Tuesday, March 31, 2015

When one sport ends...

Give'em strikes and spares for Old  St. Ed

...another sport takes its place. Yes, that's what happens here at Notre Dame and St. Ed's. With the ND Men's Basketball team's phenomenal NCAA tourney performance at an end, attention is now being focused on... bowling. Yes, bowling. When asked about bowling, Fr. Ralph said, "I didn't know we had a team. Do we?"

Monday, March 30, 2015

Winter Reflections.

Hello from an unwanted friend.

Even though we are in spring, winter and its trappings won't take a cue and say leave. Recently, a snowman stopped by the Hall and inquired if anyone wanted to come out and play. On seeing this horrifying sight, Neil Sielski, Steds senior and RA, said, "As I walked out of the north door of St. Edward’s Hall I was stuck with a bluster of winter air. Could it be? Winter again? It was 70ยบ last week! But there it stood, the snowman with the crooked smile, mocking me. I was powerless except to take a snap and move on. Worry not ND squirrels, you day in the sun is coming. Mark my words, mark my words…"

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Your Sunday picture...

Weather to match the mood of campus after last night's loss

from Notre Dame. Here's a view of Mary and the Dome from Sorin Court just outside of Lewis Hall. I always think that cold weather makes the golden dome shine more, and it's shining brighter than usual today! Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday Squirrel.

I'm looking for a nut

With the last remnants of snow few and far between, our furry friends once again have full access to the ground, giving them full, unhindered access to their buried treasures. One problem. Where are they buried? Running into this squirrel on the path around St. Joseph's Lake, he non-verbaled, "Can you help me? I lost a few things."

Friday, March 27, 2015

We have a TV celebrity...

Spellbound watchers

...living among us! It's true! Notre Dame's Irish Bachelor is none other then Sted's junior Dawson Robinson. After much waiting, NDTV finally aired its version of "The Bachelor" on the campus television this week, and for roughly thirty minutes, Dawson captivated, mesmerized really, not only the lady bachelorettes but also the entire Hall. On watching Dawson's prime time debut, John Haley, Sted's freshman and aspiring Irish Bachelor, said, "I thought Dawson made the Irish Bachelor very entertaining and worth watching. It's great to have someone prove to the rest of the University that St. Edward's Hall truly is the home of gentlemen."  Well said John... well said indeed!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Post Room Picks.

At least John Haley and Tim Sherman are smiling!

Last night, St. Edward's held a ritual that all Notre Dame residence halls hold, room picks night. A night where each resident picks a room for next year based off a randomly generated lottery list by a Office of Housing computer in the dark, dank basement of Lewis Hall. Starting with rising seniors and finishing with rising sophomores, all returning residents selected singles, doubles, triples and quads for next year. As always, it was a night of drama and theatrics with some getting their first choice and others, well, their second or third choice. Of the evening, Dan Wrapp, Sted's senior and 4th floor RA, said, "It was a madhouse."

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Room Picks Night.

Lottery List posting: there were winners and losers

The Monday after Spring Break, Stedsmen received not only their personal lottery number to pick a room for next year but also saw the floor maps of available rooms. Suffice it to say, there was much anticipation and anxiety. The actual picking of rooms will happen later tonight, a week later, and there will be no shortage of drama and nerves. Of Room Picks Night, Fr. Ralph said, " I think that is important to remember two things here. One, have a plan B, and two, remember that there are NO bad rooms at St. Edward's. Unlike everywhere on else on campus, every Stedsmen is going to be a winner tonight!"

Some of the theatrics from last week:

Max Kempf (center): Noooooooooooo! I wanted that room!

Mark Grasberger and Nick VanLieshout: I think there's a mistake here.

Mark Grasberger: My bad. I misread the map.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

No joke...

Stop the snow insanity!

...it snowed on Monday! Yes, the Gentlemen put away their shorts, basketballs, and skateboards, as winter made an unexpected return and dropped an unwanted two inches of snow on campus. Of winter's return, Stephen Jakubowski, Sted's sophomore and Hall sacristan, said, "It is the accursed pride of man that causes us to forget the wiles of crafty Old Man Winter."

