Wednesday, August 15, 2018

An Irishman in...

Fagan and Gambardella

...America. After a stint in South Africa and a drop in visit by his rector in Ireland, what does a Steds Irishman do? One thing of course... head back to the United States and go directly to the Hamptons! Yes, that's exactly how Conal Fagan, Steds resident Irishman, sophomore, and ND leprechaun, did to close out his summer. Staying with fellow Steds sophomore, Josh Gambardella, the sand, surf, and sun were soaked up by all on the eastern tip of Long Island. On hosting his fellow Stedsman, Gambardella said, “Hanging with Fagan is always fun, especially on the rare chance that you can actually understand what he’s saying. As the waves come and go, does Conal’s comprehensibility. In all seriousness it’s a blessing to be able to host a brother like Conal. ” 

Still, Fagan added, “Going from ocean to ocean this summer has been fun, but there’s nothing like sharing the Atlantic with my Steds brethren.”

And it's a good thing they had so much fun because on returning to campus both Fagan and Gambardella will be back to proverbial grind as they are serving as Welcome Week assistant captains for Steds.

On that, serving as assistant captains, they said, "We couldn’t be happier to be graced with the distinct pleasure of being Welcome Weekend assistant captains and are blissfully looking forward to it!”

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