Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Off the grill...

Ed's: Paninis, milkshakes and smiles all the time!

...and on the grid. Today, we start a new series highlighting the men, the unsung heroes really, who make Ed's the place to be. Yes, who are the men that make Ed's the best hall eatery on campus. It's true! There was a campus vote, and Ed's came out on top.

First up in our series is Logan Arnold, Steds freshmen and Ed's employee. Here's what Arnold had to see when I caught up with him...

St.Ed: What’s your inspiration, your muse if you will, as you serve up culinary goodness at Ed’s?

Arnold: While working, the hungry Gentlemen of Steds (and their occasional guest) serve as my inspiration: their happiness is my happiness.

St.Ed: Since most items are priced at $2, you have probably come across a lot of counterfeit $2 bills?

Arnold: The only $2 bill I've come across featured President Obama with a handlebar mustache...but don't worry, the patron told me the mustache was in marker, so it was still worth $2. 

St.Ed: Let be honest, we’ve all had mistakes in the kitchen. Have you burned anything yet?

Arnold: I burned the first milkshake I made, but other than that, I think everything has been undercooked. Better safe than sorry, right?

St.Ed: I heard that Ed’s management is like pharaoh of old? Is that true?

Arnold: Our lovely manager, Frank, is a real character; during meetings, he can be seen with a lovely staff and crown encouraging his workers to maximize their performance.

St.Ed: With so many options on campus for late night snacks, why should someone make their night an Ed’s night?

Arnold: At Ed's, you are guaranteed cheap prices, tasty food, and quality service from handsome young men; what more could one want for a midnight snack?

There you have folks... a real Steds hero, Logan Arnold.

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