Monday, March 23, 2015

Good bye and farewell!

Sent off in style thanks to musicians.

Yes, thanks to Ned Vogel, Steds moms were treated to a finale like none. At the closing Sunday Mass in the Chapel of Sts. Edward and John, Vogel oversaw a string quartet, composed of members of the Notre Dame Symphony Orchestra, that played various pieces. The high point was Ralph Vaughn Williams' "The Lark Ascending" played during Communion by sophomore violinist Jen. Of the musical feat, Vogel said, "Having the quartet join us for Mass not only made it an extra special way to wrap up Mothers' Weekend, but it also added to the great beauty of the Mass and our Chapel." Indeed it did Ned... indeed it did!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Moms' Weekend Continued.

One fun evening!

Saturday saw Steds moms brunching at South Dining as well as supping at O'Brien's at the Compton Ice Arena. Following dinner, photos, and a brief presentation, Mark Grasberger, Moms' Weekend Commissioner, invited moms and sons to a ball room dance lesson. On the magical evening, Monique Scollan, mother of Stedsman Joe Scollan, said, "The food was only bettered by the company." Indeed Monique... indeed!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Houston, we have...

Grasberger (r) and his mom passing out gift bags

...moms! Yes, Steds moms have arrived for every Stedsmen's favorite weekend, Moms' Weekend. Under the direction of sophomore Mark Grasberger, the Gentlemen are hosting 87 moms and 23 grandma, aunts, and special guests.. and it all equals one FUN weekend. The festivities kicked off with a reception at the Snite Art Museum, where moms were treated to wine, art, and gift bags. On the reception, Julie Scott, mother Stedman Christopher Scott, said, "Delightful party with the entire Sted's family!  Thanks to Mark, Fr. Ralph, and the rest of the Stedsmen for making all of the moms feel very special.  It is an honor for us to be part of the Steds family!"

Friday, March 20, 2015

The odd man at St. Ed's...

Edman watching the "telly"

...is watching something other than basketball. Oddly, Spencer Edman, St. Ed's senior and South Dakotan, is not watching, talking, or even playing basketball. Sitting in the first floor lounge, he's all a flutter about the Premier League, the pitch, and Liverpool. In the end, Spencer is about all about football, or in American, soccer, and this makes him the odd man at Steds. On the matter, Edman said, "C'mon, March Madness lasts less than a month.  True devotion is watching a sport year round.  One bad game won’t ruin your championship chances just like missing one class won’t ruin my GPA. I hope?" 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

March Madness is...

Court side: Zach, Drew, and Will McClimon with Fr. Ralph on Senior Day

...spreading! Many eyes will be watching as the Irish take to the court against Northeastern in Pittsburgh today, but these Irish eyes will be watching intently. Don’t let the youth of Drew, Zach, and Will McClimon, sons of Matt McClimon ‘92, fool you into discounting the predictions of these young prognosticators. They call it as they see it, and they call it right. On what the NCAA tourney holds for the Irish, Will McClimon, age 6, said, "Gold teams are the best. Notre Dame is gold," while Zach McClimon, age 11, said,  "I want to be on Grant's bookstore team - we would win it all." Finally, Drew McClimon, age 14, said, “Pat Connaughton is a slasher.  Kentucky has had real trouble with effective slashers. . . and if Jerian can continue to control the ball and drive the lane . . . and if Zach has consistent success defensively and on the offensive glass… we will make it to Indy.” What can I say, but the oracles have spoken!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Coming down with a case of...

Kempf: Dominating the center

...March Madness! Yes, Stedsmen are coming down with acute cases of March Madness. Unfortunately, the warm temps and sunshine are only compounding the problem as Stedsmen once again are dropping their phones, Periodic Tables, and Plato, and taking to the basketball courts. On playing a pick up game on the Sted's court, Max Kempf, Sted's sophomore, said, "It feels great! I can FINALLY take a break from my studies, get outside, and shoot some hoops." On the matter, St. Ed said, "I am glad Kempf is FINALLY getting that break from the break!"

