Friday, November 13, 2015

It was their...

"The Mulleted"

...finest moment! With unwavering determination and firm resolve, the Gentlemen of St. Edward's Hall valiantly stepped forward to do their part in defeating the enemy. Yes, one by one they each came forward to receive their mullet against malaria. Hailed as the pièce de résistance of the campaign, the mullet, coupled with the poppy frocket, will deliver the proverbial knock-out punch, taking out the enemy once and for all and bringing the Gentlemen back home to get regular haircuts! 

Perhaps we don't have a poppy frocket... maybe we didn't have the hair nor courage to get a mullet... but it's NOT too late for us to do our part at the "home front" in supporting our "mulleted" Gentlemen at the front! It's NOT too late to give to the campaign! So, do YOUR part to bring the boys home to get regular haircuts...just in time for Thanksgiving!!!!

To help, click HERE.

Here are some pictures of the brave and mulleted Gentlemen of St. Edward's Hall....

The General take the lead...

... and Senior Pat Krauss follows suit.

Sophomore Dan Riley: Don't worry mom... it will grow out.

 Freshman Ethan Locicero: The lines add a touch of sophistication

Sophomore Brandon Ryan: Mom, my hair will be back before you know!

Gentlemen: Preseeeeeent Mullets!

Malaria: Your days are numbered!

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