Wednesday, September 19, 2018

A Sunday...

The Gold Machine: Steds Football

... pick me up. That's what many needed after Saturday's close call against Vanderbilt. Yes, a pick me up to buoy spirits, renew hope, and strengthen resolve... and that's exactly what the Steds inter-Hall football team delivered at Stepan Fields on Sunday. Taking on Knott Hall, the Steds football team opened up the season and held nothing. With a roster full of talent and experience, Steds coaches started freshmen Henry Bergstrom as quarterback- something that has never been done- while moving senior Joe Kimlinger, former quarterback, to receiver. This move, along with the skills of many other players, 
delivered a 17-6 victory over Knott. Even though the score doesn’t indicate it, the contest was an absolute domination on the part of Steds. If it weren’t for a few errant throws here or a few dropped passes there, Steds would have ran up the score. 

On the opening game, Bergstrom said, "One could cay it was an intervention of divine mercy for Knott allowing them to score, but I will look back at the game as a classic case of 'week one kinks.' We have a more balanced offense this year with a lot of new aspects, so once we solidify all of that we will be in good shape for a deep playoff run. Iam very excited and honored to be apart of the team this year. Don’t be surprised if you see the Gentlemen in Notre Dame Stadium in a couple weeks."

Bergstrom went on to say, "I have three special shoutouts before I sign off.

First is to the defense as a whole, they will be special this year. Led by Joe Trzaska and Mark Miclean, Knott got absolutely nothing going until a garbage time Hail Mary when our second stringers were in. There’s something about them that reminds me of legendary units like the 85 Bears, 2015 Seahawks, and 2018 Fighting Irish. Expect this dominance to continue. 

Second is to my fellow Minnesotan, Joe Kimlinger. After playing Quarterback last year, he slid over to Running Back for this season. We weren’t sure how that move was going to affect the team but I think his 100 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns settled our minds. Oh, and he also played free safety the whole game. Just an absolute beast.

My final shoutout is to kicker Chris Brady. The former soccer player absolutely drilled a 35 yard field goal and two extra points. I mean right down the middle. As a Vikings fan I know the importance of good kickers, and how much it can cost you… So we are glad to have Chris booting balls for us this season. 

I am very excited and honored to be apart of the team this year. Don’t be surprised if you see the Gentlemen in Notre Dame Stadium in a couple weeks.

The Gold Machine keeps on rolling!"


There was a Steds mom, Sandy Sweilem, in the crowd, watching the Gold Machine and her son, freshman Joe Sweilem #18. On seeing her son play, Sandy said, "What a great day watching St. Ed’s first dorm football game! They worked so well together and won their first game! We drove and saw our son Joe play... way to go Joe :) I can’t wait to see St. Ed’s win their next three games. 

Joe and his big debut

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