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I thought that...


Spring Break was over, but I was mistaken. A sudden burst of abnormally warm temps transformed the quads and green spaces of campus into "oases of spring fun". Taking advantage of the spring like weather, Stedsmen took another "break" from their studies, dropping books and heading outdoors.  On joining the outdoor masses, Sam Bradley said, "In the words of Ferris Bueller: How could we possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this?" How indeed Sam... how indeed!

Monday, March 16, 2015

It was his...

With his biggest fan

lucky day! Yes, it was Coach Brey's lucky day when he ran into Sted's senior, Joe Scollan, at SDH. With Scollan taking a break from NDH, Coach Brey was at the right place at right time to "connect" with Scollan for a dining hall win. On the meeting, Scollan said, "While enjoying a nice dinner at South, I had the great opportunity to meet Coach Brey.  He asked me, 'What will you be doing Thursday?'  Missing class to watch the game of course!  Go Irish! Go get those nets!"

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Your Sunday picture...

Spring has sprung.

...from Notre Dame. Here's a view of the Notre Dame skyline from the north side of St. Joseph's Lake. With the recent warm temps, the winter snows have all but vanished from campus! Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

It may not be Spring Break...

Smiling Stedsmen in NYC

...but it sure looks like it. As other Stedsmen are galavanting around the globe, these Stedsmen, recent graduates, didn't want to miss out on the fun and gathered together, taking advantage of the recent "spring like" weather in New York City. Of their gathering, Bobby Weltner '14, said, "It was great to be going out again with the guys. It was just like college...except a lot more expensive."

Friday, March 13, 2015

Californians in Winter.

Last, but not least in our series of Californians in winter is Evan de la Rosa. A freshman from the San Diego area, Evan is enjoying snow for the first time here at ND. Interestingly, when the snow began to fall, this freshmen did not rush outside. On experiencing snow, Evan said, "Why? I can experience it from the comfort of my room." Smart kid...smart kid indeed.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Breaking.

Mike checking that Lund doesn't overheat.

It's quiet here at the HomeSted as the Stedsmen are spring breaking in various and sundry places. Here, Steds sophomores, Steven Mike and Randy Lund, are enjoying a roller coster in California. On visiting Mike's California, Lund said, "Having fun in California! We've enjoyed forgetting about our responsibilities for a week, but are looking forward to coming back soon.” Great, but gentlemen, don't rush back too soon...just saying.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Oh, the things...

Living in the Matrix

...the Gentlemen write on their dry board. When asked about this advice, St. Edward said, "Is this white board and its advice even real? Even if it is, I put all my money in a puppy farm."

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A ND flashback.

All aboard for South Bend and points beyond...

As Stedsmen used planes, trains, and automobiles to take their leave of campus for Spring Break, they may have used this in the past to get where they wanted to go. Thanks to Jack Kill, Sted's freshman, and his great grandfather's ND scrapbook, we have a view of student life in 1917 with its ND "jitney bus," pictured above. Ferrying students to and from campus and downtown South Bend, the jitney bus would have been something that students would have taken to catch that train to Poughkeepsie, Walla Walla, or even that last train to Clarksville!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Never say never.

Freshman squad: pointing again

The “always down” Sted’s freshmen basketball squad, “Fresh Meat,” recently played a Keough Hall squad, who was not only undefeated in conference play but also victorious against the same Keenan squad that had destroyed Fresh Meat by 50. Here is an eye witness as well as an on the court account of the game.

Fresh Meat started out strong and got up to an early lead thanks to out tough 2-3 zone defense. The game went back and forth. Greg Trinkl scored 15 points including some huge 3 pointers. Schelhorn was second in scoring with 13 points.  

Posting these points DID NOT discouraged our opponent, and so, the game came down to the wire. With 11 seconds left and Fresh Meat down 43-42, Chris Rho went to the line to shoot a pair of free throws. Sinking the first but missing the second, Schelhorn got the rebound and scored a basket with around 8 seconds left.

