Friday, October 13, 2017

Everyday is my day, but especially today!

Today is the Feast Day of St. Edward the Confessor, King of England and patron saint of the Founder... Fr. Edward Sorin, CSC. Since its inception, the University has celebrated  this day as "Founder's Day." Back in the day, students had the day off from classes, "iced cream" was served, games were played, and St. Edward's residents sent "congratulatory" cards to Fr. Sorin. Matter of fact, one lucky resident was selected to recite a poem, especially penned for this auspicious day, to Fr. Sorin himself! On this special day, Fr. Ralph, Rector of St. Edward's Hall, said, "We CONTINUE not to get the day off as they did in the past, but nevertheless, I encourage every man of St. Edward’s to take it off! Well, do this AFTER your last class today.”

Also to note...

Despite occurring last during Founder’s Week, but in keeping with tradition, the Order of Gentlemen recipient is announced this day. Today, Brandon Ruggles '17 is the 2017-2018 inductee into the Order of Gentlemen, an award given for service to Hall and King.

Congratulations Brandon!

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