Saturday, October 7, 2017

Founder's Week...

Clubbing it country club style

...continues with round two at South Dinning's Oak Room. Earlier this week, the Gentlemen gathered for dinner and the feting of Brandon Ruggles, but on Friday, they gathered for the Founder's Week Dance. Themed "country club," many came as golf and tennis players... some even came as diners, lunching or supping at the country club restaurant. Dance goers enjoyed great music that was composed by not only the request of the Gentlemen themselves but also the the musical stylings of Dan Riley, Steds senior and RA, known for the evening as DJ Danimal. Of course, DJ Danimal had help from another dj... Poz, Steds sophomore and quasi dj in his own right. In short, it was a magical evening. On the night at the "country club," Dan Delfico, Steds sophomore, said "Yesterday, we, Gentlemen of Steds, took a quick trip to the "South Dining Hall Country Club" for a fine night of dancing after a hard week of work. Everyone looked ready for a day on the links or at the tennis courts, and topics of conversation were all of your classics: stock portfolios, mortgage payments, etc. It really was another magical night in the Oak Room."

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