Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Off the grill...

Is that a Kempf protein shake or an Ed's smoothie?

...and on the grid. We continue our exposé of Ed's with an interview of yet another smiling face found at the Hall's beloved eatery.  This junior offers not a smile but also his "life wisdom" to all patron...and there's NO extra charge! Let's hear what this sage of the kitchen, Max Kempf, has to say....

St.Ed: What’s your inspiration as you engage in the culinary arts at Ed’s?

Kempf: I want to give Stedsmen a nice, full stomach while they grow their minds doing homework.

St.Ed: Ed’s has taken a step in the 21st century by giving customers the ability to place their orders on-line. Given the current climate of computer hacking from a certain “red” country, aren’t we placing Ed’s in danger by going on the grid?

Kempf: I have thought about this during many a sleepless night. My biggest concern is for the safety of our sandwich man, Kevin McCarthy, who knows the secret ingredients of Ed’s treasured paninis. 

St.Ed: Let be honest, we’ve all had mistakes in the kitchen. Have you burned anything yet?

Kempf: Nope.

St.Ed: While he may not look like him, I hear that the Ed’s manager, Frank Spesia, is like Colonel Sanders and goes “all Colonel” on you when something is not up to his standards. Is that true?

Kempf: Lets just say it’s not unlike a certain bootcamp scene from Full Metal Jacket.

St.Ed: Ed’s has been repeatedly voted the number one campus eatery. Why is that?

Kempf: Because it IS the number one campus eatery!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The leg that...

...and it's a win!

...sealed the deal. Yes, folks... we have an interview with the Stedsman whose leg sealed a win for Steds and a crushing and bitter defeat for Fisher. Steds sophomore, Brandon Ryan, kicked a last minute winning field goal to get the Steds inter-hall football season off on the foot. Here's what Ryan had to say when I caught up with after the jubilation.

St.Ed: You made the team? That’s surprising when you consider that you play “European football.” Still, how did you make it on the Steds “American football” squad?

Ryan: Thats a great question! The trick was to make it so obvious I knew nothing about football that people would believe that Im actually good at soccer! Once you plant that seed, its amazing where gossip takes the rest. Rumors turn from “Brandon plays soccer, not football” into “Wow, did you hear Brandon kicked a 60 yard field goal?!?!?” in the blink of an eye!

St.Ed: What's the secret to being a clutch kicker, as you were, this past Sunday?

Ryan: Kick the ball.

St.Ed: If you missed that winning field goal, were you ever afraid that you wouldn’t have a home to come home to? 

Ryan: I was actually in a similar situation last year, and unfortunately, I was unable to get the ball past Phineas Andrews’ rather last behind. After that ego shattering defeat and the hands of my own shortcomings, I actually just stayed on the field for a full week, staring at the battlefield until that next Sunday when I was able to play football again.

St.Ed:  How are you preparing for this week’s match up against a surprisingly strong and legitimate squad from Carroll Hall?

Ryan: Unfortunately, the Mendoza College of Business and the History Department have teamed up to ensure I have had absolutely zero time to live my life this week, and have almost definitely paid off the refs just to make sure no field goal will be scored. I have been taking small study breaks to try to weaken the opposition little by little. This includes saying mean things to people in Carroll as I walk by, deflating their footballs, and trying everything possible to make the walk from Carroll to Stepan feel as long and grueling as possible. "No advantage too small” as a recently seen commercial once said.

St.Ed:  Why should Stedsworld, Stedsmen everywhere, and the general public come and watch you and others battle it out on Stepan Fields this Sunday? 

Ryan: I do believe I am right in saying that Steds Football is almost definitely the highest quality football to be seen anywhere this side of South Quad. If you want to see a battle fought tooth and nail for a full 60 minutes on a running clock, almost exclusively between the 30 yard lines, Steds v Carroll is where you need to be this weekend.

We will also be serving a very generous serving of “chummery” on the sidelines during the game.