With eight seconds too many on the clock, the Keough squad still had a chance, but those chances were quickly dash like a gambler throwing snake eyes at a craps table in a cheap Reno casino as  Chris Rho redeemed himself with a steal. With time gone, the team rushed the court and celebrated their hard fought and FIRST victory.

On the upset win, Schelhorn said, ”We wanted to prove to all the haters that we could play in this division and could excel. This win is the start of next season's championship run."

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Your Sunday picture...

                                                               *Photo by Neil Sielski

...from Notre Dame. Here's a picture, taken from the west side of St. Ed's, of Mary with the last rays of Sunday sunlight. Enjoy, and enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Rancher Larry say...

Rancher Larry calls it as he sees it, and he calls it right

...it's time for a break. Indeed, it is! Spring Break started today, and Stedsmen have dispersed to all parts of the US and the world in search of sun, warm temps, and a bit rest and relaxation. On Spring Break, Rancher Larry said, "While many will be going to ‘enjoy’ the 'Sun and Fun,' I prefer to go the 'high country' and tend to my livestock... to ones that were hearty enough to survive the winter thus far."

Friday, March 6, 2015

Californians in Winter.

Cervantez: Starting a one man winter baseball team

Snow often slows us down, keeping us home and inside, even making traveling impossible at times. Yet, those who are not accustom to the white stuff don't fully appreciate nor comprehend what a few inches can do to the rhythm of life. Native Californian and Steds freshman, Alex Cervantez, said, "Whatever this white stuff falling from the sky is, it's not stopping me. It's time for some baseball!" 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Remembering Fr. Ted.

                                                                 Fr. Ted Memorial                *Photo by Andrew Borchert

On Wednesday evening at Joyce Center, the Notre Dame family gathered to remember and honor Fr. Ted Hesburgh, C.S.C. Earlier on Wednesday, there was a funeral Mass at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart that was immediately followed by a procession and committal at Holy Cross' community cemetery, just north of St. Mary's Lake. With former President Jimmy Carter and former Sectary of State Condoleezza Rice in attendance, along with a number of cardinals and bishops, stories and memories of Fr. Ted were shared. 

On the evening, AJ Tablada, Sted's AR, said, "I'm so proud of our University for this extraordinary tribute to Father Ted. It was a special night to celebrate his life with dignitaries and lifelong friends, all sharing their personal stories. Tonight showed just how strong the Notre Dame family truly is. Rest in peace Father Ted!"

Still yet, Andrew Borchert, Sted's senior and RA, said, "The memorial was an inspirational event, remembering the phenomenal man that played a crucial role in making Notre Dame what it is today.  As speakers shared stories of his impact on their lives and the world, it was evident that Father Hesburgh touched the lives of everyone who knew him, and his memory and legacy will always have a lasting impact on Our Lady's University."

Listen to Lou Holtz speak HERE.

Fr. Ted, Requiescat in pace!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Remembering Fr. Ted.

Two special cigars indeed!

Regardless if you were an alumnus from years past or a current student, you knew Fr. Ted. Despite his limited mobility, there's was a pretty good chance that you met him in his office on the 13th floor of the Hesburgh Library. That was exactly the case for Jake Wittenberg, Steds sophomore, when he went... Wait. I'll let Jake tell you his Fr. Ted story. Jake wrote:

Legend has it that Father Ted’s office is the only room on campus where indoor smoking is allowed, and, in this case, the legend was true. On a recent visit to meet Father Ted, he sat behind his beautiful wooden desk and puffed a cigar as we introduced the University Affairs team and ourselves individually, sharing our majors, hometowns, and hobbies. As we sat there in his wood paneled office, overlooking Stonehenge and the Golden Dome, I couldn’t help but look at the thousands of books that adorned his bookshelves, all along taking in the sweet aroma of the cigar Father Ted was smoking. 

