Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Lime biking...

Gambardella: All about the bells not for all. For some, lime biking is like Seinfeld's George Costanza dressing completely in velvet... a giving up in life... and in bright and awkward colors no less! Yet, for others, it is a "way of life." And if you are the latter, then you can expect to see more, many more lime bikes, on campus. Pick one up wherever, and drop it wherever. Prior to the start of school a shipment of lime bikes was dropped off especially for campus, and on the word of someone in the know, students can expect to see another campus delivery in the near future. On using lime bikes, Josh Gambardella said, “I believe it was Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin, who said, ‘Always be the guy on the limebike’. I live by this quote. I mean come on! They even have bells!”

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