gold in it. WOW! As the renovation continues,  the gold paint in the high altar will also be repainted. WOW again! More to come...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Rancher Larry...

Rancher Larry 2011-2015: 
Gone but not forgotten

... has moved on. Yes, our beloved Hall rancher, shepherd, and wisdom figure has left the Hall. Actually, he graduated this spring and will be attending medical school this coming fall. While we are happy for Larry, he will be sorely missed from his Stetson "embodiment of the West" look to his Martin Van Buren facial hair. On his graduation, Rancher Larry, Neil "Larry" Sielski, said, "Today, we celebrated the blood, sweat, and tears of the graduating Class of 2015. With bittersweet sorrow we claim our diplomas, pack up our coops, and start heading our livestock down another avenue in life. As we say at the ranch, there's always room at the hearth for an old friend... or for another coop."

Rancher Larry and Fr. Ralph on Graduation Day...

Good luck, Rancher Larry!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Memories from...

McCarthy (L), Scott (C) and Minor (R): Wish I went to dinner with them...

... a yacht. Happening on the Last Day of Classes, April 29th, the Yacht Dance is definitely in the proverbial rear view mirror of life, but it's not completely out of the thoughts and minds of the Gentlemen. Indeed, there are many memories from that magical night! Of the Yacht Dance, Christopher Scott, Sted's freshmen, said, "The Yacht Dance was such an AWESOME experience because I had the chance to spend time with my fellow Stedsmen, go to Giordano's for some delicious Chicago-style pizza, and dance the night away on the Mystic Blue.... and the DJ's playing of "Uptown Funk" as the last song was a great way to end the night. No doubt, the Yacht Dance was an amazing way to end a fantastic first year at Notre Dame." What a great memory to have!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Your Sunday picture...

The Halcyon days of summer are here again!

...from Notre Dame. Here's a picture of Washington Hall with the setting summer sun catching its steeple just right. May your Sunday be restful and relaxing wherever you may be!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Chapel Update.

Careful of the wood work!

If you don't know, the Sted's Hall chapel is being renovated this summer, and here's a picture of the progress since the last blog posting. The carpet has been removed, and the wood floor sample (pictured above) and paint selections (not pictured above) have been laid out. Also, the Tabernacle was removed and taken to the Conard Schmitt Studios in Milwaukee for restoration work. Okay, I know what everyone is thinking..."Hey, when will the renovation be done?" Well, like Michangelo said to Pope Julius II as to when the Sistine Chapel would be completed... "It will be done when it is done!"

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Something else that...

Looking good takes some work every now and then getting a little attention over the summer is the Main Building. That's right... the Main Building's brick work is being cleaned and tuck-pointed, but you would never know it. Why? Because work is only done during the night! During the day the Main Building hosts the usual summer visitors- and the occasion "working" University official- but at night, right at 8pm, when everyone is gone, a host of workers descend on the Dome, lighting it up with portable lights and start power brushing away. On being right next to the summer construction, Fr. Ralph said, "It's great. The workers don't bother visitors and those who work in Main Building, and for those of us who live here on campus, they only work up until 2am."

Monday, June 15, 2015

A great view...

A view from the newly opened World Trade Center...

...and a great time! During a recent trip to New York, two former Stedsmen and Alliance for Catholic Education graduates, Dominic Fanelli and Chris Rhodenbaugh welcomed Father Ralph to NYC and showed him some of the sites, particularly the newest site... the observatory of the the newly open Freedom Tower.  On the visit and view, Chris said, "Father Ralph got as close as you can be to heaven physically while still inside of a building in the US!" while Fr. Ralph said, "It was AMAZING, but what's even better is that both Dom and Chris teach in Harlem and think more ND students should enter the teaching profession. Contact them for more info about ACE today!"

...and the smiles of Dom, Chris, and Fr. Ralph from within

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Your Sunday picture...

Always worth taking a photo...

...from Notre Dame. Here's a view of the Notre Dame skyline from the west end of St. Mary's Lake. I have to admit that Carroll Hall has at least one thing going for it... this spectacular view! Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you may be!

