Monday, November 22, 2021


We are the champions! 

The combined halls of Stanford and Siegfried were no match against the football power of St. Edward's and Dunne Halls. Playing for the coveted RecSports Championship in the Notre Dame Stadium, St. Edward's Dunne handed their opponent a stinging and lasting defeat yesterday after a decisive win that saw St. Edward's Dunne take an early lead. With a slight stall in the second quarter, our boys found their footing once again, hitting the accelerator and not easing up until the game was over. Favored to win, St. Edward's Dunne delivered, taking down their opponent with a score of 20 to 7. Suffice it to say, the cheering crowd was elated, and there was much rejoicing.

On the win, Mike Jekot, sophomore and member of both the defensive and offensive line said, “We were not denied! Despite hostile crowds, referees, and weather, the men of St. Edward’s Hall were able to succeed and secure the victory we all wanted!” while Jack Schichtel, junior and running back, shared, "An absolutely phenomenal performance and team effort all around. We’ve had a taste of glory, and we want more. The off season training will be critical, but we’ll be ready to run it back next year for King and Hall!"

For the first Steds touchdown, click HERE.

For the cheering Steds crowd, click HERE.

For post-game festivities, click HERE.

For more post-game festivities, click HERE.

Congratulations to our RecSports Champions!
Jack Shelley, Henry Bergstrom, Ben Theis, Brendan Avey, Cameron Stornetta, Daniel Jung, Isaiah Alvendia, Jack Schichtel, Michael Mitchell, Mike Jekot, Ryan Johnson, and Will Dietrich

Before the game... a tailgate with...

... fan favorites...

... so everyone could do his duty for King and Hall...

To hear this PRE-CHAMPIONSHIP SPECIAL installment of In the Red Room...

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