Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The leg that...

...and it's a win!

...sealed the deal. Yes, folks... we have an interview with the Stedsman whose leg sealed a win for Steds and a crushing and bitter defeat for Fisher. Steds sophomore, Brandon Ryan, kicked a last minute winning field goal to get the Steds inter-hall football season off on the foot. Here's what Ryan had to say when I caught up with after the jubilation.

St.Ed: You made the team? That’s surprising when you consider that you play “European football.” Still, how did you make it on the Steds “American football” squad?

Ryan: Thats a great question! The trick was to make it so obvious I knew nothing about football that people would believe that Im actually good at soccer! Once you plant that seed, its amazing where gossip takes the rest. Rumors turn from “Brandon plays soccer, not football” into “Wow, did you hear Brandon kicked a 60 yard field goal?!?!?” in the blink of an eye!

St.Ed: What's the secret to being a clutch kicker, as you were, this past Sunday?

Ryan: Kick the ball.

St.Ed: If you missed that winning field goal, were you ever afraid that you wouldn’t have a home to come home to? 

Ryan: I was actually in a similar situation last year, and unfortunately, I was unable to get the ball past Phineas Andrews’ rather last behind. After that ego shattering defeat and the hands of my own shortcomings, I actually just stayed on the field for a full week, staring at the battlefield until that next Sunday when I was able to play football again.

St.Ed:  How are you preparing for this week’s match up against a surprisingly strong and legitimate squad from Carroll Hall?

Ryan: Unfortunately, the Mendoza College of Business and the History Department have teamed up to ensure I have had absolutely zero time to live my life this week, and have almost definitely paid off the refs just to make sure no field goal will be scored. I have been taking small study breaks to try to weaken the opposition little by little. This includes saying mean things to people in Carroll as I walk by, deflating their footballs, and trying everything possible to make the walk from Carroll to Stepan feel as long and grueling as possible. "No advantage too small” as a recently seen commercial once said.

St.Ed:  Why should Stedsworld, Stedsmen everywhere, and the general public come and watch you and others battle it out on Stepan Fields this Sunday? 

Ryan: I do believe I am right in saying that Steds Football is almost definitely the highest quality football to be seen anywhere this side of South Quad. If you want to see a battle fought tooth and nail for a full 60 minutes on a running clock, almost exclusively between the 30 yard lines, Steds v Carroll is where you need to be this weekend.

We will also be serving a very generous serving of “chummery” on the sidelines during the game.

Also, we have a quarterback, Brian Ball, Steds freshman, who's "Mister Indiana." Playing basketball, baseball AND football, Ball is without doubt our team's secret weapon! He's the one who got us down the field so I could kick the field goal. 

St.Ed: Well, folks... we'll be hearing from Mr. Indiana tomorrow! More to come...


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