Also, we have a quarterback, Brian Ball, Steds freshman, who's "Mister Indiana." Playing basketball, baseball AND football, Ball is without doubt our team's secret weapon! He's the one who got us down the field so I could kick the field goal. 

St.Ed: Well, folks... we'll be hearing from Mr. Indiana tomorrow! More to come...


Monday, September 28, 2015

An impressive...

Fisher 0 and Steds 3

...start to the Steds football season. After an impressive win against GT at Notre Dame Stadium, the Stedsmen took to Stepan Fields the very next day to face Fisher Hall. It was a great day to start the inter-hall football season. There were theatrics, fans, and, more importantly, an impressive Steds squad. Thanks to our elusive quarterback, Brian Ball, Steds freshman, who as able to drive the team down the field late in the game and to our kicker, Brandon Ryan, Steds sophomore, the Gentlemen were able to score a late in the game field goal, sealing Steds a victory!  On the win, Coach Phineas Andrews said, "The team performed well for the first game of the season. The defense did a great job penetrating into the backfield to stop their run game. The offense is still a work in progress, but we dominated field position and were able to put up enough points to win. I am proud of them!"


Before the game. Fr. Ralph- "Ref,here's something for you.Keep it fair, and let the kids play!"

On the "Chain Gang." Joe Trzaska- "Our strategic placement of the first down and line of scrimmage marker's was a key component to our team's strategy."

For posterity. John Haley taking photos for Stedsworld and Archives. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Your Sunday picture...

Golden more than ever!

...from Notre Dame. I realize that there has been a lot of pictures of Mary and the Main Building, but folks, what can I say, but when you a got a great photo, you got a great photo! Here's a beautiful Sunday fall sunset. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

She's always for...

Edwina: Missed but never forgotten

...the Irish and St. Edward's Hall! As known as "Irish," Edwina, our brief, but beloved, Hall pet sent her greetings to the Hall as well as her wishes for an Irish win today over UMass. When she wasn't smelling around the yellow mums or the pine trees in background, Edwina, on the game, woofed, "Go Irish! "

Friday, September 25, 2015

A Stedsman view...

Viva Papa Francis!

...of Pope Francis! Stedsman, Joe Meares '10, was able to see Pope Francis not standing in the streets with masses of well wishers nor having a special ticket for a private audience. Instead, Joe, from his Wall Street office, was able to see the Pontiff as he arrived in New York after departing from D.C. On this amazing vantage point, Meares said, "I opened the window and saw Pope Francis! I took advantage of the moment and confessed all my Wall Street sins to Il Papa! Viva!"


Thursday, September 24, 2015

The word in the hallway is...

Caballero: STEDS LOVES SPORTS!'s going to be a weekend filled with football. This weekend there is a football game against not only UMass but also Carroll Hall! It's raining double headers around here as earlier this week we had a double header in baseball and now football. On this weekend's football extravaganza, Manny Caballero, Steds junior, said, "ND is going to play with clear eyes and full hearts, and our playoff hopes will remain alive and well! I expect a big game from our running backs, especially Prosise, and I anticipate a stellar defensive showing with minimal turnovers. It should be a solid Notre Dame performance. Go Irish!"

Concerning the Steds game against Carroll, Caballero said, "No mercy will be shown. Offensively, as our massive O-line drives them up the field, our running game is going to tire them out. Then, when they least expect it, using our elusive quarterback and our lightnin' quick wideouts, we will hit them with that long pass for a TD. On defense, we will keep them contained, not falling for any of their tricks."

Manny, sounds like a winning plan... a winning plan indeed!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A force...

Playing for keeps be reckon with! That's the talk on campus about the Steds' baseball team. In the recent past, the Steds squad was very much like the Cleveland Indians of the 90's, always around but never able to seal the deal with that major win. But, this year's squad is not like that in years past! With fresh, young talent at all levels, the fortunes and hopes for this team have skyrocketed to levels of, in the words of former Fed Chairmen Alan Greenspan, "irrational exuberance." On the recent double header, Chris Hecht, Steds senior, RA, and baseball coach, said, "Thanks to young talent and a deep rotation, the men of Steds were able to pull out two huge wins over Alumni and previously unbeaten Siegfried. Rumors are the Cubs may be sending scouts to watch our next game."