Friday, June 12, 2015

They Got Married!

Dr. and Mr. Herlihy

It's official. Derry and Nola were married Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend at St. Francis Xavier Church in New York City. With Fr. Ralph officiating and surrounded by family, friends, and their Sted's family, Derry and Nola tied the proverbial knot with much emotion and joy. Indeed, there were smiles all around. On witnessing their nuptial vows, Fritz Schoenhut said, “So many things I want to say about Derry…but I can't. As shocked as we may be, we are all very happy Derry has decided to bring Nola into the St Edwards family. No stranger to the Sted’s life that awaits, Nola is ready to begin of life-long partnership with one of the greats, Derry Herlihy. I wish them a happy, healthy, and huge life together!”

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Something else that's being updated...

...this summer is the Hall's backyard sign. While the sign didn't come with the building in 1882, it looks as if it did! So, with the help of Chris Lattimer's, Sted's architecture student, design abilities, and with the know how of the University carpenters' shop, the backyard sign will be replaced... hopefully in time for the start of the new school year in August! On replacing the Hall's sign, an unnamed University official said, "St. Ed's needs, no, deserves, better." Indeed, unnamed University official...indeed!

Monday, June 8, 2015

It's time for...

One last look...

...a renovation! Last year it was the Hall turn, but this year, it's the chapel's turn. Yes, the Chapel of Saints Edward and John (the Evangelist) is being renovated this summer thanks to a generous endowment made by a well-known Notre Dame personality. This endowment will not only provide for a renovation but also for the daily operations and upkeep of this historic chapel. On how he felt about the chapel renovation, Fr. Ralph said, "I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas Day!"

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Your Sunday...

Looking good from every angle.

...picture from Notre Dame. Here's beautiful spring view of the steeple of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and Mary from Howard and Badin Halls. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Flashback Thursday...

Kolb making a fashion statement

...on Friday. Something that many have never heard about on campus is the “World Heavyweight Championship Belt.” What is it? Well, after a series of year long events, testing participants’s knowledge and mental fortitude, the championship belt is awarded to the person who has garnered the most points. Yes, I know what you are thinking…it sounds just like NASCAR.

A few days before graduation and to the chagrin of his fellow competitors, Josh Schultz, Steds senior, was crowned the official belt champion for the 2014-2015 academic year. Following only by a few points, Joel Kolb, another Steds senior, finished in second place.

On his second place finish, Kolb said, ”With his indomitable spirit, enviable gullet size, and formerly curly-haired head, I knew he would be a tough competitor. Looking back on it, it seems inevitable that the biggest WWE fan in the group would bring home the belt."

But is anyone going to Disney World?

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Campus has gone...

Two ducks "moving in" outside the front of the Dome the ducks. Yes, with the recent rainy weather, a number of smaller, temporary lakes have appeared around campus, increasing the presence of campus' other residents, ducks. With squirrels taking shelter, the ducks have moved in and are here to stay...well, until their temporary lakes dry up. When asked about their recent move, these ducks had nothing to say, waddling off asking for "privacy."

Monday, June 1, 2015

Now, you see him...

Exhibit A: the proverbial smoking gun, you don't! Dawson Robinson, Steds rising senior and RA, left campus SO during Finals Week that it got others talking. Since his last final was on Tuesday morning, Dawson made his exited later that evening. As he left, he claimed he wanted to get home quickly… so he could start studying for the LSAT as soon as possible. 

Dawson said, “I’m taking the test in one month and have thus far completely neglected my need to study for it. As I was moving out, all the guys were saying how lucky I was to already be done, but what they don't know is that I finished studying in South Bend ONLY to come home to bury myself in more studying in Indy! I'm beginning to understand what my dad, who is a lawyer, means when he frequently says, ‘Daws, before you become a lawyer, you should know: the law is a jealous mistress.’ The jealous mistress that is the LSAT pulled me away from St. Edward's Hall a little early this year.”

But counselor-to-be, did the LSAT REALLY do that? I would like to submit to the court of public opinion... "Exhibit A."