Friday, December 1, 2017

We have...

Steds: We have a tree!

... a Christmas tree! With the help of the Assistant Rector, Connor Bagwell, a Christmas Tree Select Committee was formed, consisting of himself, sophomore Paul Youssef and freshmen Alex Moran and Conal Fagan. Their charge: find the perfect tree for Steds. Receiving their charge, and after transport was secure, the committee made their way to the Roseland Garden Center. There was no shortage of trees at the garden center; however, selecting the one, prefect tree proved to be a most challenging task for this young and ambitious committee. It was only after Fr. Ralph intervened and broke a tie was a tree selected. And the tree that was chosen? The one that had caught the eye of the Hall’s resident Irishman and European, Conal.  But it wasn’t enough to select the tree, he also had to select a name for it. On giving the tree its name, Fagan said, “Fearghal (pronounced Fer-gal) has been chosen as the name for the Steds Christmas tree this year. The name, which is common among the Irish population, means "man of valor.” It is a fitting name for the tree which is situated within the Hall of the Gentlemen.”

Fagan, Bagwell, Moran, and Youssef with Feargahl

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