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Off the grill...

Ed's: Paninis, milkshakes and smiles all the time!

...and on the grid. Today, we start a new series highlighting the men, the unsung heroes really, who make Ed's the place to be. Yes, who are the men that make Ed's the best hall eatery on campus. It's true! There was a campus vote, and Ed's came out on top.

First up in our series is Logan Arnold, Steds freshmen and Ed's employee. Here's what Arnold had to see when I caught up with him...

St.Ed: What’s your inspiration, your muse if you will, as you serve up culinary goodness at Ed’s?

Arnold: While working, the hungry Gentlemen of Steds (and their occasional guest) serve as my inspiration: their happiness is my happiness.

St.Ed: Since most items are priced at $2, you have probably come across a lot of counterfeit $2 bills?

Arnold: The only $2 bill I've come across featured President Obama with a handlebar mustache...but don't worry, the patron told me the mustache was in marker, so it was still worth $2. 

St.Ed: Let be honest, we’ve all had mistakes in the kitchen. Have you burned anything yet?

Arnold: I burned the first milkshake I made, but other than that, I think everything has been undercooked. Better safe than sorry, right?

St.Ed: I heard that Ed’s management is like pharaoh of old? Is that true?

Arnold: Our lovely manager, Frank, is a real character; during meetings, he can be seen with a lovely staff and crown encouraging his workers to maximize their performance.

St.Ed: With so many options on campus for late night snacks, why should someone make their night an Ed’s night?

Arnold: At Ed's, you are guaranteed cheap prices, tasty food, and quality service from handsome young men; what more could one want for a midnight snack?

There you have folks... a real Steds hero, Logan Arnold.

Monday, September 21, 2015

A most peculiar...

You're missing out! to study. Without doubt, Patrick Yerkes, Steds Junior, has the most unusual place to study- the Sted's main staircase. Yes, the main staircase! But, for many, the question is, "Why? Why study on the steps instead of one the spacious and commodious study lounges?" On studying on the steps, Yerkes said, "I see potential and value where others cannot. Some see stairs only as stairs without realizing that they provide a comfortable seat and social atmosphere to study only a few steps from the front door. With these obvious advantages, I will not be surprised to see my fellow Stedsmen turn to the stairs in the future!"

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Your Sunday picture...

A great day at ND

...from Notre Dame. Here's view of Mary and the Dome just south of St. Ed's Park. A beautiful view made only more beautiful to great temps and a nice breeze. Now only if it could only stay this way! Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

There's more...

Peter Rabbit I presume?

...wildlife on campus than one would think! Where's is it? You just have to open your eyes! That's what happened when someone spotted this rabbit enjoying the purple flowers by St. Ed's. On hearing that there are rabbits around St. Ed's, Vaishnav Murthy, Steds RA and senior, said, "Well, it's better than seeing a skunk." Indeed!

Friday, September 18, 2015

It was better...

Hall Printer: New Unreliable 

...when it was broken! Yes, this old Italian saying is so true! The Hall was better off with the old, but more reliable, printer, than this new, fan dangled "3 in 1" printer that quietly arrived during the doldrums of summer. Without question, the Hall wants and needs "Old Faithful" to return to the first floor lounge. On the new printer, Chris Hecht, Steds RA and Senior, said, "What was wrong with the old one? Even ND Secure (ND internet) is more reliable than this new machine that poses as a printer."

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Gentlemen through...

Stedsmen: such givers!

...and through! Yes. St. Edward's Hall truly is the home of this University's gentlemen. Even though they belong to St. Ed's Quad, the Stedsmen joined North Quad halls in a Student Government lead a "celebration of residence hall on their quads." Instead of being like other residence halls, offering food and other items full of empty calories, the Stedsmen set up a table that dispensed what people really needed- complimentary compliments! 

