Monday, September 10, 2018

Victory! We have...

Sensitive Soulmates: Posluszny, Connors, and Digenan 

... victory! The two year losing streak against Zahm in the Battle for the Shadow is over! Thanks to the Steds team of Sensitive Soulmates, composed of juniors John "Poz" Poslusnzy, Greg Connors, and Pat Digenan, a "W" was secured on the Steds basketball court Friday night. Under portable lights brought in especially for tourney and with a new basketball hoop, Sensitive Soulmates quickly found themselves behind the proverbial eight ball, opening with 10 to 3 deficit. But for King and Hall, the Soulmates rallied to take all the glory of basketball court that court had give, finishing with a 12 to10 victory! It was unbelievable! You had to be there, and if you weren't, well, there's next year. On what gave the Sensitive Soulmates the edge in the game, Digenan said, "It's Poz playing like an ant. He knows how to weasel his way through small spaces on the basketball court."

Congratulations to our winners and all of our Steds ballers who tanked it up off and on the court!

Players and fans size up the competition...

...others took a breather as...

... Eli and Charlie maned the grills.

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