Friday, October 9, 2015


Hilly, Ruggles, Ball, and Miclean: A game to remember...

…a study break slash field trip. Recently, the Chicago Cubs pounded the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. Not missing the opportunity to take a break from their academic labors, the Hall’s resident Chicagoans as well as its Cubs fans attended the game. Indeed, it was a much needed break for Griffin Hilly, who only Monday was overheard at the Steds bike rakes as saying “It (this week) doesn’t look good.” Wow, amazing what two days can do. On the trip to see the Cubs win, Brandon Ruggles, Steds, junior said, “It was the sweetest game I have ever attended! Despite the fact that we probably should have been ruffed up for being over the top obnoxious Cubs fans, the $150 that Griff, Mark, Brian, and I spent on our individual tickets, and the drive… it was the BEST investment any of us have ever made!”

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