On participating in his gentlemanly endeavor, Theo Sholly said, "I took part in St Ed's complimentary compliments to give back to the community that has done so much for me.  A simple comment, such as 'I appreciate your dedication to hydration' or 'your hair looks almost as good up as it does down' can really make a difference in someone's day.  Seeing those young people's faces light up after being complimented was just the tops.  The St Ed's Gentleman are dedicated to the proposition that everyone is worthy of compliments, and we all should be more generous in their distribution!"

Follow up...

The Gentlemen made such a splash this past Tuesday that they made the Observer. Well done...well done indeed!

Stedsmen: Can we compliment you for a change?!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Where are they now?

Fouch, Finland and Fun

Yes. Where are the Stedsmen now? Well, in classes I should hope! Still, many Stedsmen had amazing summer experiences... some of which are only coming to light now. Here's one such story...

When you think of advanced technologies like Bitcoin, the first place you think of is probably not Finland, a country known more for snow and their odd love of hard rock. Regardless, Ben Fouch, Steds junior, travelled to this often overlooked country to research how the Finnish central bank and other government institutions decided to regulate Bitcoin during its earliest stages. 

With Greece off the front burner, Ben was able to speak with the head of their central bank and learned that Finland is actually taking a leading role in theoretical analysis of the Bitcoin network. Their central bank has actually become a center for developing regulatory positions for the rest of the Euro Zone. 

When he wasn’t interviewing government officials, Ben was stuffing his face with Finnish pastries (who knew they had good pastries), exploring the a sea fortress (inspiration for Tolkien's hobbit homes), and trying to pronounce Finnish words like “hushallschoklad.”

On his time in Finland, Ben said, “Finland is #1 in the world in education. Still, everyone takes an entire month off from work, AND it is one of the healthiest countries in the world. Not bad for a country whose motto is ‘The Most Fun You Can Have in the Arctic Circle!’” 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It was brother...

Clash of teams and fashion styles in Charlottesville

...against brother when Notre Dame played Virginia this past weekend. Yes, the Krauss family was a family with divided loyalties as Michael Krauss, above right, is a '11 graduate of UVA while his brother, Patrick Krauss, above left, is a Stedsmen and ND senior. On the game that pitted brother against brother dad and Stedsman, Greg Krauss '84, said, "Notre Dame won the football game. UVA won the fashion game."  Indeed they did... and they even helped a struggling RA, Dan Meehan, from Steds with his very own Steds bowtie!

Meehan: We can't repel fashion power of that magnitude!

Monday, September 14, 2015

A grand openning...

Ed's: No E. Coli here!

...with toilet paper and smiles! After much waiting, Ed's is open for business. Necessity is said to be the mother of invention, and so, when the grand opening ribbon couldn't be found, toilet paper was pressed into service. Even though Ed's manager, Frank Spesia (pictured above with scissors), was short on words and fanfare, the atmosphere was electric so much so that excited Ed's patrons bypassed the toilet paper ribbon and entered the eatery. On the opening of Ed's, Cole Yelich, Steds freshman, first said, "I look forward to gaining weight from the delicious milkshakes from Ed's." 

Wanting to elaborate, Cole later said, "Ed's is like North Dining Hall, except classier."  

After his elaboration, Cole want to expound a bit more and went on to say, "While Ed's may not have the same menu as a 5-star restaurant, it's got the character of a family-owned business that's been passed down through generations."   

Feeling that he had more to offer, Cole said, "Ed's is a place where all your food-related dreams can finally come true."  

In closing, Cole said, "I was sorely disappointed when I showed up at the Ed's opening and found out there was no free food, but the disappointment quickly changed after discovering that the best chocolate milkshakes on campus are only $2!" 

There you have it folks... 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Your Sunday Picture...

