Wednesday, November 22, 2017

We took you...

Steds Treadmill

...for granted because you were always there. We walked all over you, and you never complained. We asked you to go a mile with us, and you always did… AND you would probably gone another mile if we but asked you to. You helped us keep off the Freshman 15. You trained us for our marathons and our half marathons too. You even allowed us to go on a simple Sunday stroll if we wanted to. You gave us a scare back in 2013, but you bounced back to life. Never again did we think this day would come, but the day is here- the day that you can longer function. You had a good run, and we wish you old friend goodbye and Godspeed. On the treadmill's passing, Steds sophomore and avid gym goer, Danny Felton (pictured above), said, “It lived a great life. Helped my freshman 15 not become a freshman 50. The Hall will not be the same without it.”

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