Father Ted asked our group what we thought was most important about Notre Dame, and he took the time to take many questions from our group. His message to our group was personally meaningful, powerful, and poignant. Father Ted counseled us to expand our horizons globally, encouraging us to learn world languages and to connect with international students and engage with the world around us. He spoke at length about his times fishing in Mexico, his recruitment of prominent Latin American students, and his desire for all Notre Dame students to be proficient in a second language. Each of us took away different things from our interaction, but his words reaffirmed my desire to develop my language skills.   

As our hour-long meeting came to a close and we said our goodbyes, I lingered for a minute, hoping to share one more moment with Father Ted.

“Father Ted,” I began, “your cigar smells wonderful.”

“Does it? Do you like to smoke cigars, son?” 

“Occasionally,” I replied. “Sometimes, I smoke one with Father Ralph and the men of St. Edward’s Hall.”

“Reach behind me, then, into the wooden box,” he said. “Take a cigar for you, and take another for Father Ralph.”

“Then, smoke them for me.”

Fr. Ted, thanks for the cigar, and requiescat in pace!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Remembering Fr. Ted.

Rob Kempf '84 with Fr. Ted at ND Night in Sacramento in 1989

Max Kempf, Robert's son and current Stedsman, in 2003

Former Stedsman, Dan Murphy, said of Fr. Ted’s death, “If you know anyone from Notre Dame, ask them about Fr. Hesburgh. Each of them will have a story, and they’ll all be worth hearing.” Here’s a story that a former Stedsman, Robert Kempf, Class of ’84 shared with me.

I happened to bump into Fr. Ted once in the old breezeway behind the Dome on my way back from Saint Mary’s, around 1 AM on a weeknight. I think it was spring semester of my junior year. 

Fr. Ted always worked late. His office light in the admin building normally burned well past midnight. I was working part-time as a security guard at SMC, making a few bucks, usually after eating dinner over there with my girlfriend. Father Ted popped out the back door and was headed for the Grotto as I made my way toward St. Ed’s. He took the time to turn and walk with me. 

Noticing my haircut, Fr. Ted asked about ROTC. Told me how he had been trying to get the US to fund a similar program to give full scholarships to students who agreed to train for, and commit to, equal time in the Peace Corps. He also took great pleasure in telling me, an Air Force ROTC cadet, that he had flown (in) the SR-71, at a speed so fast he could not divulge it. 

A few years later I was active in the Sacramento ND Club, where I had the task of retrieving Father Ted from the Airport. Surprisingly, Fr. Ted remembered me, and he went right back into the conversation about funding students for the Peace Corps! Since we already fund training for war, he said, we have an obligation to fund training for peace.

Fr. Ted, Requiescat in pace!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Remembering Fr. Ted.

Fr. Ted with last year's St. Ed's Hall Staff

Last Thursday, February 26th, Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, CSC, died at Holy Cross House at the age of 97. Serving as the 15th University president for 35 years and as a Holy Cross priest for 72 years, Fr. Ted was a monumental figure for the University and the Congregation of Holy Cross. Suffice it to say, his presence and guidance will be greatly missed. Click HERE for the link to the University's memorial for Fr. Ted.

And now a story about Fr. Ted...

As a new rector I, Fr. Ralph, was eating lunch at Corby Hall when suddenly Fr. Ted walked into the lunchroom. He sat down with me and struck up a conversation. When I told him that I was the new Rector of St. Edward's, he proceeded to tell me a story or two about the Hall. Fr. Ted recounted how preserving St. Ed's, not demolishing it as others had recommended, was the right thing to do. He also remarked how the fire in 1980 was the best thing that happened to Hall since its founding. Surprised, I asked why that was, and without missing a beat, Fr. Ted said, "You got a whole new wing AND an elevator!" I must admit that every August, when we have Freshmen move-in weekend, I remember my conversation with Ted and give thanks for the fire... and the elevator!

Fr. Ted, Requiescat in pace!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Your Sunday...

Enough already!

...picture from Notre Dame. Situation normal. Blizzard. Enough said. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!