A setting sun on the golden Dome

...from Notre Dame! Here's a view of Mary from St. Edward's Park. Often overlooked, the Park offers  views, unique and often overlooked views, of Mary and the Main Building  Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

It's official...

Fr. Ralph with Lauren and Justin Siller

...they're married! Yup. With Fr. Ralph witnessing, Lauren, of McGlinn Hall and '11 graduate, and Justin, former Sted's resident and '11 graduate, were married today at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, seven years to the day that they first met! It was a beautiful day, but it was only made more beautiful by this radiant couple. On Lauren and Justin's wedding, Matt Abeling, former Stedsman and groomsman, said, "I think the picture says it all!" Indeed, Matt... indeed! Best wishes and congratulations to Lauren and Justin!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Looking sharp for...

Wentzel & Cervantez: We want to work for you! 

...the Career Fair. Notre Dame's Career Center hosted its Winter Career Fair drawing employers from all across the country and potential employees from all over campus, including many Stedsmen. For two days, it was a parade of ties and suits coming in and out of the Hall, all headed to the Joyce Center. Like with their Game Day Float, the Stedsmen certainly made a splash at the fair. On participating in the fair, Alex Cervantez, Sted's sophomore, said, "I lead off every introduction with 'I go to Notre Dame, so when can I start?' They appreciated my confidence. I got all the jobs and won the Winter Career Fair in the process," while Sted's sophomore, Andrew Wentzel, said, "I asked them if I may have a job. They told me yes but only because I used 'may' instead of 'could'." Good on both of you!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Word in the hallway is...

Frank: Purveyor of comfort food and smiles

...that Ed's is opening tonight! It's true. After much patient waiting and fanfare from various signage posted throughout the Hall, Stedsmen are looking forward to this evening as Ed's opens for the semester. Once again, the aromas of pizza sticks, paninis, and smoothies will fill the hallways, providing that last bit of caloric intake and "util" that residents need and crave late at night. On Ed's grand opening, Frank Spesia, Steds RA and Ed's manager, said, "To me, Ed's provides home style cooking for the hungry men of Steds. As the manager of such an esteemed and cherished establishment, it puts me in a very powerful position. I'm not sure I'm the manager this Hall needs, but I'm certainly the one they want."

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Not your ordinary...

All in the shadow of Steds

...morning. Indeed, it wasn't as Fr. Ralph, Rector of St. Edward's, accidentally stumbled upon the University's official welcome for Justice Sotomayor. How did it happen? Well, hear it from the welcome crasher himself, Fr. Ralph...

I left Steds midmorning last Wednesday. As I walked to the Basilica, I noticed Fr. John and his counselor, Ann Firth, standing in Sorin Circle. I thought, "Oh, they're waiting for a car service to take them to the airport." But then, I noticed a lot of dark suits on the periphery. I asked one of those dark suits what was going on, and he told me that Justice Sotomayor was coming. I asked if I could take a picture, and he said no. Still, I took a picture and endured a nasty scowl. Sometimes it's good to be wearing the collar.

Indeed, it does Fr. Ralph... Indeed it does...

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Where is he now?

Heintz in front of Westminster Abbey

Yes. Where is Counselor Jon Heintz? Well, normally, he's clerking for a federal judge in Baltimore; however, Jon has managed some down time, traveling to London. During his travels, Jon managed to visit Westminster Abbey, built by none other than our name sake, King Edward the Confessor. Yes, Fr. Sorin had the first residence hall at Notre Dame named NOT after himself but rather after his patron saint, St. Edward the Confessor, King of England and builder of Westminster Abbey. Sorin Hall, the SECOND oldest residence hall on campus, was named after Fr. Sorin. On visiting the abbey and the grave of St. Edward, Heintz said, "I'm in London right now and visited Westminster Abbey. Today, I (illegally) snapped a picture of a sign denoting the Shrine of St. Edward the Confessor. Enjoy." 

Won't argue with that...

Monday, September 7, 2015

The learning...

Get to class!

