Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A force...

Playing for keeps be reckon with! That's the talk on campus about the Steds' baseball team. In the recent past, the Steds squad was very much like the Cleveland Indians of the 90's, always around but never able to seal the deal with that major win. But, this year's squad is not like that in years past! With fresh, young talent at all levels, the fortunes and hopes for this team have skyrocketed to levels of, in the words of former Fed Chairmen Alan Greenspan, "irrational exuberance." On the recent double header, Chris Hecht, Steds senior, RA, and baseball coach, said, "Thanks to young talent and a deep rotation, the men of Steds were able to pull out two huge wins over Alumni and previously unbeaten Siegfried. Rumors are the Cubs may be sending scouts to watch our next game."

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