Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Reunion in 411.

Room 411 Reunion: Kimlinger, Rashid, Corbett, and Xu 

Richard "Dick" Corbett '60 recently gave a most generous gift of 35 million dollars to the University's capital campaign "Boldly." This gift enabled the endowing of the Notre Dame football head coach's position and the construction of the building on the east side of football stadium, Corbett Family Hall. Without any doubt, this gift by Corbett reveals a deep commitment and abiding love for Notre Dame, and the Notre Dame Family is most appreciative for this generosity. To learn more about Dick Corbett and his transformative gift, click HERE


As an undergraduate, Corbett lived in St. Ed's... room 411 to be exact. On the day Corbett Family Hall was dedicated, Corbett, with his family and friends, paid a visit to Notre Dame's oldest and most storied residence hall, St. Edward's. Received by the Hall President, Joe Trzaska, and a delegation of other St. Edward's Hall Government notables, Corbett was escorted to his old room where he was hosted by its current occupants, Joe Kimlinger, Daniel Rashid, and Jonny Xu. Suffice it to say, it was a most enjoyable "St. Ed's Homecoming." 

On hosting Corbett, Kimlinger said, "Meeting Dick Corbett was like meeting Oprah.  I had the sense that he could have convinced me to do absolutely anything because he was so energetic and charismatic that I felt like I would really enjoy just being around this guy no matter what I was doing.  It's interesting living in the same room he lived in because I begin to realize that Dick and I might not be so different after all.  For starters, we both lived in 411 at some point during our undergraduate careers.  He helped with the Kennedy presidential campaign; I helped with the Trzaska presidential campaign.  He donated $25 million to build a new hall and help further the education of Notre Dame students; I donated $8.99 for a new power strip to further the comfort of me and my roommates.  I could go on, but I feel I'm straying from my main point, which is to say that Dick Corbett is a pretty cool dude."

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