...continues! Yes, that's right. Notre Dame students are NOT taking a rest from their academic labors as classes are in full swing this Labor Day. When looking for a quote from Stedsmen on having classes on Labor Day, there were none to ask. Why? They were all in class!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Your Sunday Picture...

Hot and humid.

...from Notre Dame! After yesterday's fantastic football win over the Longhorns, campus needs a little peace and quiet. Here's a view of St. Mary's Lake with Carroll Hall in the distance. Enjoy your Sunday wherever you may be!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Float!

Sted's fifteen minutes of fame

It's alive and well. The Sted's tradition of floating in the Hesburgh Library's reflecting pool continues! This morning the Stedsmen had an audience as they commenced their float... ESPN Sports Center! With the show broadcasting live from campus, millions of viewers saw the time honored tradition as well as the zeal of the Stedsmen for Hall and University. Of seeing the floating while in Miami, AJ Tablada '14 said, "Nothing like waking up to floating. Now Sports Center's even covering St. Ed's on Gameday. Go Irish!"

Friday, September 4, 2015

The word in the hallway is...

Clearly, Justin ate his Wheaties!

...that the Irish will beat the Longhorns this Saturday. Justin Brent, Sted's sophomore and ND wide receiver/running back, is more than confident of this... hence the big smile. When asked about the upcoming game, Justin said, "It's go time." Indeed, it is... GO IRISH!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Remembering Fr. Mario, O.S.B.

Steds Alumni gathering for Fr. Mario

Stedsmen from across the country gathered at Marmion Abbey outside Chicago to give thanks to God for the life of Fr. Mario Pedi, O.S.B., the Rector of St. Edward's Hall from 1976 to 1985.

Here's a reflection from Timothy McLean of Fr. Mario's funeral Mass and the reunion of Steds Alumni:

The men of St. Ed's certainly did our hallowed dorm proud yesterday.  Countless alumni arrived in droves from every part of the country to be with Father Mario's family, fellow monks and friends to celebrate a wonderful life lived.  The entire St. Ed's community also attended in spirit.

The day was gorgeous but exceedingly hot and humid -- reminiscent of those days in August long ago when we each met Father Mario while venturing through the steamy halls of St. Ed's for the first time.  The day was also a tremendous tribute to Fr. Mario.  Plenty of tears but far more laughter as we relived the timeless stories one more time.  This picture shows just a few of us who were left well past closing time -- still pushing the parietals rules one more time in Mario's memory.

The bricks of St. Ed's remained in Fr. Mario's blood throughout his life, and Fr. Mario's blood remains in the bricks of St. Ed's forever.  As he always said so sincerely to complete each Mass, "Thanks for being here," Mario!

Indeed, many thanks to those who could be present and to all those who remembered and prayed for Fr. Mario from afar!

Fr. Mario, requisat in pace!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Two Domers and...

Looking good in blue... favorite president. After being stationed on the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan, CVN 76, Nate Uzas '09, Stedsmen and U.S. naval officer, is being transferred to the U.S.S. George Washington. Yet, before making the move to his new carrier group, Uzas wanted a picture with a fellow Notre Dame graduate, Fr. Bill Dorwart, C.S.C. Fr. Bill, a Holy Cross, is a navy chaplain on the Ronald Reagan and will be completing his fifth aircraft carrier tour. On taking this picture, Uzas said, "With me going to the George Washington and Japan and Fr. Bill staying on Reagan in San Diego, I had to take a picture with a man who commands the upmost respect of the crew and is a great priest." Well said, Uzas... well said indeed!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

An afternoon...

Making the most of his time... the Park. John Wetzel, Sted's senior and designer of "The Shirt," spent his afternoon in what is historically known as St. Edward's Park, the quad south of the Hall. With his iPad, and school books too (not pictured), Wetzel hunkered down for some good old fashioned learning as well as taking in a great view of the Hall. Of his time in the Park, Wetzel said, "It's good to be back home, but I think I will need to find more friends than just the statue of St. Ed." Yes, you will, John... yes you will.